The Ṙune that made my eye go white

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To the reader… Hello there, I am Zell Gullings; the extremely popular mc in this book and yes I am self-conscious that I am in a book (that will lead to some funny moments later) and that I may not exist but staying in hear is a big pain for I have lost more than I would ever gain. This is because of this stupid rune stone. So here is what happened. So it all started….

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: it started on a cold dark night

“Yawn…” I mouthed as I got up from out of bed “me living the life as an orphan huh?” I said remembering that it has been 3 years since my parents were missing. I keep saying that they will come back not knowing what will go on in the future. So I walked outside and looked at the beach side and said “this would make a cinematic view for the reader..” With a huge sigh of happiness, “it’s great being seventeen” I walked down the beach line to find the market “hmm I could use some more food” I said marching down immediately and got some apples bread and some firewood. I walked down back to my house with red, blue and white all over. I headed back inside, lit the fire wood and had a breakfast meal. Somehow I got tired and fell asleep

Later that day

“w-what the... Did I fall asleep” I asked myself. I went outside to see that it was now evening “just great I had to fall asleep. Well since its time best do my morning jog.” I said. I ran my way around the beach town thinking about how I fell asleep. Halfway through my jog I heard something from across the trees when I saw a girl near the shore. ‘She was just standing there’ I thought. I walked closer through the trees. She looked to her left, spotting me and said “hello Gullings.. I was expecting you” I stepped back confused by this. She then flicked her hand making a strange gesture and a torrent of water by the sea barely touching my cheek giving me a bad scar. I staggered back in shock. I got up and ran fast “first I oversleep now a crazy witch is after me.. What kind of a sick anime is this” I screamed. After running I found a little cave to hide in. I then put my hand on the wall to rest. Then out of nowhere a hole gave way making me fall into a large cavern. I landed in some sparkly blue water that was inside. “Ughh… my head... Where am I?” I groaned. I got up and looked around. I walked over to the rocky shore and sat. “And now I’m stuck in here… great now all I need is a harp of the light to sing in the dark” I said. My dad used to always say that quote every time I get into trouble. Suddenly the earth shook bringing in a pedestal up from under the earth. Once the shaking stopped, I walked over to it. I looked at it in fear then the whole cavern echoed with two voices simultaneously saying “you are the chosen who speaks the code of his father” I looked around and said “who are you... Show yourself.” Then out of know where within the water two large masses flung themselves upwards “what no… No way…… DRAGONS!!” I yelled. “Correct. From this day onwards… Our powers are now yours in the form of this blade” they said “but first our mark must be embedded within you” they then roared and a large light flooded my eyes
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