An old island

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When Anya Scott and Thomas Scott are back again for winter break they reunite with their old friends everything is great until they start finding clues leading to another adventure.

Adventure / Mystery
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Chapter 1

So what’s the surprise for winter break? Asked Anya. Well we’re going on a private island and your old friends from small rock village are coming too! The mom said. Omg thanks dad and mom! Anya said. Yeah thanks mom and dad. Thomas said. No worries look we packed your bags we gotta be at the airport in half an hour. The dad said. Ok, so your finally not bitter to be leaving Chicago. Thomas said. Oh get lost i’m not in the mood for your smartness. Anya said. Oh my gosh you bought me a Lisa Carson bikini. Anya said! Well your father said that because your nineteenth birthday has passed you could have a bikini. The mom Sarah said. Dad why she’s too young i though we agreed on thirty! Thomas said. I know son it’s your mother. The dad Harry said. So where are we going which island is it where about is it? Asked Anya. Well it’s near Mexico a place called Hermosa Isla it means beautiful island in Spanish. The mom said. Ok here are your last birthday presents. The mom said. Ooooh I’m excited! Anya said. Me too.Thomas Said. Here you go Anya and Thomas. The dad said. Omg is this the new iPhone 12! Asked Anya. Yes last one in stock. The mom said. Is this a PS5. Asked Thomas. Yep son we can share. The dad said. No sharing, but thanks guys these gifts are great. Thomas said. Yeah I’m so happy thank you. Anya said. It was nothing, but now we need to get to the airport. The mom said. Wow this phone is really updated. Anya said. I can’t wait to open my ps5. Thomas said. We’re here at the Chicago airport, the dad said. I’m hungry can we get pizza? Asked Anya. Sure. The dad said. that pizza was too cheesy. Thomas said. Agreed. Anya said. Ok does everybody have there passports? Asked the dad. Yes. Anya said. On the airplane...hello can I interest you in a brilliant beverage? The air hostess said. No thanks. A little girl said. said. Listen pumpkin I have a job And its to serve you buy so I suggest you open your purse! The air hostess shouted. Hey you can’t talk to that little girl like that apologise or I’ll tell your boss. Anya said. Ugh fine but um this girl is my little sister you idiot and the boss is my dad so shut up..oh sorry Anya was just gonna sit down. Thomas said. What that girl was being rude! Anya said. Well there’s no need. Thomas said. Yes. There is! Anya screamed. Anya sit down please. The mom said. Wait just a sec. Anya said. You have no right to talk to that girl that way I don’t care if she’s you sister. Anya said. Listen to me just shut up because I’m not gonna step down because your a...please fasten your seat belts and prepare for landing we are expecting some severe turbulence. The captain said. Idiot the air hostess whispered. 3..2..1...CRAAAAASH! That was awesome Thomas said. 30 minutes later...I can not believe they escorted you out for calling out that air hostess. The mom said. I know it’s happened before. Anya said. Wow look at this island though, the dad said. The island had Soft Sandy beaches and glistening water shining upon the sun it had huge rocks at waters edge beyond the beach was a little town called paradise City it had vast beach houses made with pale rock it had little stores and palm trees in the street a place in paradise city was called the The Stone glass building it had a magnificent view of the forbidden cave on the coast of the shimmering sea nobody goes in the forbidden cave nobody knows why. Yeah, where are Tiffany and Kyle? Asked Anya. There staying in the same hotel as us the seashell now speaking of which we better get our key. The mom said. Hallo how can I help you madam... Sarah Scott I’m here for my keys to number 18 Seashell hotel. The mom said. Oh yes of course here’s a key and a spare one you have no idea how many people have lost their keys this week! The lady said. Ok thank. The dad said. Come on i want to get to the hotel! Anya said. Well next stop car place we need a rental car to get around. The mom said. Oh well can we go? Asked Thomas. Yes ok take the spare key we will get the rental car. The dad said. Yes let’s go Thomas. Anya said. Anya you can’t drive the only reason you passed is because you instructor liked you! Thomas said panicked. Don’t worry Thomas I’ll be fine, now how do you start this thing? Asked Anya. The-hold on where did you get this car mom and dad just went out to get a rental. Thomas said, well I um uh well Mora kind of well she didn’t really um..ANYA..ok fine um Tiffany and Kyle sent it us as a Birthday present and I may have listened it as mine..Anya you could have told mom and dad or me and how could you this is both of ours!!! Thomas shouted. Just chill ok you can drive it sometimes. Anya said. Why isn’t this car in Chicago then! Asked Thomas. I got it shipped, ok let’s go. *car engine starting* *car reversing* *car zooming* Anya slow down! Thomas shouted. Woop woop this is so much fun I love this song, I see it i like it I want it I got it I want it I got it I see it I like it I want it I got I ye I want it I got it I want it I got it. Anya sung. Yeah yeah watch the road! Thomas said. Um can you past me your gum? Anya