An old cottage

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Last summer Anya Scott and her brother Thomas moved from the big city in Chicago to to her aunt Beverly and uncle Samuel’s cottage in a place called small rock village there she makes new friends and new traditions and new ways of seeing things it was all great in-till a storm one night her and her friends were out camping so they look for adventure.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

I can’t believe you are making me move to that old cottage! Anya said. Anya we grew up in small rock village it’s a lovely place and it’s only for the summer whilst me and your father are on a business trip and you will be with aunt Beverly and Uncle Sam you love them they always give you 5 dollars when you see them. The mom (Sarah) said. Just because we are leaving Chicago doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world Anya. Thomas said. You don’t understand being your twin and not having my friends or the mall to get away from you. Anya said. You know what l can’t wait to see you struggle in small rock village. Thomas said. Ugh l hate you! Anya shouted. I look a mess my beautiful brown wavy hair is shrivelled and my beaming blue eyes are blinded by the sun and my freckles and glowing fair skin is hot because l do not want to go into that village. Cried Anya. Look Anya you will be fine so just suck it up and get into the car. The dad (Harry said). So do aunt Beverly and uncle Samuel still have Zoe and Dan. Thomas asked. Your cousins they moved out but you can visit them there 21 years old now here’s there address I still can’t believe you are 18 and they are 21. The mom said. Are we nearly there yet? Anya asked. Just half an hour to go. The mother said. Look at that river. Thomas said. Oh yeah let’s get a picture. Anya said. We’re here! The dad said. This place is weird where are the traffic lights the mall the buildings. Anya said. This is a village not a big city like Chicago. The Mom said. Are there schools? Asked Thomas. Yes there are spring field academy Decster state holly bridge High. The mom said. Which one did you go to? Asked Thomas. Your mom went to Decster state l went to spring field Academy. The dad said. Small rock village was a beautiful place the water in the valley’s were fresh and nice the were filed with Lilly pads and happy frogs hopping around there were woods with green grass and full trees with deers in them there were lagoons and little cottage’s made of wood. *knock knock* *door creeks* hello ! My you’ve grown hello Sarah Hi Harry. Aunt Beverly said. Hi Bev how are you. The mom said. Hi aunt Beverly is Zoe coming I need a girl to talk to. Anya said. Well her and Dan are coming on Saturday. Aunt Beverly said. Yes! Oh hey Uncle Sam. Anya said. Hey kiddo’s here’s your 5 dollars each. Uncle Sam said. Alright Uncle Sam! Thomas said. Come in we made cookies. Aunt Beverly And Uncle Sam said. Nice so how are you doing Bev. The mom said. Well sis Zoe is moving to Paris for her writing she already got a great apartment here’s a photo...nice...and Dan is working at McDonald’s in LA because Zoe’s moving he just had to move too. Aunt Bev said. Well these two after summer break are off to college Anya is going to North western and Thomas is going to community college. The mom said. Great. Well we best be going by kids. The dad said. Bye mom bye Dad. Anya said. Cya. Thomas said. Bye love you the mom said. Well..would you like to see your rooms? Aunt Beverly asked. Yeah.yes. Ok Thomas you will be staying in Dans old room. The dad said. Dan’s old room.was on the second floor next to the 1st bathroom it was big and had a nice view of the forest and it had a decent sized closet. And Anya you will be having Zoe’s old room. Zoe’s old room was on the top floor and had the best view it had a huge closet and was very clean. I’ll move my stuff into here later.. so what’s the deal with this place? Anya asked. There are tales that years and years ago in that forest there was a storm and 2 children were out playing in the morning when the storm was over they were never seen again people swore they saw a monster in the woods that night some say they drown in poison but that’s just a tail so they say. Aunt Beverly said. I’m 18 I’m not falling for that. Anya said. Well it is kinda creepy. Thomas said. Anyway kids were going to willow’s cafe it’s next to a big willow tree. Aunt Beverly said. Sounds cool. Thomas said. Wow this car is old and it’s so dusty! Anya said. That’s rude! Uncle Sam said. Ugh no internet connection. Anya said. Hey Anya your being rude! Aunt Beverly said. Sorry. Anya said. Anya your going to want to see this. Thomas said. Mom and dad are not on a business trip they are in Miami having fun oh great...we’re here. This place is great. Thomas said. *music blasting*. The cafe outside was like a cabin it was basically log cabin it had a log sighnwith glowing up letters on the front saying willow’s café inside it had lots of tables and chairs it had pop music