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Just like the stars

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Alison brattle is a young teenager spending the holiday with her grand parents, but when she got enrolled in a new school, she realise she has a lot to learn from life but when things gets a little messy, she need to find a way to make things better. In a flash i rolled out from my hiding place and scramble up to a couch like a black ninja duck. @copyrights All Rights reserved By clara joel [[Word count:10,000-30,000 Words]]

Adventure / Romance
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1.the unexpected surprise

December 31-january 1

The sixth day of christmas is December 31st, the last day of the year. As if to remind us of what a rotten year it's been the weather is especially lousy. A cold rain have been falling for hours by the time i was ready to leave for the trip.

"Alison have you wore rain coat already?" asked mum from the kitchen.
"Yes mum," i replied holding my luggage behind me.

My dad was already outside waiting for me,even though i didnt like the idea, mum and dad insisted that i must go to my grand parent place, it was surpose to look like an holiday but it wasnt because holiday was almost over.

I walked gently toward the car with my luggage, my dad collected my luggage from me and put it in the truck of the car. I opened the door of the car, Starring at the house,especially the spot where i usually sat down every afternoon to read.

"Always be a good girl, dont forget mum love you so much," my mum whispered, as she hug me.

My Mum was standing at the entrance of the door waving as the car went off, the car was on speed as we passed the highway, my dad didnt say anything to me and everywhere when i look through the window of the car seems bored to me. Not quite long i slept off not knowing when we got there.

"Alison! Wake up," my dad said. I opened my eyes and quickly look through the window, there were children playing at the front of a house painted in yellow and white, it was a big house, i came down from the car while dad took my luggage from the trunk and hand it over to me.

We walked passed the yellow and white house and walked toward a small duplex painted in orange and white, at the front of the duplex christmas light twinkle all around the house and two fifty-foot evergreens in the front yard, under the trees where stack giant brightly wrapped boxes.

"Dad are we there already," i said almost touching the evergreens.

"We are almost there,"he replied walking toward the entrance of the door.
"Now we're there," he said smiling.

Dad ring the intercom at the front yard entrance and the door opened, a young lady wearing a white apron was standing at the door smiling.

Wow, Alison welcome home," she said as she collected my luggage, i walked in starring at every corner of the sitting room.

The sitting room was well arrange but not as beautiful as the entrance of the house. The young lady gave us a glass cup of water and some fruit while we wait.
Not quite long my grandpa came in smiling he sat down on one of the chairs and then told the young lady to take my luggage to my already prepared room.

"Oh, Alison you've grown big, last time i saw you, you where a lot smaller," he said, as they both laugh, i didnt find it funny so i just chuckled.

"Whatever that is sitting over there i dont want to see her in this house," a young girl that look older than me said pointing at me as she walked into the sitting room.

"Sophine, this is your cousin, Alison she will be staying here with us as from now on," Grandpa said smiling again.

"Forget that Grandpa,"she snapped.

Dad was surprise as i was, he was just looking at her.
"This so called cousin is not staying here with us, period!" She shouted and slam the door.

I followed dad to the door when he was about to leave that afternoon, we hugged eachother, i waved good bye to him as he left. When i came back to the sitting room i saw Granpa still sitting down on the couch.

I walked closer to him and sat next to him where he was sitting.

"Alison, i want you to be careful around sophine, that girl is dangerous," he said slowly.

I gasp but wasn't afraid, but when i remembered what happen last holiday, when i and my friend kate suggested we should go on a ride at the park which later turn out to be very dangerous, more like worst, that made me spend the rest of the holiday at the hospital, ever since then I've always hated the sound of dangerous
Although its just a word.

I leaned forward.
"Okay, Grandpa," i said standing up.
I helped him stand up and watched him as he walked up the stairs.

The young lady that opened the door for us the first time we came in showed me my room. i took my bath and then sat down on my bed, as i was about to stand up, something walked out of from under my bed that got me so scared, i turned and almost scream but when i look closely it was a dog, a puppy, i bend down and carried it, i groom it with my hands as i walked down the stairs.

"Look who found a new friend," Grandma said smiling.
"Grandma!" I shouted with joy, and walked even more faster down the stairs.
"Careful, my daughter so you won't fall down,"she laughed.

I dropped the puppy and hug grandma, how much I've missed her, when i last saw her, it was on my birthday, after then i didn't see her again till now.

As i sat down beside her in the sitting room, she took a wrapped gift out of a box from beside the couch and hand it over to me.
"I didn't give you my christmas present for last Christmas, we're starting a new year i figure that's worth celebrating,"
"Thanks, grandma," i said as i slips off the wrapping paper and lift the box lid. It took me a moment to realise what i was looking at, a purple diary and a small box of chocolate.
"That diary is for you to write down all the moment so you wont forget," Grandma said smiling.

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