The ocean’s tail

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In San Francisco close to the coast is a school but no ordinary school a school where mermaids learn to blend in with humans they get taught how to act like humans talk like humans and walk like humans at fish lake Academy.

Adventure / Mystery
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The oceans tail

The ocean is a deep dark mysterious place humans have only discovered 5% of it so nobody really knows what lies beneath a coral reef well I’ll tell you what deep in the ocean the deepest part is what humans call the Marina trench but we call it home. Mermaids myths right? Wrong how would you know if they were myths you have never seen Santa before yet you humans believe he’s real. My name is Alive Marina depending on what part of the ocean you were born in is your last name, I am a siren mermaid from the marina trench. Humans see mermaids on television and think there not real. Well they are let me tell you about the different types of mermaids Arctic mermaids, Pacific mermaids, marina mermaids, Antarctic mermaids, coral reef mermaids, cold sea mermaids, Indian Ocean mermaids, Caribbean mermaids and northern mermaids. It is true that a human can transform into a mermaid but not by going into some magic pool but by if a mermaid uses her siren sound and manipulates the human drowns the human and drags the human back to her cove(mermaid house) and uses a strong kind of magic which is forbidden (the magic is called exstarialp) and pushes it into the humans legs after 25 hours they will be a mermaid, the only mermaid who has ever dared to use that magic was Xhara Arctic she turned 700 humans into mermaids she was punished they cursed her to never talk or feel ever again. At the age of 18 you are forced to go to the school on land to learn how to be a human your mother uses a strong magic to turn you into human form you learn it at land school. Alive! You better move your tail and get out of this cove. My mother said. I’ll be up in a second. I said. GET UP! my mother said by the way we’re not saying this in English we’re saying it in mermaid language. I want to keep my tail I don’t want to be a rotten. I said we call humans rottens. We have to do the magic now and I tell you your going to be a rotten! My mother said. Lauqe domlosa fyashus cvd. My mother perfectly preformed the magic on me. At first I felt like I couldn’t swim like I was floating with my eyes close then there was a sharp pain in my stomach like someone had speared it then I couldn’t see a thing but it felt like someone was cutting my tail in half I screamed in agony then my pencil teeth(pencil teeth are a mermaids sharpest teeth that could bite through an entire whale) shortened down into human teeth my webbed fingers separated into human fingers my scales welled down into human skin and with a big rip my tail split into two I screamed so hard my voice was sore soon my tail fell of and I had legs I blacked out the next thing I knew i woke up on and Sandy beach with lots of other washed up human mermaids. my body ached and I had no clue how to walk so I just lied there in till the mermaid teacher picked me up and started speaking to me in English and I didn’t understand English yet. She loaded me into the building and sat me up on the floor with thousands of other human mermaids. Hello mermaids my name is Lara Coral reef I am a highly advanced mermaid human and we will be teaching you how to use you siren song we will be teaching you mermaid magic and most importantly we will be teaching you how to be a human welcome to fish lake Academy, the headmistress said. Now we will give you your dorm number and dorm partner. My number was 7B I had no idea where that was so I looked for 7 I saw 7A but then i realised that was wrong then I finally found 7B. Hi my name is Nirima Northern. She said. My name Alive marina. I said. How do you do? She said. Then she put her forehead against mine in the ocean it’s a sign of friendship and respect. Good. I said. I think this learning to be a human is stupid...hi I’m so upset to not be roomies with you! A girl said. Who are you? I said. Hadlie Northen, how do you do? Hadlie said. She put her forehead against mine. I am Alive, Alive Marina. I said. So your a descendant of Xhara Arctic the most powerful mermaid in the ocean she can do that magic so easily. She said. I am not her descendant. I said. You are I can tell my magic tells me who you are related to. She said. Some mermaids have special abilities mine is to tell when someone is lying. Oh...I said. Let’s go back to the ocean tonight that way we will Never have to stay at this school. She said. Ok I