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The Anarchist Saga

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An unknown vigilante has shown up in New York City and it's up to Shawn to find him and unmask him..

Adventure / Fantasy
Robert Rumery
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The Anarchist # 1

Anarchy, chaos, that is all that he had ever felt in his life. He had watched his life pass him by, it was like watching a bathtub full of water drain. All he could think about was all of the pain that he had felt in his life, his parents had been dead for awhile and most of his friends had been murdered. The scars on his face, he wore them proudly. Battle scars he called them, a twisted smile came over his face. He had escaped from his reality and entered another one, he had a friend he called The Bender, this friend had the ability to open wormholes to different realities. That is how he got her, he ran his fingers through his short blond hair and puffed on his cigarette.

If he existed in his own reality, there had to be another one like him here, right? A chuckled escaped him as he threw the cigarette on the ground and stomped it out. He hated the human race and what they had done to him. In his reality it was constant war and children were called upon to fight in the war. The President had been power hungry and didn’t give a fuck about anyone. He chuckled again. Fucking politicians. He wondered if he had a doppelganger in this reality and if he did, what was he like? Did he suffer the same fate and troubles? Or was this version of him happy and loved?

He had taken up the name The Anarchist, because anarchy had always been around him. His suit was rather simple. Black leather from head to toe with the anarchy symbol on his chest and he sometimes wore a black mask and a cowl to try and hide his identity. Where he was from there were no heroes, he simply fought to survive. He had survived thus far. Didn’t know what he was going to do here. Create some Anarchy perhaps.

“Pathetic fools.” The Anarchist said, he looked towards a dark alley where a obvious drug deal was going down.

The two were arguing in the alleyway and a gunshot rang out and one dropped to the ground and the other ran out of the alley, he was covered in blood. Obviously a drug deal gone wrong, he shook his head as he watched the man run by him. Should he do something? Hell, why not. He ran after the man and grabbed him, threw him to the ground and started to beat him. He didn’t stop until the man was a bloody mess and not moving. He smiled, this man was scum anyways. Selling that shit to other people, it was like he was handing his buyer a gun and telling them to shoot themselves in the head. This was justice.

“I told you that you were pathetic.” The Anarchist said, he looked at the mans life less body.

He hasn’t been in this world too long and already he had heard about a vigilante that protected the city. This world had a protector, huh. That is something that his world never had, he had tried to protect his world. He failed, it couldn’t be helped he was the only “hero” from his world. He couldn’t really call himself a hero. He never saved anyone or protected anyone from evil or harm. He was primarily just protecting his area and the people closest to him. It didn’t matter, they all died anyways. He had been left alone, a tragic life. It transformed him into what he was today.

He wasn’t really a hero and he really wasn’t a villain. He walked a very thin line between the two. He saved the people that he wanted to and let everyone else burn. Once you take the light out of a hero, it becomes something darker and darker isn’t always better. He remembered when he had so

me light inside of him and sense of morality and justice. That was was gone, ripped away from him. Oh well. He wondered if his other was this vigilante that he had been hearing about. It’d be interesting if it was. He was going to raise some anarchy to see if it was.

****The months went by and all the anarchy and chaos that The Anarchist had created never brought out The Vigilante. It was amusing really, maybe The Anarchist was wrong. Maybe his doppelganger wasn’t in this city or the universe. He was here to escape his war torn universe anyways. It was funny, he had laid low for a little while and even got a job as a mechanic. He was just watching the world pass him by, he really wanted this world to burn. He wasn’t a very happy person, he was fake nice to everyone around him. He didn’t want them to pick up on his secret.

He smoke and drank heavily, he fit right in with these assholes. He lived in a shit-hole-apartment and that was fine for him. He probably wasn’t going to stay in this universe for very long anyways. It had always been easier for him to run from things, he could fight all those people in his own universe. If he had tried to, he would have been dead by now. Instead he found away to vanish into the shadows and not fall in line like everyone else did.

