The Journey to be a Champion

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Chapter 1

Before I start the story I want to let you know that the moves of Pokemon in the story do not depend on the level of that pokemon.

Story starts here -

There is a city that is very beautiful. There are many big houses in this city full of grain .The climate of this city is so beautiful that the population rate is increasing year by year .
There are beautiful houses to live in as well as many big markets .The quality of this city does not end here. There is much more to see .Also here is Professor Jupiter's lab and house. The name of the city is City of Joy .

This is not the real name of the city, its real name is the new Coal town. This city is so named because the city was not very fertile at first . Soil fertility was later increased in various ways and it was later discovered that there were abundant coal reserves . This is why tourists from all over the world started coming here slowly . Gradually the population of the city continues to grow and you can see the current state of the city .

A boy lived in a three-story house in that city. The boy's name is Jark. The boy has just received the pokemon license. The boy has achieved this in his first test. It is generally understood that the boy is very intelligent. His mother was a Pokemon trainer and he grew up receiving ideals from her . Her mother wanted to be a Pokemon Master but she couldn't. That's why She dreams that her son will become a Pokemon Master.
Jark also wants to become a Pokemon Master. They both know that this journey is not easy. Naturally Jark is very quiet.But when it comes to the pokemon, it seems like there is no one in the world more excited than him . Then it is half past ten at night Jark goes to the roof after finishing his meal.The moon seemed as indifferent as he is that night.The real reason for this indifference is that Jark will get his first pokemon tomorrow.

Although it is a very happy news but he is very worried about which pokemon he will get.Suddenly a voice comes from behind.

Someone says ,"why are you so worried ?"

Jark : "The next day I will get my first pokemon."

Someone : "But this is a good news, why are you thinking so much ? "

Jark : "But I don't know which pokemon I will get tomorrow."

Someone : "Don't worry about that, but which pokemon do you want?"

Jark : "Grass type pokemon."

Someone : " Like Bulbasaur, Treecko, Turtwig?"

Jark : " Yes you're right But do I know what your name is ? "

Someone : " Not now . This is not the right time to know my name. I will meet you one day later. I will say my own name and you will recognize me . "

He opened his pokeball and a big Pokemon puts him on his back and flies away. Jark goes to the second floor with a lot of questions in his mind.He comes down to the second floor and sees his mother first.

Jark : " Good night Ma ."

Mother : "Good night Jark."

After saying this, he comes to the bedroom and closes the door.He lies down with the sheet on, but all the questions in his mind keeps him from going to sleep.

Who was that person ?

Why he came here ?

He didn't even realize when he fell asleep thinking about all this.The loud sound of the alarm wakes him up.He opens the window so that the sunlight falls on his room.The sweet breeze of the morning fascinates him.Looking at the surrounding paddy fields, he remembers the man of the previous day. He shakes his head and tries to forget it but it is not possible.The incident of the previous day seemed to be ingrained in his mind.He can't forget this incident even after hundreds of attempts.He didn't seem to want to say that but suddenly it comes out from his mouth.

Jark : " There really is something in the man that he wants to point out to me . But I can't understand that. "

Thinking that, It will be too late . He comes down to the first floor. He sees his mother arranging the food on the table.

Mother : " Come and have your breakfast ."

Jark : "Sure ."

Although there was not much food in that day, there were four poached eggs and nine breads it is only for Jark . His mother ate the same thing, but the numbers were a little higher.
In fact, people in this city naturally eat a little more food . After eating, he packs his bag and heads out to Professor Jupiter's house. As he walks towards Jupiter's house, he sees a huge paddy field beside him. that paddy field looks like golden craftsmanship on a green cloth. He starts running thinking that he has not much time on hand. In the field there is one big Tauros and a strong Bouffalant . P.J.P.L is written in large letters just above the door of Professor Jupiter's laboratory . That writing can be understood from a distance . Although he was not far away . His eyes seemed to be closing in the intense light of the sun because Professor Jupiter's house is on the east side of this city . Jark doesn't let his eyes close in excitement . Arriving there, he sees two more unknown boys in front of the brown door of the Professor Jupiter . Jark is 15 years old and they are also 15 years old .

He asks the boy, dressed in a red shirt and blue pants ,"Dude, what are you doing here? "
That boy : "I have came here to take my first pokemon. And you ? "
Jark : "Me too ."
That boy : " What's your name ? "
Jark : "Jark and yours ? "
That boy : "Hi Jark, nice to meet you. My name Is Nikhil . "
Then he asked the boy wearing a blue shirt and red pants," I think you have came for the same job ."
Another boy : " Focus on your work, you don't have to look at me."
Jark : " O..ok ."

Jark whispered in Nikhil's ear ," This boy looks very angry and intelligent ."
Nikhil does not agree with his words and whisper ,"Rather it seems selfish and arrogant ."

Then they press a bell next to the brown door. A lady opens the door.The lady will be around 28 years old.The lady says happily ,"So ,You are the first three who have come to take your first Pokemon .

Come and sit inside the house. "
Jark : " Sure ."
Nikhil : " Why not ."
Another boy : " Ok. "
The house was very beautiful from the inside as much as it looked from the outside.The color of the floor is dark red and the color of the roof is green and the color of the walls is azure.As we walk into the room we are amazed to see the various certificates of Professor Jupiter.Being so intelligent, he is able to become a professor at such a young age.
Moving on, Professor Jupiter stands in front of a machine where three pokeballs are kept.

Jupiter : "Give me your license for a moment.I need to see if it's really yours or not by this machine .Don't mind but there are a lot of people who come with the wrong licenses and take this pokemon away so they can do wrong or bad things . "

Jark : "Sure mam you can take it."

Nikhil : " Sure mam . I have no worry. "
Another boy : "Sorry mam but I forgot to bring that."

Jupiter : " How can I trust you? Bring it as soon as you can and show me as soon as possible ."

Nikhil whispers, " I already suspected that this boy is not good."

The other boy immediately leaves the house and starts running towards the west .Looks like he has his real home on the west side. Then Professor Jupiter start observing Nikhil and Jark's license. About half an hour later the another boy comes back and with his license.
Nikhil whispers, " Sorry dude . I suspected you were wrong ."
Jupiter : " Oh ... All three of you have perfect licenses . The name of the first boy is Jark . The second one is Nikhil and the third one is David . There are three balls placed on top of this machine. It contain Pokemon . One is from Kanto and another is from Hoenn and another is from Johto . Let's see who has what destiny. Jark you can choose at first . "
Jark : "Really?"
Jupiter : "Yes ! "
He steps forward and takes the second of three balls placed on top of the machine.
Jark : " Can you tell me what pokemon is in this pokeball?"
Jupiter : "No Sorry....."
Leaving the second ball, he picks up the first ball.
Jupiter : " Is it your choice ? "
Jark : " Ye....Yes."
Jark thinks that may he get a grass pokemon by the grace of God.
Jupiter : " Throw it slowly. "
Jark :"Ok . "
He throws the ball to the ground and a pair of lights comes out from that . Everyone is looking there.

The story ends here . Which pokemon do you think he gets?or from which region . You can tell me in the comment box about the first pokemon of Jark.

I will bring the next part soon

Stay in touch. ...
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