can’t walk. I said. Meanwhile in downtown San chill it’s just...this is the 10th time you’ve been expelled from a school Harden there are none left in this state. Ma said. Yea there are. Harden said. You just keep getting into fights and trouble! Ma said. Guys just bother me I can’t help it. Harden said. I found a school by the coast it’s a boarding school perfect Fish lake Academy. Ma said. Sounds like a fishing lake lesson place. Harden said. We’re driving down there. Ma said. Back at fish lake Academy... I don’t appreciate having to crawl back to the ocean. I said. Just a little bit longer. Hadlie said. Ouch! What is that. I screamed. I don’t know it’s the middle of the night on sand. Nirima said. My ability is night vision, humans call that a rock. Nirima said. Blood it hurts. I said. We can’t see. Hadlie said. I can only see objects where are you. Nirima said. * car engine*. What is that noise! I whispered. Humans hide. Nirima said. Woah what are you doing. Harden asked. I was frozen in the ocean the mermaids don’t see the mermen in-till there 21 years of age then they get married and have merbabies. I said nothing. You must be freezing let’s get you inside. Harden said. Then he carried me across the beach back into the school. Hi my name is Kate Scott. Ma said. Um ok. The headmistress said. Please my son is desperate for education you are the last school in the state. Ma said. Sorry this is an all girl school. The headmistress said. But on your website it said all pupils welcome. Ma said. Allow me to talk to my co worker. The headmistress said. He is human we cannot risk our secret to him the things we have to teach he cannot know about this. The vice headmistress said. I know but they could report us for not taking him in. The headmistress said, In mermaids language. So what do ya say? Asked ma. Yes your son is welcome. The headmistress said. What about...I’ll take care of that. The heads said in mermaids language. Hey I found a girl crawling to the ocean I think she’s foreign. Harden said as he carried me. What are you doing!? The headmistress said in mermaids language. The girls wanted to escape go back to the ocean human saw me. I said. Get to your room I will find those girls in the ocean. The headmistress said in mermaids Language. 8 hours later... mermaids usually stay awake all night in the ocean we sleep in the morning time so I found it hard to get used to human time sleeping in the night it was all new and weird to me, one of the reasons that we are nocturnal is because in the night humans sleep so they won’t see us and even if they are awake it’s too dark to spot us but once a man named Isaac Scott saw us he fell in love with Xhara Arctic but all the humans thought he was mad when he told them he was in love with a mermaid the mermaids were discussed at Xhara for falling for a human the leader of her mermaid (the Arctic leader) tribe commanded Xhara to drown the human before he told people and let go of our secret she didn’t want to but if she didn’t then they would banish.her to the sand bed, the sand bed is a place where mermaids have to be punished in a box with a little salt water for the rest off there life, so Xhara had no choice but to but to drown him. Get in here and don’t leave! The headmistress said, the headmistress and the girls looked wet and warn out that means they were in the ocean. You told her! Nirima said. No I got caught and you didn’t care serves you sea snakes. I said. Fine, I learned some English for mane they say hello and for laloue they say goodbye. Hadlie said. Do you have anymore friends in the ocean? I asked. Yes kade northen he’s a merman. Nirima said. But were not 21. I said. But we’re best friends let’s go see him he is 14c. Nirima said. I didn’t want to be alone so I followed them through the hallways and yes we had to crawl. What are you doing here? Asked kade. We came to see you Kade. Nirima said. Hello Kade. Hadlie said. Hallo I am Alive Marina, how do you do? I asked. Good. He said. He put his head against mine and said, I am Kade Northern. You know what I brought sea weed dippers and fish tail. Haldie said. The smell and taste of the seafood made me miss the ocean and being underwater, i even missed my mother lecturing me to be a better mermaid but she loved me all the same, I missed sneaking up to land to see the humans and going back down when they came too close I missed being a mermaid. The humans have something called a movie my room came with one. Kade said. What it’s name is. Asked Nirima. The little mermaid. Kade said. The movie was fake it didn’t address anything it wasn’t even in mermaids Language and besides everybody knows that only mermen can with hold