The art of Changing diadems.

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Friends are like diadems to her... Friends mean nothing to her... Laylin berte, Badass, rebel,heart breaker... For her trusting people was a issue from the start. Until....A tragedy occurs.. Where is she..? Kamikora the land of the dark.... Things get ugly as she has to venture across a great landscape. With some strangers... Will she trust them? Or will she betray them? Or will they... The time is ticking,tables keep turning People are dying,Choking to death.. Darkness sweeps them all.. An adventure to death... An adventure to reunite hearts... To reunite the faith of people. Laylin is unsure,a bit scared and mostly ready to turn to her safety... Will she be able to do it? Or will she end up doing her speciality... "The Art of Changing diadems..."

Adventure / Romance
Masumi murakami
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The art of changing diadems....
The art of manipulating people.
The art of destroying them
The art of infiltrating a person ,Choking them to death.

Follow Laylin Berte, Into a amazing journey. A journey that will joins hearts, Join different faiths.

A journey for the brave... Will Laylin do it? Or will she fail?

Darkness sweeps the people of Kamikora.
Time is ticking. People are dying.

There are some who walk in the dark for pleasure, then there are some who walk in the dark to let others get light.

- Masumi Murakami

P.s { The story is releasing in April 2021, Follow this in other websites such as wattpad, Sweek, Anystories.The art of changing diadems gets updated first in wattpad and then in other platforms Please cooperate with that. Links to my account in my bio.} Follow me to become the first to get notified about the release!
Thank you

Your mischievous author,
Masumi Murakami.

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