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A young artist embarked on an Adventure

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Amilia is 14 years old and in the 7th grade, Amelia enjoys Drawing mithical places she creates in her head. Her parents are against her having an over active imagination, so they want her to get married and move to the village were getting married at a young age is allowed. Amilia's father,Dake, has brought so many grooms for her but she never shows up. She lokes her self up in her room every time someone comes and she starts to draw. One day Amelia's parents tricked her by telling her to sweep the living room, at that time amilias parent w ould lock her room so that she could not get in. When Jerry, the new groom, and his family came amilua had no where to go and had to stay. Jerry was 16 years old and very nice and generous. When the meeting was over a date for the wedding was arranged. That night amilia cried her eyes out when she found out. Weeding bells were ringing and amilia was at the village before she knew it. One day jerry saw one of Amilias drawings and was amazed so he took her to a crafts maker and he made her a special pencil with her name carved into it *Amilia* she went home immediately and draw a place where flowers came to life and became faries, a place where is always evergreen and blossoming,she called this place floopyland. At night she saw the drawing glowi and when she touched it her hand went throw so she jumped in and saw her self in floppy land. The first thing she saw was three fairies:violent, who was holding a violent in her and was dressed in purple. Poppy who was holding a poppy in her hand and was dressed in dark pink. Sunny, who was holding a sunflower and was dressed in yellow. Amelia was confused and didn't know what to do when the three girls raised their wands, Amelia began to follow them. They led her to Rose who was also the Queen of floppy land. Rose was amazed at this and she kneeled before Amelia, therefore the rest if floppy land also did same. The people were confused as to why the Queen her self went down to a meir mortal. Rise then said "this is Amelia Bangboard the creator of floppy land. Only her alone made the streams and faries and trees and all of thus land with her magic pencil" with these words Rose again kneeled before Amelia and she gave her her very own wabd and said that Amelia was to use the wand and protect them against vermor the evil darkness that was killing floppy land. Amelia thought she was dream,ing and decided to go with it. So she promised the people that she would destroy Vernor and bring peace to the land. Rose then showed her a door and told her it would take her back home for the night.


The next night, as Amelia was about to sleep she received an unexpected visit from violet and sunny. "Come on come on you're already late" Amelia was beyond scared not only cause her dream wasn't a dream but because she promised to fight some evil force. Sunny got tired if waking her so she cast a wake up smell. Again Amelia found her self in floppy land. Amelia was determined to keep her false promise so for 2weeks she would go to floppy land to preaper for the big battle. It was finally time to go go to butter berry field were the presence of Verna was found.Amilia tried to use her wand but it just would not work "hahahahaha, you think you can defeat me you tiny mortal" with those words Amelia went flying away to the main tree where Rose,poppoviolet sunny and the rest we're waiting for her to return with good news instead they were disappointed by what she said had happened. She said that tge wind refused to poppy said that the wand will only work with a pure heart. Amelia had to confess she said she didn't make an intention to fight vermor and that it was a false prpmise. Rose immediately told her to leave and she obeyed


At home Amelia smelled something burning out side and she saw her dad burning all her drawings, and hr was about to burn floppy land when she held Hus hand,then Amelia though*could this be the darkness tRose talking about, an evil was killing them and their lands* her dad was sick and tired of her not doing her wifely duties so he tried to burn all her drawings to make sure she would focus on her husband. Amelia knew this was all her fault,if she hadn't made that false promise or got married or even drew floppy land not of this would have happened. It was too late,her dad already burned floppy land all she had left was her pencil she knew she had to do something about it so she has to draw again but her dad took and bptnrd all the pepear and even a drawing post this was the most miarable day of her life.


Amelia was at the market one day when she saw an empty wall so she decided to draw she put all her effort and heart into making sure that she drew floppy land exactly how it was before when she was done and made sure no one was watching age took a big jump into it and without a word to Rose or even her fairy friend she went straight to butter berry field to fight vermor. Vermor was syprisrd to see her again but this time she opened her heard and freed her mind in a go the wand started to spark abd glow it sparked rainbow colours every where abd Luke that vermor was destroyed an peace was brought back to floppy land.


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