A Prairie Tale

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Chapter 6: The Treasure Hunter

Riding a black horse, galloping away into the day’s end, a stiff middle aged man wearing a black coat and boots rode from the day. Though fearless, the man here was a ruthless yet eager hunter for any claims to riches. He has a firm tongue, and able to haggle the greedy prospectors with ease. While riding his sinister horse, Lou Peterson decided to get off to bed that night.

Lou never really set up his home anywhere, so going to inns was his best bet, selling all the riches he plundered. Then he reached a town. An average and bustling town (especially at the time of night) at Faith’s Freedom, the area known by the locals as a prosperous and wealthy town; a thought to fill Lou’s big boots.

The barkeep was welcoming, as well as the residents. They saw his shady clothing, and some even thought he was an outlaw! Lou sat down at the bar chair and has a lengthy discussion with a wise looking man, looking in his early 30s. The man welcomed him,

“Hello. You don’t look like someone from the army, or a merchant. What brings you here?” He spoke softly, yet in a wily voice. Lou then replied,

“Oh, I guess you noticed. Are you a traveller?”

“Me? Why, yes! I am a travelling doctor just selling my wonder medicine. Cures many ailments, you know. I am hoping business will boom…”

“What are you selling exactly?”

“A remedy made from alcoholic drinks. It tastes nice, too! Multi-purpose, that is how things should work nowadays.”

“I see. Lou Peterson. And you are….?”

“Bruce Bennett. A modern mercenary don’t you know? I live just like you, travelling places. But I do find a little home in case I do eventually decide to settle in. It is in Bankbrook, that small hunting town up north. You should visit. Seems like you’re the man of your talents?”

“I am just scavenging riches from place to place, and hoping I have something to show for it. I look for a true dollar boom; I know granite is an averaged price but frequent find at this time. Do you know where I can get some?”

“There is a man, by the name of Irwin Withers. An ordinary man with a nice little family and his mines are rich with minerals. His mines are private, of course, but he can give you some bucks for the work.”

“I guess so. He may even give me the granite.”

“Not so sure about that. He is very strict on workers, and who of those keep the shares. But cutting to the chase, I must be going now. Early to bed, early to rise as they say.”

When Bruce left, Lou had a smart but devious smirk on his face. He had no time for work, only riches. Tomorrow was his big plan of sabotage. As he headed upstairs to his room for the night, he reflected, thinking of all the things he could buy with his new wealth.

It was the day of the theft. Everyone knew Irwin Withers, and the amount of people that would stop him is what kept Lou on his thought pulse. He did ignore most risks and went in for the kill.

He oversaw Irwin leaving his house in a foul mood, heading off to his mine. At first he was aimlessly looking around for other stones in the water, but gave up and went into his mine, hauling his pickaxe and whistling to his mine.

Lou tailed him and caught him. But saw him somehow covered head to foot in spiders, then falling over, letting the little vermin crawl all over his helpless body. Irwin needed to be kept alive in case of any other matters he needed him for.

Firstly, Lou had to stop the spiders, he shot the ground, and they all fled to their nests. He then pointed the gun at Irwin, and he scrambled back. Irwin then stuttered, “Who… are you?”

“A man who is going to get into the big buckaroo with all the granite you have. So hand it over, and I will spare you!”

It was all going well, until he heard a gun click. There was a lanky Native American man behind him, pointing a musket at him. Lou was not afraid, but was slightly interested on how this man ended up here. He needed to think of something fast, but the clock was ticking….

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