Ann,s journey

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A little girl named Ann is a very curious little girl and is very clearly intrigued in nature’s beauty and wants to find out more about it by going on a ship to Norway but it doesn’t go as planned

Adventure / Action
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Chapter I

It was a quiet morning in London, when a little girl got woken up by a bird singing a beautiful song .The girls name was Ann and was very curious about lots of things that many people never really thought about. “Ann get dressed it’s your special day!” Called Ann’s mother from the downstairs kitchen “Ok ok mother I’ll be down soon” replied Ann in a high pitched voice .She looked around the room and sighed what am I going to wear for this special day thought Ann but then she saw her blue and white sailor dress hanging up next her oak wardrobe.She delicately got up from her bed and picked up the outfit and looked at her reflection in the mirror above her vanity.As she put it on she could smell the happy scent of ؛sausages,bacon,egg and beans it smelled delightful.After putting on her outfit she made her bed opened her curtains to see young children playing in the town square,she strolled out of her bedroom and went downstairs .Her mother kissed her on the head and said in a exited voice “I will miss you dear”
“I will miss you too”
replied Ann.“I have made you your favourite breakfast if you have not already noticed” her motherReminded Ann “Yes of course I know it smelled delightful like a meadow of flowers” “but I was just going to play outside with my friends” Ann told her mother . “I would eat it now if I were you otherwise you will lose your appetite after all that running around” advised Her mother
“Ok” Ann told her mother. There was a knock at the door while she was eating her breakfast she wondered who it could be.Her mother answered the door to a man in a brown ;jacket black, suit ,black hat and even had a neat moustache. “Is there a mrs Elizabeth Ardingbrugh in this household?” Asked the man politely “that would be me “ Replied Elizabeth. “Lovley”said the man in a kind voice” “I am expecting to be meeting your daughter at the docks is that right?” “Yes very correct indeed “She replied “well then” Said the man “send her to the dock when she is ready” he said “will do thank you Sir” replied Elizabeth in a freindly voice They both Smiled and waved goodbye bye to each other. Ann’s mother called her to get her luggage and head of to the dock. Ann was extremely excited but also nervous because she has read about how strong the waves can be and how harsh they can be on boats but she was for certain not scared.
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