on and it had a little bar with coffee, smoothies, soft drinks and milkshakes there were steaks and deserts and burgers. This place smells good! Anya said. Sit down table sevens free. Aunt Beverly said. What would you like? Uncle Samuel said. I will have the lettuce cheese burger with a side of fries and for a drink I will have a coca-cola thank you. Anya said. I will have a steak salad and for a drink a lemonade. Thomas said. Ok kids I will have a cheeseburger and for a drink a fruit smoothie. Aunt Beverly said. I’ll have what she’s having but no tomatoes. Uncle Sam said. So kids the food is usually a while maybe you can go make some friends. Aunt Beverly said. No thanks. Anya said. Why not there are plenty of young people to talk to in this village. Uncle aunt said. Anya just come on it won’t be that bad! Thomas said. Fine! Anya said. Hi I’m t....leave us alone dude check out this guy city boy huh....let’s go Thomas. Hey I’m....OMG who are you a step to me ew! Ignore them there weird I’m Tiffany by the way this is my friend Kyle. Tiffany said. Hi Tiffany my name is Anya Scott and this is my twin brother Thomas. Anya said. Tiffany had long curly dark hair she had dark brown eyes and brown skin that was like caramel colour she was tall and pretty. Kyle had dark skin and dark hair which was a short Afro he had deep brown eyes also. So you city people huh? Kyle said. Yeah we are from Chicago but we’re staying with our aunt and uncle for the summer. Thomas said. Who are your aunt and uncle? Tiffany asked. Beverly and Samuel Scott. Thomas said. Oh yeah I’ve heard of them my dad hangs out with Sam! Tiffany said. So Tiffany have any siblings or? Asked Anya. No just me and my dad his name is Jack but l have a stepmom Cara but l don’t like her. Tiffany said. What happened to your mom? Asked Anya. She died last year from a illness. Said Tiffany. Oh sorry to hear. Anya said. What about you Kyle. Thomas said. Well i have sister she’s four her name is Mila I live with my mom Rachel I never knew my dad, me and Tiffany have known each other since we were kids. Kyle said. Huh oh my god Tiffany introduce haha. This girl said. Um this is Myra Robinson my dad used to babysit her so now she thinks we’re besties. Tiffany said. Myra was like the girl of of legally blonde she acted rich and dumb she was blonde and had that LA valley girl accent. Well....this is Anya and her brother Thomas. Oh cool this is jade and Riley were the got to be gang! Myra said. Kids foods here! Uncle Samuel shouted. Sorry guys got to go our food is here. Anya said. Well see you found some friends l told you give this place a chance. Aunt Beverly said. Yeah it was ok, let’s eat. Anya said. This steak is delicious I could eat this all day l like it extra crispy! Thomas said. Yeah same thing can be said about this burger it’s so great! Anya said. I know this is our favourite place in town everyone comes to Willow’s café! Aunt Beverly said. I can see why. Anya said. Ok well I think everybody is done so I’ll get the bill and we should be off. Uncle Samuel said. Hey guys wanna hang by the campfire beside the lake?! Tiffany shouted. Umm...of course go but be back by ten. Aunt Beverly said. Ok thanks. Thomas said. *music fading away * *water trickling * *fire burning * so is this your first time here a Small Rock? Kyle asked. No we came last when we were twelve. Thomas said. So how old are you when’s you birthday. Tiffany asked. November 12th 2002 were 18. Anya said. Cool I’m turning 18 on January 5th. Kyle said. Well I’m already 18 my birthday is October 7th. Tiffany said. Hey guys your just in time we’re playing truth or dare around the campfire! Chad said. Great, oh these are my friends there from Chicago this is Anya and her twin brother Thomas guys this is Chad my boyfriend. Tiffany said. Hi Chad nice to meet you I’m Anya..yeah I’m Chad nice to meet you two...hey man I’m Thomas but you can call me nice to meet you! Okay everybody time for truth or dare! Chad shouted. Kyle you start. Said Chad. Okay Anya truth or dare. Kyle asked. Truth. Have you ever lied to your brother about something important and if you have do share. Kyle said. Okay so once l was going to the mall and l lost my credit card so I took my brothers and then i ended up maxing it out so then my friend through a party and I accidentally flushed the card down the toilet and then I had none to pick me up so l called my brother to pick me up and he was asking me where his credit card went so I said that my friend Mora’s dog ate it and then Thomas wanted to got to the vet and get the card removed from the dog’s body but Mora wouldn’t let him so he ended up hating Mora ever since. Anya said. Oh my god all that time it was your fault poor Mora I really hated her! Thomas said. Ok my turn Tiffany truth or dare? Asked Anya. Dare. I dare you to dive into the lake with Kyle. Anya said. Oh my gosh, ok I’ll do it come on Kyle. Tiffany said. But my new watch. Kyle said. Oh shush come on, on the count of three 1,2,3,...SPLASH!!! I’m s, soaking