The French Trip.

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Dinner and night.

Hey, guys! I just wanted to say I've been trying my best with writing this story. I have homework topped up and my long night routines... So sometimes I might no be able to write. Also, I have had no one to read my story :( I hope soon enough someone reads it. Anywayssss, lets starttt.



I sat down between Ash and some boy called Elliot. I sat on my phone while waiting, however I got a text from mom.

mom- 'hey Hun! what you been doing? xx'

me- 'we had room organisations- which was a disaster, but ill explain to you when I get home. I had a nap, and now we are all out for dinner. hbu? xx'

mom- 'missing you. xx'

me- 'I miss you too, mom. Anyways, I gtg the waiter is here. Talk later? ly xx'

mom- 'okay, sweet pea. I will speak to you later if I'm not asleep. Love you too! xx'

I turned my phone off and then ordered a coke with ice and cheese and ham pizza. I looked up at the waiter and found super hot, we met eye contact. I smiled trying to hide my blush but he winked at me that made my cheeks go red. Once he was gone, I felt a nudge. "Mhh, so a French waiter, huh? That's your type?" I rolled my eyes and snickered, "I could say the same to you about that 'zing' you had with that boy" I ended up receiving a glare. "Well, I'm not wrong." I joked which made her try to hide her giggle. She started a conversation with another person so I sat bored again. "What's up, Douchebaggette?" I looked over at the familiar voice, "Nothing, Dickass. What about you?" I smiled sarcastically. "Bored to have to talk to you." he replied. "Don't start a conversation with me than." I got distracted by the waiter again, he was walking towards me. "Hello, miss." he smiled gently. "H-hello!" I beamed, "Can I get your number, please?" he asked politely. "Sure." I replied passing him my phone number.

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