said. Fine lsat piece. Thomas said. ANYA YOU PASSED THE HOTEL!!! Thomas shouted. Oh tide breaker yeah hang on Tom. Anya said. Gulp Thomas said. *car turning around really fast* *speeding* in to a parking space* bingo here we are! Anya said. I can’t breathe you are a mad woman! Thomas said. Yeah ok let’s go. Anya said. Hi guys! Tiffany shouted. Oh my god Tiffany it’s been forever thank you so much for the car! Anya said. Hey Tiff how’s it going. Great now you guys are here, Kyle has been at the bar eating way too much! Tiffany said. Well show us around! Anya said. Ok so this is the main reception and this is the game room then this the bar...hi ya’ll I love this place the food is as good as Willows. Kyle said. Hey Kyle you look good! Thanks guys it’s so good to see you. Kyle said. We’re finally nineteen I thought this day would never...hello kids sorry were late but the man from the car rental place was trying so hard to make us buy the car what a silly guy, so did you get to your hotel rooms? Asked the mom. No not yet but we’re going to now. Anya said. Thank you so much mr and mrs Scott for inviting us on this magnificent vacation. Tiffany said. Yes thank you so much. Kyle said. Oh no problem kids we are happy to have you. The dad said. Ok now let’s go and see the rooms shall we? Asked Thomas. Yes we shall. Anya said. The room had bunk beds that were cream and big it had night stands with books and seashells it had a tv and it was an on sweet bathroom there was a cream carpet and a view of the city through the balcony. Wow this is a great room. Tiffany said. Yes kids well I’m going to bed. The mom said. It’s been a long day. Well I’ll stay up a bit the dad said. Cool guys should we go somewhere? Asked Anya. Where it’s 11 o’clock at night. The mom said. We could explore get to know the city. Thomas said. With the new rental car I don’t think so. The dad said. We won’t take the rental car. Thomas said. What will you take then? Asked the mom. Um just a um..Kyles car. Tiff said. Kyle has a car? Asked the dad. Yeah he is a a great driver. Anya said. I am? I mean yes I am. Ok then I trust you Kyle be back by two in the morning i am counting on your responsibility and if you get in trouble we leave tomorrow understand? The mom said. Yes ma’m. Anya said. Bye. Thomas said. In the car...I can’t believe we got away with that! Anya said. Where should we go? Kyle asked. That looks like a party. Tiffany said. Yeah let’s go. *knock *knock. Hi welcome. A girl said. This is so fun wooooooo! Anya shouted. May I have this dance? Asked Tiffany. Yes you may haha! Anya shouted. Oh my god, look what the cat dragged in ms perfectly imperfect! The air hostess said. YOU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? Anya said. My daddy owns this place you idiot I told you not to cross me señorita oh and the names Maria. Maria said. Did I ask? Anya said. Anya come on let’s go she’s not worth it. Tiffany said. Yeah señorita run because your scared of me because you know you are nothing compared to me my daddy owns this island so if you speak and I tell you not to speak you can kiss your holiday goodbye. Maria said. You should get lost. Anya said. Wait what say it again I dare you...yeah that’s what I thought señorita so get OUT!!! Maria said and then laughing and pointing at Anya. In the car...are you ok? Asked Kyle. Yeah whatever. Anya said. She’s just a...I know what you’re gonna say she’s just bored with her own boring life blah blah blah but really she’s right she can say anything she wants and if I talk to her wrong I’ll ruin the break because she will send us home. Anya said sadly. We’ll just stay away from her. Tiffany said. Yeah she is really just pathetic she doesn’t even know us she boring. Thomas said. Really she’s boring is that her getting into that Lamborghini. Said Anya. Ok so that was terrible timing but hey it’s over. Thomas said....ok we’re here. Kyle said. Hi kiddos what brought you back so soon? The dad asked. Some loser was being rude too Anya. Thomas said. Wait until, I get down there and...her dad owns this island. And see how my daughter is doing. The dad said. Whatever guys I’m going to bed. Anya said. Yeah we should all crash. Tiffany said. The next last night kids did you find a breakfast place? Asked the mom. Yeah we saw this place called breakfasto. Kyle said. Let’s go to breakfasto then. The dad said. At breakfasto....hola còmo Estas? Asked the waitress. Um we don’t speak Spanish. The dad said. Ok well table seven is free! The waitress said. Oh my goodness it’s Maria. Anya said. Hola, que Mesa Hay disponible? (Hello what table is available? In Spanish) hola, table eight. She is sitting at the table next to us. Thomas said. You oh goodness why you! Maria said, just leave us alone. Tiffany said. Hey what’s that book the forbidden cave it says. That at the bottom of the coast behind the glass stone building there is a forbidden cave where nobody goes in the cave are the treasures of laswayso dese li nobody goes in the forbidden cave for its banished years and years ago when the war struck and the cave was where the great king hide for many years . Sounds interesting. Said Anya. Yeah we could go. Thomas said. You can’t go there it’s banished and dangerous nobody and I mean NOBODY goes into that cave! Maria said. Oh Maria you poor rich spoiled brat. Anya said. Fine get killed I don’t care don’t say I didn’t