W, wet! Tiffany shivered. Me too get me out of here! Kyle shouted. Ok let’s make some hot co co’s and get the blankets out and sing some songs. Chad said. This is great i love this place! Anya said. Well you have changed your tune. Thomas said. Well I hated this before he said hot co co’s just kidding this was great you don’t always need a big party or the mall or your phone! Anya said. That’s more like it. Tiffany said. La la lullabies la la lullabies la la lullabies tonight yeah yeah. They all sung. Hey kids what are you doing up here get out or else!!! The police said. Ot oh we gotta get out of here. Anya said. Yep, see you tomorrow. Thomas said. 8:30 at willows? Tiffany asked. You be ya! Anya said. *knock knock* Hey kids how was your....guys you won’t believe it we played truth or dare then they jumped in the lake then we make hot chocolate and sung then the police came. Anya said. THE POLICE? Aunt Beverly and uncle Samuel said at the same time. Yep but it was great l love this place after all! Anya shouted. Night guys. Anya and Thomas said. I love my new room. Anya said. Me too see you in the morning. Thomas said. Ok night! Night! The next morning... Good morning kids up for a morning jog? Asked aunt Beverly. Yeah sure a morning nap more like! Anya said. Well your cousins are up to see you today! Uncle Samuel said. Oh yeah we’ll come won’t we Anya? Thomas said. Fine but I’m just jogging up to willows remember Tiffany said too meet her there! Anya said. Oh yeah! Thomas said. This jogging is getting on my nerves! Anya shouted. Well get used to it we do it every morning! Uncle Samuel said. Yes I can see willows, why was it built in the middle of the forest? Asked Anya. Well the woods is basically the theme of this town because of that famous story i told you yesterday. Aunt Beverly said. Hey guys! Tiffany shouted. Hi Tiff, can I call you that? Asked Anya. Yeah sure. Replied Tiffany. Hi Tiff how’s it going. Asked Thomas. Great, Kyle’s bringing his sister Mila. Tiffany said. Cool, should we order? Asked Anya. Yeah I’ll have pancakes and syrup. Thomas said. Ok....hey everybody guys this is Mila, Mila these are my new friends from Chicago Anya and Thomas. Kyle said. Hi I don’t know you I’m Mila Myers this is Kyle Myers that is Tiffany Cherord. Mila said. Hi Mila I’m Anya Scott and this is Thomas Scott. Anya said. Cool now I know you, I go play now. Mila said. Aw she’s so cute! Anya said. Yeah my moms too sick to care for her today. Kyle said. Oh I’m sorry man. Thomas said. Yeah she has been struggling to pay bills working to hard no sleep. Kyle said. Well do you have a job? Anya asked. No but ide like to work here. Kyle said. Foods here! Tiffany said. This is delicious I’m full up. Anya said . So, have you guys ever been to the famous woods? Asked Tiffany. No. Said Thomas. Oh.hell.nah! Kyle shouted. Kyle is scared of the woods. Tiffany said. Duh have you heard the tales, gives me the Heebe jeebes! Yeah we heard we don’t wanna go. Anya said. Well I’ve been. Tiffany Said. Please you stepped on the gate! Kyle said. Well at least I didn’t get scared and run into a pile of dog poop. Tiffany Said. I have a crazy idea we could go camping in the forest. Anya said. No way that place is cursed. Kyle said. Hey OMG what are we talking about my peeps! Myra said. We were just leaving you can take the bill. Tiffany said. Cool I’m rich. Myra said. Let’s go! Anya said. So what’s the deal with Myra being rich? Asked Thomas. Well the Robinsons are pretty well known around here Tyrion Robinson has good connections to a very rich guy in New York they have the nicest house in town, but we hate Myra she was mean growing up but now nobody likes her she tries to befriend everybody I want payback. Tiffany Said. Get over it Tiff Myra’s cool. Kyle said. Kyle likes her. Tiffany said. I say we go teach the posh idiot a lesson. Anya said. How? Tiffany asked. Yeah we should do what we did too Lisa in the third grade. Thomas said. Oh yeah bugs in her snugs. Thomas and Anya said at the same time. What’s that when it’s at home? Tiffany asked. Put bugs in her bed she will feel that in the morning, oh I just got WiFi Zoe and Dan are on there way, we gotta bounce! Bye. Oh dam I forgot Mila! Kyle said. Hey aunt Beverly, Uncle Sam sup. Anya said. Your cousins are outside! Aunt Beverly said. Bonjour madam comment allez-vous? (Hello woman how are you. In french) Zoe said. Um well you have learned the language haven’t you? Uncle Sam said. Oui j’ai,
Je suis èpuisè de mon vol. (yes I have, I am so exhausted from my flight. In french) English, we speak English. Anya said. Haha you guys are too funny it’s french learn it if you want to understand. Zoe is funny and very intelligent she had chestnut wavy brown hair like aunt Beverly except and aunt Beverly’s hair is straight she has dark brown eyes and big rose lips that are always glossy. Dan is funky and likes to joke around he’s always copied Zoe she moved so he moved he had curly brown short hair and green eyes like Uncle Sam. Ello ello ello.
