A Prairie Tale

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Chapter 17: An Unlikely Truce

In the scorching heat of Mexico, Emilio Sanchez reaches for his satchel and grabs a piece of paper, crumpled and worn with age which appears to be a treasure map. Alas it was unreadable due to it being in parts. He examines it in his elusive garden outside his house, with the overshadowing roof shading him from the blazing rays of the sun.

Meanwhile, outside Fort Habanero, 2 figures rode towards the scene on a single horse. They both wore mystical dust cloaks, removing their identity from society. They both dismounted the horse when it came to a halt, and walked towards the gates.

When Sanchez put his worn treasure map away, he gets a hasty knock on his back gate, before the person came in. It was his right hand man Javier Torres and was panting and gasping for breath. He ran from the fort to his house, which was just under a mile away.

“A visitor, at least not an intruder is spotted at the gates, and we just told him to wait outside the gates. You are needed!” Torres said, in an urgent voice.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, get on my horse, we’ll ride together.” Sanchez said, hurriedly.

“We don’t want to keep him waiting”

After a few minutes of riding through the dense Mexican desert, both men arrived outside the gates and confronted these two mysterious men. With a shout, Sanchez demanded,

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“We are here to help, for you and your people from the US army.” One of the figures said. Both men pulled down their hoods and revealed their identity. It was Wakoyantanke and the chief of his village. Torres responded,

“Well, I see no harm in that, friend. Come on in, tell us what you have to say, native.”

Wakoyantanke came inside the barracks with a worried but hardy look on his face, while the worn, wrinkly man behind him followed. Both of the Mexican officers seemed worried at first, but after a lengthy conversation inside their minds were a lot clearer now.

In the adobe shacks inside the barracks, the Natives and the Mexicans exchanged gifts; Sanchez offered Tequila and Wakoyantanke offered a calumet and very strong tobacco. The 4 men sat down at a table, and explained the situation with the American troops. After the conversation progressed, Javier questioned,

“What do you suggest we do to gather allies? Not even us combined can stand up against the US military!” After this, both Wakoyantanke and his chief discussed gathering help from Adahy’s tribe, who was the young native who was gunned down in the daybreak of the morning.

“We know how we can ask.” Wakoyantanke responded. The two Mexicans nodded in approval and continued their deep conversation. When it completed, the 4 men shook hands and began their plan to stop the incoming invasion.

“Then it’s settled.” Sanchez proclaims to the group. He continues with his plan,

“You natives shall try to reason with Adahy’s tribe, while we gather everyone here and cross the border. We’ll meet you by the outskirts of Whitelock, and we’ll attack the US recruitment office, there should be minimal law officers there.”

“It’s a plan, gringo!” Torres said in agreement.

The natives finished their shot of tequila and exited the conference room, then mounted their horses and left with haste. Sanchez then leaves, looking at his treasure map hoping to find an answer, and leaves for his horse. Torres stays behind, looking at the map placing the natives’ and the Mexicans’ next move as well as assuming the US army’s tactics.

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