A Prairie Tale

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Chapter 19: First Skirmish

Whitelock is the well-known capital of the lands. There are many buildings, modernized towards 1920s society. A cinema, town square, and a hotel; this city had it all. The church was plain though and not a cathedral, but since the citizens were mainly Protestants, this did not matter.

It was unusual to see a small army of Mexican troops randomly patrolling through the city armed to the teeth, but nothing bad went on so the lawmen were at ease. Sanchez led the attack, whilst Torres was helping out the natives in their peace treaty. Just as planned, no shot was to be fired until they found the recruitment office. O’ Neil was said to be at the office, whilst Mansfield’s whereabouts are unknown. After the 2 officers are killed, this would weaken Coleman heavily and turn the tide in the battle.

The office was made of brick, and had a sign on the door wanting more troops. It was quite small despite the size of the army but not many from the city tend to join the military. They entered the recruitment office and only 4 soldiers where present inside. All of the soldiers inside where intimidated, as they knew what could happen next. The main target was O’ Neil, and they hope that he is inside this building.

Trying to reason, Sanchez was questioning the soldier at the reception where O’ Neil was. He was questioning about the joining the military himself. Of course, this was a joke to try to find him.

“Um, greetings. I am here with my friends to join the forces.” Sanchez said. The soldier with a smile on his face saying,

“Why do you turn on your country, friend? I know that look; I’ve been down south before…” Hesitating and lost for words, Sanchez is clueless on how to respond. One of the rebels then breaks the ice,

“The weather is awful, the jobs are bad and the whores are ugly!” All of the Mexicans laugh loudly with him while Sanchez looks worried. The solider at the desk, with a smirk, says:

“Then you may become of great use to us. Come, I would interview you all myself but since you are a small army and not just one guy I’ll take you to the big man himself. Well, I say big man, but more like the big man’s boot licker…”

Sanchez couldn’t believe how easy this was. He was led straight to Colonel O’ Neil, leader of the forces positioned in Mexico. They went to his office, and only had enough room for half of the rebel troops. The others waited outside the building for the signal. The receptionist led him inside and stood alert saying,

“Sir, these are the new men. May help with the mission, but I think we struck gold!” He then stood at ease, saluted and waited by the door. At his desk, a big plaque stationed on it saying “Patrick O’ Neil – Colonel of the US military” and a cup of tea also on his desk. He then said with a slight Irish accent,

“I do not understand why would you betray your country like this? Never mind, rest assured your names will be on the work list for work in this country. You’ll be safe and insured for you and your descendants. But spaces are limited, so you better tell your friends about this offer! Or else, quite frankly, we’ll add them to the casualty list. It’s their price to pay for… not cooperating…” Sanchez is next El Macho, and with a nod, he draws his sinister machete. Slightly worried, O’ Neil exclaims,

“What is this? Guards! GUARDS!

It was too late for the middle-aged Irishman, as the machete was throws precisely at his neck, and was choking on his own mass of blood. After a few seconds of grievous pain, he fell to the floor. Sanchez quickly draws his sawn-off shotgun and shoots the receptionist at the door and he falls. With the recruitment office on high alert, El Macho quickly retrieves his blade and the Mexican troops prepare to leave.

Just as planned, the troops waited outside, and swiftly finished off the remaining army men inside the building. With a shout, El Macho says,

“Go! Get to the train station!” And as the plan goes on, they were running to the train station for their quick escape. Lawmen roamed the streets as the civilians were screaming in panic. Kate Dunn was part of the special law forces, and led the defensive. She said loudly,

“Stop and surrender and we’ll stop shooting!”

The Mexican troops ignored this and continued towards their objective, which were only a few more steps away. The athleticism and pace of the Mexican troops ensured their escape, as the train was right on schedule about to leave. Although the plan went as well as it should, they were heavily suppressed by the cover fire.

They made it to the carriages, and all of the struggled to get on. The doors only closed from the outside, and someone had to make a sacrifice otherwise they would be sitting ducks in the carriage. Panicking on whether to risk it, Sanchez was trying to think of a plan as the lawmen were getting close and the train was about to leave off.

Quickly and with extreme bravery, El Macho jumped out of his carriage and shut all of the carriages so it insured their safety. He paid the ultimate price though, as the lawmen were only a minute away. Sanchez was about to demand he should come back, but with the true grit he had, he shut all of the carriage doors in the end.

When the lawmen arrived, El Macho was stuck. He was able to get onto an open carriage, but to no avail. Kate Dunn and the forces arrived and shot him on the spot as the train took off. With multiple bullet wounds and stuck on a moving train, he had no chance but to succumb to his wounds.

After hearing the gunshots in a compact train with only a small window to see out of, Sanchez was preparing for the worst. Their muscle man and mascot, El Macho, is dead. He then prays for the survival of Wakoyantanke and the others, who begin their peace treaty with the other Native tribe in the area. It is only him, the elder he travelled with, Pivane, and Torres to escort them. If something went wrong there, they would lose three vital members of their forces.

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