What’s going on. Dan said. Oh Dan how lovely too see you both. Aunt Beverly said. Well l went to the Eiffel Tower and had roses in my hot tub and had a great time. Zoe said. Well in LA at McDonald’s I was in pools and it’s really cool and hot dude. Dan said. So I heard that your interested in going to the wood did you know that me and Dan were the first people to dare to go back in the woods after what happened to polly and Greta. Zoe said. Wait you knew them? Asked Thomas. Yeah I liked Greta, when she never came back i was gutted so I begged Zoe come with me to look for her I saw something in that wood but then it started to get late so we had to come home but by gosh that place is creepy! Dan said. What did you see in the wood? Anya asked. Well it was hard to tell but it was some sort of person a girl maybe Greta but Zoe never took me again to scared if you ask me. Dan said. You could have gone by yourself but no always needed big sis pathetic! Zoe said. You are a....would you like to come to willows it’s changed a bit. Aunt Beverly said. Yeah sure. Zoe and Dan said at the same time. Hey guys what brought you back so....Zoe hi I haven’t seen you in forever! Tiffany said. Wait you two know each other. Anya asked. Well yeah she’s the ONE that dared to actually go into the woods! Tiffany said. Oh yeah. Thomas said. Now I definitely think that we need to go in the woods, they did it can’t be that bad. Anya said. I still don’t know even in the day there smoke at that place. Kyle said. Oh come on maybe those kids ran away you have no proof the died. Anya said. Well I don’t know still. Kyle said. Wait you guys are going to the woods ot oh ya’ll gotta be careful that place gives me the heebie jeebies. Mila said. See I told ya’ll. Kyle said. Oh please she’s a child, I say we go on Monday because it’s Saturday today that gives us a day to prepare. Tiffany said. Ok I’m down you lady’s will need a man to protect you! Thomas said. Thomas please we will protect your scared butt! Anya said. Hello what would you like to order? Asked the waitress. We will all have a fruit smoothie please. Thomas said. Would you like to see our secret stash when we get the smoothies? Tiffany asked. Um yeah I’m intrigued. Anya said. Here you go 4 fruit smoothies. The waitress said. Ok so about 3 years ago me and Tiff made a secret stash of stuff so that if we ever went into the forest we had pretty much everything we needed. Kyle said. Cool wow tents fake swords camouflage blankets you were scared huh? Thomas said. Yeah, but the best thing about this place is the lake. Tiffany said. Woah this is awesome this lake is majestic and glowing. Anya said. And this is where some people think those kids drown. Tiffany said. And creepy and haunted. Anya said. So what’s it like in Chicago? Kyle asked. Well we have the best Chicago pizza and there’s this think called a mall that has all kinds of stores in it. Anya said. We know what a mall is! Kyle said. Any way we better be going Anya aunt Beverly and uncle Samuel will be worried we only went to willows. Thomas said. Yeah your right bye guys see you tomorrow. Anya said. See you! Tiffany said. Bye. Thomas said. *knock knock *. Hi! Thomas said. Hi kids. Uncle Sam said. What are you guys doing? Asked Anya. Game night every Saturday. Aunt Beverly said. It’s never have I ever! Uncle Samuel said. Ok I’ll start never have I ever ran away from...*knock knock * hello? Dan said. This is the police someone had gone missing in the Mable woods this evening. The police officer said. OMG who? Anya screamed. Myra Lilliana Robinson I went to her last location Willows café a couple people mentioned she’d been influenced by your plans to go out into that woods was that a little peer pressure I see. The policeman said. No not at all sir we were going there to explore and she must off overhead us. Thomas said. Hmmm well I saw this isn’t the first time this family has been involved with that woods ms Zoe and mr Dan Scott this adds up together all too well don’t you think I’ll be keeping my eye on you your a prime suspect! The policeman said. Did you pressure that girl into going into that wood!!!! Aunt Beverly asked. No we swear it. Anya said. Go to bed you ruined the evening! WAKE UP!!! Uncle Samuel. Where are Zoe and Dan?asked Thomas. They left, ready for a jog? Aunt Beverly said. I’m so tired I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Anya said. Hi ya’ll. Tiffany shouted. Hey Tiffany. Anya said. Did you hear about Myra! Kyle said. Yep the police were at ours. Thomas said. Dam they came to Tiffany’s too not mine though. Kyle said. Should we peep at the gate of the wood? Thomas asked. I’m down it’s right by the lake right? Asked Anya. Yeah but we are suspects we don’t want to look worse than we already do. Tiffany said. Yeah but we need to know hats going on, why everybody is going missing. Thomas said. Count me out! Kyle said. Oh come on Kyle don’t be a big wuss! Tiffany said. I’m not but after what happened this is even more dangerous. Kyle said. Well bye then Kyle. Anya said. Wait, fine I’ll come. Kyle shouted. This path is too muddy for me yuck! Anya said. The gate is just here. Tiffany