After a few weeks passed it finally happened, The Vigilante had come out to play and it wasn’t because of anything that he did. There was a drug bust on Center Street, by where his apartment was. He concluded that this was the other version of him, the good version of him. It was odd seeing another him fighting for the greater good. No one else was doing it, so why not? The guy wore a hood too and jumped from rooftop to rooftop. It was interesting to him. He needed to do something drastic so they could meet face to face. He had an idea, a very devious idea.

This is was just entertainment for him and it didn’t really serve any purpose. He just wanted to pass the time in this world, he might actually make this world his home. He hasn’t made that decision yet. Again, it was more peaceful than his world had been and this world was still in chaos and he wanted to make more chaos in this world. He needed to find something to do and he than saw and heard a cop car speeding down the road and it was heading for a bridge and he followed on foot until he got to the scene.

It looked like it was some sort of a stand off, some scraggly looking guy. Must be a junkie and he was holding a woman at gun point. It was probably his girlfriend, the person that enabled him to do all the drugs that he was on. Oh, what a shame. Shots rang out and the scraggly guy dropped dead, a bullet right in his head. What a shame, he could had some fun with that guy. He could have toyed with him and just ended him like the cops had. This world needed more fun things to do.

A cop spotted him and started to scream at him that he wasn’t supposed to be there. He shrugged and disappeared into the shadows. It wasn’t like he was going to get involved. He was just watching. Guessed they didn’t like that here, oh well. He was off to his fake mundane life tomorrow. Working, it was strange to him. Oh well, another day has ended and that meant he needed to try and be productive. Maybe he would figure out how to get him and The Vigilante face-to-face. He wanted to see both of them in their battle uniforms and maybe a fight of some sort. A battle, now that made him excited. A smile crept a cross his face.


Shawn had been rather busy and it was apparent there was another masked vigilante in the area. He has seen him a few times and it seemed like this other vigilante was interested in him and he didn’t know why. Why would anyone be interested in him? It was just very odd, and that one time he had been a few feet from this other vigilante. There was something about him, he felt familiar and he didn’t know why. It wasn’t something he was going to lose sleep over and he went on with his life. He kept this other vigilante in the back of his mind.

He had other things on his mind like this one man war against the drug cartel in the town. He needed to find away to bring those assholes down. He was sick and tired of seeing everyone hurt by these assholes, drugs were very serious. Especially the ones you shot up and could overdose on easily. He didn’t know what he was going to do, he stared down at his cell phone screen. He was reading an article about a heroin overdose that had happened a few days ago. This was somebody that he couldn’t help and he felt bad about it. His father would tell him that he couldn’t save everyone, but that is what he wanted to do. He wanted to save everybody.

He needed to focus at the task at hand and that was making sure everyone was safe. Yeah, doing what he was doing and trying to maintain a normal life. Yeah, that was going to be a bit difficult. His life had never really been easy. At times it was easier than this and this life he lead was a bit fucked up. No one really wanted to date a vigilante and most people had no clue what they were or why they were there. They were the unsung heroes of the city. Most thought that the vigilantes just did this for fame and glory. That wasn’t it at all. They did it because they thought they had to, these unsung heroes just saw too much evilness in the world and decided that they would try to change that.

He decided to go for a stroll in the park. He looked down at the screen on his phone one more time, just to see if anyone had called him. No one calls him, he was hoping he would at least hear from his father. He had not heard from his father in a few years, he shrugged and went and took a walk in the park. He watched everyone after walking around for a bit. He sat down on a bench and lit up a cigarette and watched everyone. There was a young cute couple on the bench next to him making out. He shook his head and turned away from them and blew his smoke into the air. It was a nice night, it wasn’t too hot or too cold. It was bearable.

He had on odd feeling, like he was being watched and he just shrugged it off for now. He finished his cigarette and threw it on the ground and stepped on it. He could hear some yelling in the background, he turned his head to look behind him. A mugger had taken off with a woman’s purse. He grunted, shook his head and sighed. Why wouldn’t these thugs ever learn? He calmly got up and waited for the thug to run by him and when he did, that thug got tackled down and knocked out. He took the purse and watched the lady run by him and he threw the purse to the woman and left.