the power of the trident not some octopus sea witch. I think that was so bad, humans don’t know the first thing about us they think we’re dumb and naive and mythology I hate humans. Haldie said. I came to notice that Haldie hated humans a lot. Haldie calm down let’s go back to the mermaid dorms. Nirima said. Alive are you coming, she added. Let me just get my seashell. I said, every mermaid holds a seashell in there hair for good luck and happiness. Let me help you. Kade said. Thank you you know in the ocean I was a loner no friends just me and mother, you have been a real help..found it..thank you, I said then I grabbed his wrist hard a and nodded my head once that is a sight of help and appreciation in the ocean Kade was a nice merman my seashell told me I shall meet him again..tomorrow. The next morning...wake up, today we on land remember. Nirima said. Oh I thought we were at sea, yes, what do we do? I said. We go to the hall. Haldie said. Good morning students hopefully you have gotten used to human time*mumbling* ok today we shall learn how to walk, very simple and if you are to pass as a human is very important. The headmistress said. And what are you to do with the boy, you know the human boy. Verlesa said, Verlesa Pacific from one of the biggest families in the ocean that are best known for there fighting army they have the steel spears and you don’t find steal In the ocean which means they have won every battle they have fought and they have the biggest army tribe since the Pacific Ocean is very big, so Verlesa knows a lot before any other tribes because her tribe is strong and big. Verlesa we were too discuss that at a later date. The headmistress said. You were going to keep it from us? A random girl said. Then everybody started shouting and judging the headmistress. Now now merchildren please, if you are so eager as to know what we shall do on the boy’s behalf well his past reputation gives us the upper hand we can give him private lessons and say it is so he does not get him into trouble like he got himself in at his old school, now walking get your papers and find your class crawl if you must. The headmistress said. We said this all in mermaids language, and we crawled to our classes. Hallo today we will be teaching you how to walk with human legs, first put your hand on the table next to you, good now stand up with your hand on the table(I found this easy standing up with support was easy) steady, steady good now put the back of your legs leaning on the table and remove your hand from the table(this was also easy) now step forward (wow wow it was wobbly but surprisingly easy) look your walking. The teacher said. After that I was walking back to my dorm, most mermaids were, when I bumped into...hi Alive where are you going? Asked Kade. Back to my dorm. I said. Really, don’t be boring now we can walk let’s explore the coast...hi you guys what are you talking about. Asked Nirima. I think now we can walk we should explore the coast. Kade said. We might get in more trouble. Nirima said. You really are a scaredy cactus. Haldie said. But how will we get out. I asked. That, that um thing that you can see out of its breakable. Haldie said. Humans call that a window. Nirima said. Let’s break it. Kade said. Or we could just open it. I said. Out on the’s weird that in the ocean all of the tribes are separated and fight and hate each other but on land we are friends and good to each other. I said. Yes you are right...come back to the ocean. A mermaid said poking her head and tail out of the water. Lanika! What are you doing here? Asked Haldie. I came to get you home it’s lonely here without you. Lanika said. Little sister you will come to this school next year and I will be back. Haldie said. Little did I know that someone was watching a human a girl from the city coming to see harden but she saw the mermaid you will meet her later. Fine! Lanika shouted. And as she went back into the ocean she splashed so hard with sea water it soaked us all. Why did she splash so hard!..she’s a hard splasher..that turns us into mermaids we have to the water..JUMP. The girl got a picture off us in our mermaids form. I jumped back into the water and my heart stopped beating in human form it began to beat in mermaid Rhythm my teeth grew back into pencil teeth and my skin grew to scales my fingers became webbed and my spine cracked I screamed in agony so loud my legs banged together and formed into a tail and I was a mermaid again I was so happy I saw the ocean again then I looked to my left and saw Nirima, Haldie and Kade they to,d me to try and climb back to the beach but I was to exhausted from transformation then the tide came in and