said. What’s that mist it’s really thick and smells like poop. Thomas said. Yeah nobody know what that is. Kyle says. Kyle your so far away come closer. Anya said. Oh no I’m good. Kyle said. Oh my gosh is that a deer? Anya said. Where? Asked Thomas. Right over there by that....oh my goodness is that a human. Thomas said. What’s it doing to that poor deer? Tiffany said. We should help it. Anya said. We can’t too dangerous. Kyle said. We should head back, we shouldn’t even be past the lake. Kyle said. He's right but tomorrow let’s camp out in the woods we need answers and l feel real bad for ignoring Myra. Tiffany said. Ok so definitely camping out tomorrow? Asked Anya. Yeah but let’s go back to willows for now. Tiffany said. I need a triple cheeseburger right now time to eat my feelings. Tiffany said. Haha I feel you. Thomas said. Um just so you know you now have to pay triple the price, each of you. The waitress said. Why that’s not fair. Anya said. After what you did to Myra you should be banned ugh! The waitress said. Wait word is really getting around everybody thinks it’s our fault look at the way people are looking at us they really hate us. Anya said. Well your only here for the summer these looks are with me and Kyle forever. Tiffany said. Ignore them at least we know that we didn’t do anything wrong. Kyle said. I’m just eating Mac and cheese. Thomas said. Hey I’m Beth the town paper writer and id’e really like to hear your side of the story. Beth said. Well here’s what happened Beth, Myra kept following us and bugging us trying to befriend us but we weren’t having it since she used to bully Tiffany and Kyle then we were discussing going to the woods to camp tomorrow she must have heard us and assumed we would be there, no peer pressure here! Anya said. So are you proceeding to go to the woods tomorrow. Beth asked. Yes to get answers, we want to prove we would never harm anyone we’re hoping to find Myra and bring her back to safety. Tiffany said. Ok that’s all I need, so Thomas wanna take a walk? Beth asked. Yeah sure. Thomas said. Good, it’s a date hehe! Beth said. That Beth better not hurt my brother. Anya said. She won’t, oh sorry guys chads taking me to the fair tonight I got to go. Tiffany said. Wait you have a fair? Said Anya shook. Yeah you can go it’s a hallow park, starts now. Tiffany said. Hmmm, ok I’ll be there Kyle be a dear and take me! Anya said. Ok m’lady. Kyle said. this looks neat! Anya said. Yep the grand annual fair always fun. Kyle said. Ye...oh my goodness there’s Thomas and that Beth, we should go say hi. Anya said. Ok if you say. Kyle whispered. Hi little bro! Anya said. We’re twins. Thomas said. and I’m 30.8 seconds older. Anya said. Ok well bye. Thomas said. Bye...come on I love the roller zoom roller coaster. Kyle shouted. Ok I’m scared there strapping me in pretty tight. Anya said. Don’t worry. Kyle said. *cart shaking * cart reaching the top* oh my heart it’s gonna drop. Anya screamed. It’s reaching the top in 10 9 8...the forest it’s on fire you see? Anya said. OH Yeah we gotta get off. Kyle said. 2 1....AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! GET ME OF!!! Anya screamed. A couple minutes later...l can’t believe they escorted you off of the roller caster. Kyle said. I know but we need to get Tiffany and Thomas’s attention. Anya said. We could shout? Kyle said. Heeeeeeeeeeellllllllppppp!!!! Anya screamed. Oh my goodness are you ok.Thomas said. Yeah you were screaming bloody murder. Tiffany said. *panting for breath* t the f forest is....the forest is on fire guys come on! Kyle shouted. Ok come on. Tiffany said. About thirty minutes later. Look the fire! Anya shouted. Oh yeah it’s that deer again. Kyle said. Ot oh And that person! Tiffany said. Myra is that you? Asked Thomas. You shouldn’t be here! A faint whisper they heard. D did you here that? Asked Anya. As clear as day, there’s someone out there. Tiffany said. Wait it’s getting closer it has white hair it....Oi what you doin next to the
Woods! A policeman said. They a immediately looked back and there was no fire no white hair nothing just the trees. But but sir they was a fire there was l...oh come on you kids are crazy they ain’t nothin there get out thats a warning! The policeman said. You saw that right? Anya said. Yeah that person the deer and the fire I’m sure. Yeah. Tiffany said. Ok tomorrow we camp we’re are going to investigate the heck out of that forest! Thomas said. Ok..I guess. Kyle said. Well we have to get home for tea see you guys later. Thomas said. Bye. Bye. *knock knock* hi kids were having fish and chips. Aunt Beverly said. So yeah we saw a deer white hair a voice and fire outside the forest. Anya said. Oh kids your really getting into those tails aren’t you? Uncle Samuel said. Well I’m just afraid they aren’t tails. Thomas said. Well, we’ve been down to that forest, saw a girl when we were fourteen we ran never to go back me and your mother, your mother was so scared she moved to Chicago. Aunt Beverly said. Well how reassuring. Anya said. Well kids it’s getting late and you ought to get an early night if your thinking about going to those woods. Uncle Samuel said. The next