warn you. Maria said. Maria seemed pretty serious, i say we go down to the coast. Thomas said. No I am not getting back into that drama! Kyle said. Oh Kyle once a wus always a wus. Tiffany said. Kids I don’t know how i feel about ya’ll going to that coast. The dad said. You said it was our vacation plus it’s a coast there will be coast guards. Anya said. Ok kids have fun. The mom said. Ok so here’s a map of the island that’s the coast. Tiffany said. There’s laswayso coast tekatroes coast and Crystal coast. Anya said. It’s the first one you said because it mentioned it in the book. Kyle said. The sea at the coast was blue and sparkling it was bubbly and settled it glistened underneath the sun the smell of the salty sea air crossed your nose as your feet sunk into the soft sand. This is the place but I don’t see a cave. Tiffany said, let’s sail around the coast the winds are good. Thomas said. You can sail? Asked Kyle. Yeah Thomas learned to sail and I learned to swim well I’m gonna swim in the Olympics. Anya said. Ok let’s sail. Tiffany said. They sailed gently around the coast steadily and looking around for a cave. Stop! Shouted Anya. Why? Asked Thomas rudely. That wall it has weird symbols on it like the book. Anya said. Oh yeah it does turn there. Tiffany said. Try angle ex circle circle circle. Kyle said. I’m good at math. *wall parting* what the...heck. This cave is weird. Tiffany said. It’s not even a cave it a passageway. Anya said. Should we go in? Asked Thomas. *footsteps* did you here that there’s someone in there. Anya said. Hello! Tiffany shouted as her voice echoed behind her. *footsteps stop* it stoped. Wait something fell from the wall, a letter. Kyle said. It’s all wet. Tiffany said. But at least it’s in English it says go never return take my orders or you’ll burn. Anya read. I think that means we should go. Thomas said. Yeah lets sail back. Anya said. Hey they coast is of limits señorita! Maria shouted. Where did you come from? Asked Kyle. Duh the bottom of the ocean I’m a pro swimmer. Said Maria. I’m a great swimmer! Anya said. Oh really because the swimming competition is tomorrow and I’m winning. Maria said. “Oh really señorita”. Anya said mimicking Maria voice. Honey please who are you I mean what are you why are you trying me I’m a rich talented girl you are a poor girl on a broken boat next time you try me have something to try me with señorita. Maria said. Goodbye Maria. Anya said. Audios señorita. Maria said. *Maria swimming away*. Maria. Yeah. Shut up. Always señorita always for you. Maria said. She’s so annoying. Kyle said. I know let’s just go home. Anya said. The next morning...we should go back to the cave. Anya said. Why it’s not safe. Kyle said. Yeah I just was to have my lemonade in peace. Tiffany said. Sorry sis not after what happened last time. Thomas said. Fine I’ll go by myself. Anya said. There’s no way she too scared for that. Thomas said. Let’s get some breakfast. Tiffany said. I’m kinda worried about Anya. Tiffany said. She’s probably back at the hotel. Thomas said. But Anya was not back at the hotel she was at the coast looking for the forbidden cave. Triangle ex circle circle circle. Anya said. *wall parting*. As you stepped into the dark passage way the wall slammed shut behind you your eyes were filled with darkness and you started to burn up as the air in the secret passage wasn’t good it was misty and smelled like old socks you kept on walking in till you reached a staircase where a lantern was lit in the middle of the table a pot of ink was at the side with a feathers as a pen. What is this place? Anya thought to herself. *footsteps coming down the stairs*. Oh dear life I need to hide um think behind the bookshelf, no um in the box, no *coming closer* under the table! Anya thought to her self. This is going to work dear I promise we have all the equipment we need and nobody’s going know this island will be...somebody’s been here or is here..what do you mean...there footsteps are lighting up..oh yes..we shall imprison anyone who dares to come in this passage!..dear that’s absurd nobody comes here..are you defending them? and I don’t like that tone...sorry dear but I will wipe out this island it shall be mine..ok whatever take me to the cave you’re always taking about the one with diamond...alright Lïana but don’t tell anyone. *door closing* I gotta get out of here. Anya whispered. She claimed back up the staircase and ran to the wall but it wouldn’t open. No non no HELP HELP PLEASE HELP ME HELP!*bangs on wall*! Who’s there? A voice said. *gulp* Maria señorita. Anya said. Really Maria Hernandez. The voice said. Yes and your not wiping out my daddy’s island señorita. Anya mimicked. No you heard wrong that’s all. The woman said. Fine all is forgiven if you get me out
! Anya said. Yes of course..wait your not Maria i shall imprison you...rising from the water. Is that a water dragon. Asked Anya panicking. ROAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!! Take her not me. The woman said. Wha..yes look she is so jucy and...dear a imposter has awoken the water dragon save me please! The woman said. Yes lïana come, bye bye girl. The man said. *doors open. Anya runs for her life she run into the ocean and swims to dry land then she run soaking wet across the city back into the hotel until she couldn’t run anymore.

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