Justice was served for the most part, the cops came and took the beaten thug away. There was still so much to do to keep this city safe and Shawn was only one man and he couldn’t always be around. His job would find it kind of odd if he went messing when he was supposed to work and he didn’t really want this city to stay in the state it was. What was he going to do? Probably the same thing he has been doing for awhile now. Try to protect this city the best he could. He needed to be a beast to protect it fully.

His fate had been set when he put that hood on and took down his first thug. He knew what he was setting himself up for and he wouldn’t be another victim laying in the street. He would get beat and he would take the loss and pick himself up and try again. He needed to do this. It was who he was now and this was life. He made it back to his apartment and walked into it and sat down on the couch. What could he do to make this a better place? He needed a teammate or a team. You couldn’t really advertise for a vigilante teammate. That’d just be stupid and you would probably get shunned very quickly if you did something like that.

He closed his eyes and drifted off into a slumber. Tomorrow was another day. Even when he was asleep, his mind was racing about the issues he was facing. A few days had passed, his life progressed like normal. He went to work, came home, ate and showered. There was news of a big drug deal going on by the peir. He had no information on when it was going to happen, but it was going to be big and he needed to stop it. He would find information by any means necessary, even if he had to beat it out of the local drugheads. This would be a step in the right direction of cleaning up the city.


The next few days had been long ones and Shawn wasn’t getting anywhere fast with the location of the drug deal. It seemed like every lead that he ran down was a dead end, he did find a lead that had panned out. He had ran a thug into a nearby alley and started beating the shit out of him, he didn’t stop until the thug gave up the information. The drug deal was down by the pier and it was going down soon. His better judgment told him not to let this thug go, but he let the thug go. He was getting more aggressive like the scum he was putting away and he didn’t like that.

Stuff was going to go down in a few hours and he needed to get ready, gear up and get ready to bust some heads. He loved this part and he made it back to his apartment and that is where he stayed for the next few hours and when the day finally turned to night, that is when he made his move. Equipped with staff, his hood and his leather pants and leather shirt. It was time to go out. He needed to find a better outfit, if he got shot he would get hurt and there would be no one around to bandage himself up. The only downfall of doing this stuff alone.

He climbed out of his window and jumped onto the fire escape and ran up it until he got to the roof. When he did get to the roof he looked down, it was just a dirty alleyway below him and there was always drug deals going down below him, nothing tonight. It was strange and he knew why there was no drug deals. Everyone was. They needed to get the new dope so they could sell it to everyone, he hated it. It was evil, he knew a few of the dealers sold this hard shit to the kids. He needed to kill those dealers, he doesn’t kill though. Maybe he should start killing, it would make everything so much easier.

That would make him no better than all of the scumfucks, he started leaping from roof-to-roof. He was running to the pier, he saw a rather large van going the same way he was. He smiled and got an idea, with expert precision he jumped from one of the roofs and landed on the roof of the van with a large thud. It jolted the two inside of the van and the van began to drive erratically. He saw another vehicle and jumped onto the top of that one and the other vehicle followed the van to the pier, he jumped off the vehicle before they got to the pier. He found a place to hide.

He watched a few people get out of the van, one had a bottle of whiskey in his hand and was smoking a cigarette and yammering on about something. He could see their lips move, but he was too far away to hear anything. It didn’t really matter, this was all going to be over soon. They were your run of the mil punks and they would get theres pretty soon and he kept on watching and he saw more cars and vans pulling up. Of course, this had to be more drug dealers. It was all about the money.

He wanted a cigarette too, but it was too soon and he didn’t want to give away his position and he then continued to watch. More people piling out of the cars and vans. Too many for him to fight off by himself, he needed to stop the deals going down here tonight. He had a drastic decision to make and he knew he wasn’t going to turn and run. That wasn’t the way he was, he might die tonight. That was alright with him and this shit would be off the streets and no one else would get hurt. Of course there were no cops coming. Why would they come? They didn’t care about this.

In situations like this he often thought about Amelia. She had left him and he knew why. No one wants to date someone who thinks they are a super hero and puts their life in danger. It wasn’t something that he could turn off though. He felt like he needed to do this and she just didn’t get that. He thought she would have stayed by his side for a little longer. It didn’t matter, he felt someone close to him. He turned to look over his shoulder and no body was behind him. Maybe he was just nervous about what he had to do, yeah, that had to be it.