morning...jogging time! Uncle Sam said. This has to stop everybody is in perfectly good shape why do we need to jog! Anya said. Just jog. Aunt Beverly said. Hello Tiffany Said. Hi Tiffany, Kyle. Thomas said. What should we order today? Kyle said. I’m in the mood for a cheesy omelette. Anya said. Yeah because today we’re going to the wood. Tiffany said. I’m so nervous what if we get lost like Myra and those girls. Anya said. Aw someone getting cold feet. Kyle said. Kyle are you serious your the one that’s had cold feet since the begging Tiffany said. Here are your omelettes oh and you aren’t allowed to talk to peers i our shop we’re afraid you’ll pressure them to get lost. The waitress said. Who does she think she is what an evil woman. Anya said. Half an hour later. We have the tents,check,the food slash water,check,the torch,check,and safety kit,check. Tiffany and Kyle said. Let’s go. Thomas said. Ok pushing the gate is hard you have to put your foot on it. Tiffany said. *gate creaking* this place looks pretty normal too me, *gate bangs shut* aaaaahhh!!!screamed Kyle. Kyle it’s the gate. Thomas said. I know. Kyle said. It was scary in the forest you could feel your foot crunching in the wind, it was so quiet though you just felt like something was there, the trees moved so quite slowly like they were waiting for something to happen,. Omg it’s that deer again. Anya said. We’re gonna die! Kyle screamed. Shut up Kyle. They all said at the same time. Wait it seems pretty friendly “hello aw aren’t you a funny fellow”. Tiffany said. Well this place is nothing just a normal woods. Thomas said. 8’clock in the night...let’s set up our tents here it’s not full of trees. Anya said. Yeah 3...2...1done. Thomas said. Wow Thomas your good. Tiffany Said. Let’s start a fire and maybe play truth or dare. Kyle said. Sounds like a plan. Tiffany said. Truth or dare Anya. Thomas asked. Truth. Have you ever said something really mean to someone and then it turned out to be your best friend in the wrong? Asked Thomas. Yes so once there was this girl called Bettie and she was a really smart girl and she...*lightning strike*. DID YOU SEE THAT!!! Tiffany shouted. Yeah when the lightning stuck there was someone there. Anya said. Yeah I think it was that one with white hair we saw yesterday. Thomas said. My torch isn’t working! Anya said. Mine either. Tiffany said. Same mine broke. Thomas said. Kyleeeeeee. Tiffany said. No forget it I am not searching for that thing in the dead of night! Kyle said. Fine wus we’ll come with you! Tiffany said. *thunder*. “You shouldn’t be here. A voice whispered. Did you hear that. Anya whispered. Yep that same voice. Tiffany said. GET OUT! The voice whispered. I’m outie. Kyle said. Me too! Anya shouted. Bye. Thomas said. Who are you. Tiffany said. Tif come on. Thomas shouted. *gate creeks*. That was to creepy! Kyle said. I know. Tiffany said. Well now we know that there definitely someone out there. Anya said. *gate bangs shut* look the deer. Thomas said. I think we should come back tomorrow in the day. Tiffany said. Are you crazy? Kyle shouted. Well I agree with Tiffany. Anya said. It will, be less creepy. Thomas said. Wow ya’ll really got a death wish huh. Kyle said. Oh Kyle you will come with us i know you will. Tiffany Said. Whatever, my moms working a night shift I gotta get Mila, see ya’ll tomorrow! Kyle shouted. Well I better bounce too I think my dads gonna be eating gas station pizza all night if I don’t get back soon so bye, bye. We should go back too it’s 10:30 pm and I’m sleepy. Anya said. Agreed. Thomas said. *knock knock* thats weird there usually home. Anya said. Well they weren’t expecting us they thought we were camping out. Thomas said. Well yeah good thing mom gave me this key before we left Chicago. Anya said. Omg what’s all this stuff about the woods! Thomas said. I know this is really weird. Anya said. Looks like there on some kind of mission with the woods. Thomas said. There were books lying around titled Myths of Mable Woods or Mable woods everything you need to know, there were maps pictures and a diary documenting the woods and everything they found there including a deer fire and a white haired woman...Oh honey that was quite a mission...oh my goodness why are you two here? We’ll ask the questions around here. Anya said. Start talking. Thomas said. Ok it all started when I was fourteen and me and your mother went to the woods and saw that girl like i told you, she was scared out of her mind but I wasn’t I wanted to go back there and learn more so i asked your uncle Samuel to come with me he and I found the girl and raised her as our own but then one day she went missing we were so sad and from that day forward most people were going missing in the forest and then we saw that deer time to time we thought nothing of it until you mentioned it at dinner one time so then we began looking for the white haired woman like you said we thought she was the one that was taking the children we’ve never seen her but we just wanted to get answers just like you honey. Aunt Beverly said. You’ve never seen her? Asked Anya. No, we look but nothing. Uncle Samuel said. That’s