washed us up on the beach. What are we going to do we need magic to turn us into humans. I said. You can do the spell you are a relative of Xhara Arctic she is the most powerful mermaid in the ocean you can preform the magic. Haldie said. I am not! I said. Just try, please Nirima said. Fine *sigh* lauqe domlosa fyashus cvd. I tried to preform the spell as good as possible i memorised the spell as a child because I always wanted to be the most powerful mermaid in the ocean the goddess of the sea just like Xhara Arctic. Then I felt it the Speer in my stomach pain my scales welled down into human skin my webbed fingers separated and my tail split into two. See I told you, you can do it. Haldie said. Yeah your really good declare me your best friend. Kade said. In the ocean you declare a best friend someone you can trust with your life. No I declare no one as
my best friend-yet. I said. We have to go back! Nirima said. Back at the dorm... I can’t believe we got away with that! Haldie said. Thank you so much Alive. Nirima said. It’s my pleasure. I said. That night I actually slept in human time. 2:00 In the morning.. I woke up basically In the middle of the night and I was really thirsty for the first time in my life because you can’t drink in the ocean so I had no idea what thirst felt like so I went searching for a drink. Then I reached the cafeteria. It was dark but I was used to dark since i was nocturnal in the ocean. Why am I so hungry but I’m hungry for water. *light switches on* ah! I screamed sorry I was getting some water. harden said. He was again speaking English to me and I still didn’t understand English. I just chugged down a whole bottle of soda i’de never tasted it before so it made me say ‘whoo’. You like soda I like it too. Harden said. I still understood no English so I said the one word I remembered “window” then I remembered “rock”. Um uh yeah I guess. Harden said. Thank you. I said awkwardly I remembered it from a book that was abandoned in the ocean I think it was English. Very good. Harden said. I felt happy on land for the first time ever I walked back to my dorm with a smile on my face my sea shell told me I liked being around him...a human. In the morning...wake up! Nirima shouted. Why? I asked tired. We have to go to class. Haldie said. In the, now you know how to walk, we are going to teach you how to speak English. The teacher said. So first things first how to address when you see a human you say hello how are you, now that means (Elise jokoma I’jk some in mermaids Language ). Can everybody say hello how are you. The teacher said. And for the rest of the day we learned about how humans think what they do and why they do it and we learned some more English. So when you go in a human pool you do not transform into a mermaid but if you go in ocean slash salt water you will transform no questions it just happens so never go in salt water with humans around. The teacher said. Hi Alive. Kade said. Hello. I said. Wow your good at English. Kade said. Thank you I wish to learn it for...hallo Kade how do you do? Asked Verlesa. Very well Verlesa. Kade said. But why are you near her? Asked Verlesa rudely. She’s a friend. Kade said. Well we shall go, and before we leave i’d like you to have this Alive. Verlesa said. What is it. I asked. Red herb fresh from the sea it’s great for you. Verlesa said. I knew she was lying it was my ability to tell if she was, that herb was poisonous you should never eat it but I wondered why she would want to poison me. In my dorm...hello. Harden said. You can not be here! I said in English. Wow you learned English. Harden said. Yes I do. I said again in English. Don’t you wanna leave school sometimes. Harden said. No too dangerous, I said in English. Oh well what do you want to be when you leave this place, I want to be a marine biologist and learn about the sea and take care of the creatures. Harden said. You can’t protect the sea from your own kind I said. Um yes I can and what do you mean your own kind? Harden said. Why were you expelled from every school in the state? I asked changing the subject immediately. Well I got out of middle school and attended my first high school kids bullied me and I had enough I wanted to show those bullies but I did it the wrong way and got myself expelled then at my second high school people hated me and talked about me behind my back because of what happened at my first school then the teachers caught on and ignored me so I dealt with it the wrong way again and got expelled then at my third school this guy pretended to be my friend so he could copy my homework he took advantage of the fact I needed friends I found out and dealt with it the