He was a different person when he put on that hood, he didn’t care about his life. He blinked as he watched what was happening. He sighed heavily and made a cross in the air, this was going to be his moment of truth. Running into this battle without a plan really, he just wanted to get it done and over with. He needed a shot of something hard before he did this. He didn’t have it though. He knew what he was running into. Was he scared? Yes, he was. It had to get done though and there was no turning back at this moment in time.

Rumors had been flying around about another vigilante in the city and this one wasn’t trying to protect the people, they were trying to cause harm and no good. He hated that, he was still waiting. He didn’t know how or when he was going to make his move. He wanted more people to show up, so it’d be one of those old west shoot outs. Him against all those people, he liked his odds. Life was a gamble, he loved to roll the dice. He continued to watch everyone. He was mentally taking everyone down right now, his body just had to make that decision and jolt into action.

Right now was a good time and rushed in, he took out a few of the guys without problem. One of them had spotted him and started firing at him, he found cover behind a car. The car got filled with bullet holes and while that man was reloading, he got behind him and knocked him out. Took the gun and held it in his hand. He saw more thugs coming after him and they were shooting at him, he ran after them and shot them. They dropped like flies, he had shot two more. He saw another group and they were coming after him, he dropped the gun to the ground and grabbed the bo-staff that had been strapped to his back.

He ran after the group of men and knocked them out with his bo-staff and he kicked them to one-side and he saw one last person, this person was a big muscular biker dude. Tattoos all over his arms, long hair and a beard. This one wasn’t going to be as easy. He knew that, maybe this was the main drug dealer. He ran after the biker, he tried to hit him and the biker grabbed his bo-staff and threw him into one of the cars. He hit his head hard, he was pinned up against the car. The Biker was choking him with his own bo-staff and he somehow managed to punch the biker in the gut hard, the biker gasped and let go of the bo-staff. The biker fell to the ground gasping for air. He looked at the biker and gasped for air as well.

Shawn had regained himself and went after the biker again, he knocked the biker out. He watched some of the other thugs get away. It wasn’t worth him following them, there was no way that he could get all of them. He thought about killing this useless piece of shit. That wasn’t him though. He heard someone walking towards him. Was it another thug? He grabbed his bo-staff and looked towards where he heard someone coming from. He couldn’t see anything, all he could see was a silhouette of a man coming towards him. Whomever it was, they probably wanted to fight and he was in the mood to fight.

“So you beat the bad guys, what are you going to do know?” The Anarchist asked, he was in sight of Shawn right now.

They both shared the same features and Shawn looked towards The Anarchist, he had no idea who he is or where he had came from. He looked evil and he vanquished evil. Shawn stayed in a fight ready position. He looked at The Anarchist with his brow furrowed in anger and confusion.

“Who are you?” Shawn growled.

“I’m you.” The Anarchist smiled.

The Anarchist pulled back his hood and looked at Shawn. It was like they were mirror images of each other. The Anarchist had a darkness about him, something had happened to him and what had happened to him changed him forever. He had been Shawn at one point in time, he ditched the first name he was given and went by his middle name Jeffrey. He was Jeffrey Watson and that was it. Darkness surrounded him with every step he took, he had a sinister smile on his face as he approached Shawn.

“Your a fool, Shawn.” The Anarchist said, he folded his arms a cross his chest as he smiled at Shawn. “Utter fool.” The Anarchist poked Shawn’s forehead.

“If we had been from the same universe, you would be the foolish little brother who would try to save anyone. Where would that get you though? Crushed, defeated and left to die. You’d watch everyone that you cared about just vanish and die. That is what happens to heroes, they outgrow there welcome and then all you are left is with Anarchy and Chaos.” The Anarchist explained, he looked at Shawn and all you could see in The Anarchist’s eyes was hate and pain.