weird, when was the last time you saw the deer? Asked Thomas. Just then by the gate. Aunt Beverly said. I’m going to bed this is all way too much. Anya said. Same. Thomas said. The next morning. *cough cough* what’s that smoke! Asked Anya. It’s coming from the forest. Thomas said. Let’s go! Anya said. Tiffany, Kyle what are you doing here? Asked Anya. We saw the smoke so we came to the forest. Tiffany said. Move back move back, you old piglets move back aye! The policeman said. Why is there smoke? Asked Kyle. I have no clue. Tiffany said. The police is here so they must think it’s serious. Anya said. Come on I’m hungry let’s talk at Willows. Thomas said. I’ll have a cookie cake please. Anya said. I bet your the one that set of the smoke my darling is missing because of you. A very posh looking woman. Excuse you! Anya said. This is ms Robinson very rich lady Myra’s mother, Zara. Tiffany said. Hm tell it like it is honey, we’re going to sue you little poor brats. Zara Robinson said. Girl please you lucky I’m hungry. Tiffany Said. Whatever peasants. She said. Wait I just thought that Beth girl you liked she has white hair I think she is that woman it makes sense trying to befriend us....hey Thomas I was hoping we could go have dinner. Beth said. Have you ever been in the woods? Asked Thomas. No, but I’m thinking of for my new story...liar we already know who you are. What? Yeah go. Thomas said. *crying noises*. She’s such a liar I bet she’s going to the woods now. Anya said. Let’s beat her too it we should go to the woods. Tiffany said. Yeah whilst it’s still daytime. Kyle said. Let’s go then. Thomas said. This mist I can’t see anything. Tiffany said. Wait is that..deer fur. Said Kyle. Oh my gosh that deer is...who would do such a thing. Thomas said. *wind blowing * Go before it’s too late. A Voice whispered. We’re not scared of you show your self. Anya shouted. Oh really. The voice whispered. Suddenly a sound of a lighter was heard. She started a fire, I see her white hair, I see the back off her. Anya said. Same, fire thats where the smoke came from that woman started a fire on us run! Tiffany said. *gate creeks* run in the lake! *gate slams shut*. Splaaaash! The police are there again. Why is there always smoke coming from this awful place i don’t get paid a bloody nough let’s see what’s in this place. The policeman said to himself. *door creeks open* *cough cough* deer fur? Who’s in here. The policeman said. Let’s go! Tiffany said. We are just kids this is just sad, Kyle said. I’m soaking wet and I’m cold so I’m going home. Anya said. Yes I’ll join. Thomas said. Bye.bye. *knock knock* hi kids, have you heard about a policeman his name was Bobby Jones he’s been reported missing from going in the woods. Aunt Beverly said . We saw him go in like 20 minutes ago! Anya shouted. Oh wow so you’ve been? Uncle Samuel said. Yeah and we saw the white haired woman I think she was trying to burn us. Thomas said. Oh no honey. Aunt Beverly said. Yeah I’m pretty hungry. Anya said, good we made chicken salad. Uncle Samuel said. *knock knock* hello aunt Beverly said. I’m here for Thomas And Anna Scott. The policeman said. It’s Anya! Anya said. Well we nee d to take them down to the station to answer a couple questions. The policeman said. Ok but we’re coming. Uncle Sam said. Hi Tiffany hi Kyle they took you two huh. Thomas said. Yep. Tiffany said. So why were you at the woods earlier today? The policeman asked. We were looking from our friend Myra who went missing in that woods. Anya said. Alright did you start the fire in the forest before Bobby went into the woods. The policeman asked. No we were caught in the fire at one point so we ran to get help and then he must have gone in. Tiffany Said. Ok and why did you neglect Myra Robinson? Because she bullied Tiffany our fiend. Kyle said. Ok your free to go. The policeman said. Let’s go home, Anya said. Yep I’m in the mood to sleep. Thomas said. The next morning...I have an idea let’s go back into the woods and find white haired woman! Anya said. It’s crack of dawn. Thomas moaned. And we can miss the jog. Anya said. I’m up. Thomas said. Hi Tiffany hi Kyle. Anya said. Your early. Tiffany said, I have a plan ...that’s a good plan. Kyle said. Yeah let’s head to the woods. Thomas said. More deer fur! This is so cruel. Anya said. Hello we know your out there! Thomas shouted. *gate slams shut*. Get out ! A voice whispered. Come out lady. Tiffany said. If you say so! The voice said. A strand of white hair appeared along with many others and then a recognisable face it wasn't Beth it was... ms Robinson that explained a lot why Myra went missing with her mother but it didn’t explain why. Ms Robinson but why. Thomas said. Money doesn’t grow on trees and you smart Alec teens think yes it does because of paper but no it doesn’t if it did I would be richer then I am you see my husband lost his job so I moved to the woods I came back to the café sometimes so it wouldn’t look suspicious on where I was,o I took deers fur to make money on there coats so I was still rich Myra came to visit me but she got caught the missing kids are the ones I took so that they wouldn’t tell anyone