wrong way again so at my forth school there were these group of girls the main girl was called Shellie Parker I liked her but she had a brother called Ty and a friend called Jason they hated me so they were horrid to me so I dealt with it the wrong way and I got expelled then there were more schools but word got around about my history so now I’m here. Harden said. What is dealt with it the wrong way. I asked. Look it’s getting late I, I should go. Harden said. The next day, in class... today we learn to swim. The teacher said. You idiot we know how to swim. Verlesa shouted. Verlesa, please I have yet to explain, we will learn to swim with human legs in water that is not ocean water humans call it a pool. The teacher said. This is going to be easy. Verlesa said. Right this is a human pool it has something called chlorine and this water will not transform you into a mermaid neither will tap water now Verlesa try and swin In that pool since your so advanced. The teacher said. Rude I will be telling my tribe and ya I am advanced! Verlesa said rudely then she proceeded to jump into the pool with a big splash she didn’t know how to swim without her tail so she sunk to the bottom in till the mermen came and pulled her out of the water I take it she wasn’t feeling so cocky after that. You see class this is why we are having lessons. The teacher said. Jump in. The teacher said. I was scared but I jumped in people sunk some were naturals i was good I felt great I knew that if I were a human I would definitely be a swimmer and that is what I would tell Harden the next time I saw him. A couple hours later... I was going about my day back to my dorm when I saw Harden on the coast about to escape I was going after him when..hi Alive how are you. Asked Kade. Fine. I said trying to get out of the Conversation. Where are off too. He asked. My dorm. I said trying to run and when he finally gave up..did you eat that red herb I gave you? Asked Verlesa. No, I said impatiently. Why it’s so good for you. She said. You eat it now and I’ll have it later because I like proof of innocence no one can trust somebody from the Pacific tribe. I said. Um no I shouldn’t have to prove myself to you, my innocence is there okay don’t be a pain! She shouted. At that moment I think the whole school had turned on me but I just wanted to catch Harden so I ran to him. Where are you going? I asked. To the Harbour it’s a restaurant come. Harden said. At the harbour...what would you like to eat? Asked a waitress. Lots of fish. I said. Ok...Harden! Is that you uh it’s so good to see you! A girl said. Shellie oh my gosh um yeah good to see you. Harden said. Then he walked over and hugged her they engaged in conversation then she saw me and frowned. Who’s that! She shouted. Just a friend. Harden said. No I recognise her who are you. She said, Alive Marina. I said. Oh well I’m Shellie Parker- Ross. Shellie said. How are you? Harden asked. Good, so you wanna take me out tonight. Shellie asked. No, your brother and Jason settled that for me. Harden said. Hardie you know that wasn’t my doing just take me out. Shellie said. Ok. Harden said. Do you remember the time you jumped into a river with a crocodile. Shellie laughed. Yeah and you climbed down and screamed bloody murder when you got your high heel wet. Harden laughed. Then Shellie kissed Harden on the cheek. Look I’m leaving. Harden said. Why? Asked Shellie. I can’t leave Alive. Harden said. So you like her! Shouted Shellie. Well she’s a great girl she doesn’t have drama like you or problems and jealousy like you, look I liked you a lot and you did not care when you did everything went down hill and you loved having the drama Ty picked on me and what did you do sorry but you had your chance and I need to take Alive back to the school. Harden said. I seen her before and I like you and you like me too you just don’t know it, that girl is a creep meet me seven thirty on the coast don’t be late I have something to show you. Shellie said. Why don’t you just show it me now. Harden asked. That wouldn’t be enough drama would it huh. Shellie said. Hi. I said. Hey let’s go. Harden said. That was Shellie, she’s a bit of a show of. I said. Ahahaha yeah she is, I’ll see you tomorrow. 7:30 on the coast...Harden so glad you came look what she is. Shellie said. Turns out Shellie was the one that got a video of our transformation on the coast the other day. What in the name is that. Harden said. I know she’s a monster, I did some digging and whole school are too that’s why they were so reluctant to let you in this place they are littoral mermaids and there are more in the ocean.

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