A Prairie Tale

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Chapter 18: Bandit Breakaway II

Upon arrival, Terrence Cain and the others returned to the hideout. Marvin Van Khan was not present, and took the vulture away for safe keeping. Feeling exposed now that the hideout has been revealed, they had to take action and begin on the treasure hunt. Murdoch welcomes them in open arms,

“Greetings, men! Do you have the vulture? I seemed to have left it behind…”

In a disciplinary manner, the group of bandits were separated; those who chose to mutiny and those who didn’t. The ones who didn’t were restraining the ones that did, including Terrence Cain. Chuckling softly, Murdoch put smoothly,

“…And what is this?” One of the bandits then explained the situation, with the mutineers struggling to escape the restraints.

“A mutiny boss, these bandits are all part of it! Terrence Cain planned it, and Van Khan has the vulture!”

“Hm, thank you. And as for all of you, all of you are in deep trouble, you understand me? We were ahead, and now one of us is just going to spit us in the eye?”

“He escaped us, said that the vulture was in safe hands, but I think he may have stolen it.” Another bandit said. One other added,

“But we have Terrence Cain here; feel free to ask him any questions…”

“Bring him to me.” Murdoch responded.

The bandit restraining him threw Cain over for him to be dealt with. He gets into a fist fight with Murdoch, without saying anything. Murdoch is more powerful in combat, but couldn’t restrain him, so he had no choice…

“Okay, if you want it that way!” Murdoch added.

The two men break into a fight, and although Cain is stronger than Murdoch, he is also slower and gets put off guard. Captured in a chokehold by Murdoch he says, coughing,

“What are you, going to do?”

“Doing what we do to traitorous scum.”

Murdoch using all his strength, he swiftly snaps Cain’s neck and falls to the floor, dead and still. With a wide gesture of his arm, he orders the bandits restraining the mutineers:

“Alright, tie them up. Better do this cleanly; we need to find Van Khan’s location…” Eliza put in her demanding tone.

There are five other bandits who participated in the mutiny, and they were swiftly tied up to various chairs in the hideout. In just a few minutes, they face their interrogation…

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