about me, there the ones that saw my face I make them my servants like i will to you I have white hair really I die it brown now, servants. Zara Robinson said. The servant took them to the house hidden deep in the forest were they would serve Zara. I’m so sorry friends but if you wouldn’t have been so nosey then none of this would have happened. Myra said. Hi welcome to the sad life. The missing policeman said. Hi said the girls who had originally gone missing. Hello-said the girl that aunt Beverly and uncle Samuel raised. This wasn’t the posh un humble women they had once met this woman was different she was evil threatening and strong. Oh and don’t even try to tell anyone about this if you escape they will never believe you it’s my word a strong rich powerful woman against your word some poor pathetic teens that would make up anything, time for my dinner. Can you believe that all this time it was just ms Robinson making money of deer fur coats. Kyle said. No this is the worst I never liked that woman but now I hate her! Anya shouted. The house was wooden and big the servants part was dusty and dull the room was painted black with a photo of Zara on it which made it sadder Myra came in time to time with jelly to eat but it wasn’t enough after three days past... I’m sick of this we’ve probably been reported missing. Tiffany said. Whilst ms Robinson slash Zara has been killing deers and making money of of there coats. Thomas shouted. I have an idea. Anya said. Well your last one backfired. Thomas said. Thomas I’m your only hope right now unless you would rather serve her for the rest of your sad life! Anya said. She’s right let’s here it. Kyle said, so we can ask to go to the bathroom on after the other but she lets us use the bathroom outside since she doesn’t think we’re good enough to use the bathroom inside we can run whilst she’s inside we can run to safety and tell everybody to come here and they will believe us because I’ve been recording what she’s been doing to us. Anya said. It will never work servants guard us outside to make sure we don’t escape! Thomas said. We will convince them for there freedom this is our only hope. Anya said. Ok I’m in. Me too. Same. Fine then. Could I please go to the toilets? Asked Anya. Fine outside servant. Zara said. I’m escaping come with me! Anya said. No she will find out. The servants said. No she’s inside and you could be free . Anya said. No! The servant said. What about you family your friends don’t you miss it she has taken that away from you why are you loyal to her? Asked Anya. Fine! He said. Ok wait Tiffany’s here. Anya said. Let’s go tiff. Anya said. What about the boys? Tiffany asked. Later. Anya said. RUN! Tiffany said. They ran through the thick bushes and whistling wind until they reached the gate. Yes we did it! *panting for breath* y yes. G good. Anya said. Let’s got to our houses. *knock knock *. He....oh my gosh we thought you were missing. Aunt Beverly said. Yes I was in the forest now I know what happened to those missing children, Anya said. Anya explained everything to a aunt Beverly and uncle Samuel absolutely every last detail and showed them the videos. Zara Robinson wow I guess she isn’t as perfect as she said she was, but you need a good meal and rest let’s make you comfortable after all you’ve suffered. Aunt Beverly said. Where’s Thomas? Uncle Samuel asked. Back at the servants place. Anya said. Why didn’t you bring him? Asked aunt Beverly. We weren’t sure if my plan would work. Anya said. Well we’ll have to get this too the police. Aunt Beverly said. A couple hours later...are you sure ms Robinson would do this? The policeman asked. Didn’t you see the video. Anya said. So where is this secret house? Asked another policeman. I’ll show you...*gate creeks open*. They all walked slowly and carefully through the forest until they reached the house standing alone in the middle of the woods. Well I told you here’s the house. Anya said. *knock knock* peas...Simon what re you doing here. Ms Zara Robinson said. Mam you are under arrest for killing deers for there fur illegally and taking people as your servants. The policeman said. But I’m to rich and posh to go to prison, I’ll get you little peasants. Zara Robinson said. Zara looked at them with evil stares with her hand squeezed so tight it was red! No you won’t you’ll be in jail. Anya said. Guys hey! Thomas said. And for the rest of the summer they had fun hung out and went to willows until it was the last day in Small rock village. I can’t believe we’re leaving this place! Anya said. Yeah this has really changed something in me. Thomas said. You guys when am I ever going to see you again. Tiffany said. Next break I guess. Anya said. I’m gonna miss ya’ll. Kyle said. *knock knock* hi Sarah. Aunt Beverly said. Hiya Bev oh my goodness my babies I heard all about your time this summer. The mom said. I know mom crazy right. Thomas said. These are our friends Tiffany and Kyle. Well hello.hi. Hello mr and mrs Scott. Tiffany said. Hi the Scott’s. Kyle said. Well we have to go now. The dad said. Bye.bye. Cya next break. Bye ya....THE END

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