Hunt or be hunted, that is how it was. The Anarchist wasn’t going to be the hunted ever again, what were they supposed to do? Fight? That might be the funner thing to do. He wasn’t sure what Shawn was going to do, he knew Shawn wouldn’t attack if he wasn’t provoked. He used to be Shawn. That name, Shawn. He hated it and never wanted to be called Shawn ever again. The stuff he had seen, his beloved, Amelia killed right infront of him. That is what had sent him down this dark path.

Shawn looked at The Anarchist, if they were the same. Did he have an Amelia? They were the same person but from a different universe. How did this version of himself get so twisted? He had to battle the darkness inside of himself everyday but he never turned out as twisted as The Anarchist. He was confused on what he needed to do now. He had never been put into a situation like this. It was true, if they had been from the same universe they would have been brothers, twins and possibly bestfriends. That wasn’t the case in this situation, he kept his guard up.

It wasn’t enough that he had to deal with the corruption of the city, he know had an evil doppelganger to worry about. What was going to happen next? The sky open up and start raining fire? Maybe he shouldn’t give the universe ideas. He didn’t think another universe existed, it kind of did make sense. There were so many things that existed that he couldn’t see nor explain. This other universe was just another thing he couldn’t see or explain. This was normal in his life and what he did, he just didn’t know what The Anarchist’s motives were or why he was here.

Shawn wanted to see what The Anarchist’s universe looked like. Was it really that bad? Most importantly how did The Anarchist get here? There wasn’t like there was some spaceship going from universe-to-universe dropping people off. He had too many questions and not enough answers, maybe he should relax for a bit. He didn’t think The Anarchist was going to attack him unprovoked. Well, if he did relax. That is probably when The Anarchist would strike. What a pickle he was in. There was very little movement between both of them. Shawn was surprised that the cops had not showed up, he didn’t really feel like dropping anymore bodies tonight.

Sirens blared in the background and there was the sound of cars approaching. Shawn and The Anarchist looked at each other, they guessed they would finish this some other time. They didn’t know what they had started. The Cop cars entered the area and both Anarchist and Shawn disappeared and the cops got out of the cars and stuffed the drug dealers into the back of their cruisers. Both Shawn and The Anarchist were watching from the shadows. Nothing happened tonight, this wouldn’t be the last time that The Anarchist and Shawn would come face-to-face. They both had a destiny that they didn’t know about.

The Bender was standing on a rooftop looking over towards Shawn and The Anarchist, they were on a seperate area. The Bender smiled.

“My plan is working like it should.” The Bender said, he waved his hand and opened up a portal and jumped through it. Both Watson’s were in the same world, was that this good for this world? It might be. When you are confronted with your own darkness, you are forced to either embrace it or defeat it. What was Shawn going to do about his ever growing darkness?

Martin Watson, the father of Shawn Watson and Jeffrey Watson had been watching everything that happened from an underground bunker. He had a large screen he was looking at with his hands folded in front of him, he had eyes on the whole city. He was sort of a super hero too. He watched over the city and hired super powered freaks to try and protect it. He made sure that these super powered freaks never crossed paths with his son. He couldn’t have Shawn knowing there were more people like him, he needed Shawn to feel like he was alone, like he was the only one like him. He was going to mold Shawn into the best hero this world has ever seen.

“So there is another Shawn..” Martin said, he looked at the screen with The Anarchist on it.

He had not anticipated this happening. So now in this world, there was a person that could open and close dimensional portals. Great, that was just fucking great. Martin pounded the desk in front of him. So that meant any other freak from another dimension could just come to this world. That wasn’t good, he needed to form a team and he knew Shawn wasn’t a team player. It was funny, Shawn and The Anarchist didn’t fight. What was that all about? Shawn had always been confrontational type.

Martin sighed. What was he going to do? There wasn’t much he could do. He drank his cup of coffee and puffed on his cigar. There was a Kevlar suit with a hood on it hanging in the corner. It was meant for Shawn, it had been Martins back in his black op days. Once a solider, always a solider. The wars just changed, they had a war on drugs they had to fight and no one was doing anything about it. It was time the vigilantes did anything about. They would be the citys vigil. The Vigil, that would be an interesting name for a team. Now lets see how this story between Shawn and The Anarchist panned out. Martin was interested to see what happened between them, it looked like he had two sons now. He continued to watch the screens.

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