Carnage Zone

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A calm sways like everyday, A cherish talks like everytime! Abruptly, A groaning came and people gets killed by the uncanny creatures in Toronto of Canada. A short story about teenagers, how they gonna escape from the "Carnage Zone"

Adventure / Romance
Kevin Anthony
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Toronto, Canada.

No.7th platform passengers, be patient due to an error the morningtrain gets late.

Camila murmured, "weird! I think, we gonna reach our
school too late like yesterday!" Hannah mumbled, "Yep, calm. We can't do anything because it's not our fault, right!"

Camila and Hannah, both are classmates and best friends too. They always get a train every morning to go to school.

Hannah asked, "Do you want? I have the folklore album by Taylor Swift, yesterday my father bought that album for me." She replied, "not interested only K pop, you know yesterday he came and asked me but I didn't say anything" "Did he asked that same? I know he'll propose to you till you accept!" whispered Hannah.

Camila replied, "We're just 14, so! nope." Hannah uttered, "You're right but anyway, that's your wish." The train station seems tranquil, only some hustle people hangover for the morning train. Finally, the train approached 17mins late from the predicted time. The door unlatched, Camila and Hannah flumped on their seats, the train hit the rail for departure.

Hannah is gawking at the news on the television on the train. "A news speaker uttering on the live place." Breaking news: be alert in your houses because........... the screen twirled to pitch black due too something flaw. Hannah babbled, "Great!"

In a wake of a few mins, they both glimpse a building was on fire.
Camila uttered, "Oh, no!" suddenly the train entered a tunnel. Hanna mumbled, "Hmm, I think this day is hapless for us. What do you think Camila?" She retorted, "I don't know, something feels strange" Hannah whispered, "Calm down, it's gonna be alright."

The train egressed from the tunnel. Camila perched on the window brink, she sights a man on the road who's squelching the blood from a corpse. Instantly, her green iris gets amplified. "Jesus Christ, What the!" Camila frightened.

Hannahqueried, "What happened!" She spooked, "Did you grasp that help Passengers get ready, you gonna reach your destination within 5mins. Hannah murmured, "Oh, wait. I wanna go to the restroom. I'll back in a few secs. Hold on Camila!"

Hannah gets up from her place and set foot on the path to get into the restroom. When she crossed the third row of the compartment at the window of the third row, she glimpses a woman, hounding a small girl insanely with sweating gore. Hannah couldn't understand why she's chasing that one. Hannah crossed and gazed at every window, the woman keeps rushing, Hannah scamper by dashing and peeked through
all the windows.

Finally, the woman frisked that girl. Hannah was shocked. hastily, the gore women crunched the girl with her toxic jaws. Hannah was just freaked. she hurried to the restroom and freshen up her face. Later, she came out.

Hurriedly, Camila rushed, "Hannah, come on! we shouldn't stay here! Let's go, right now!". Abruptly, their eyesight whirled back. All of a sudden, people were wailing, and also some squelching tone approached from the opposite compartment.

Hannah mumbled, "Godforsaken hell! Something going wrong! Lock that door" They latch and secured that door of the other compartment. The train stick out the station, all the people gushed out, Camila saw her boyfriend in the other compartment by hurriedly thumping on the door.

She scurried and unlocked it, Most of the people died in their spot and some brutal creature with bloody gore chasing him. Suddenly, she halted that door after he rushed in. Camila was nervous and mumbled, "Luke! what are you doing here in school time!" Luke wheezed hard and muttered, Camila, that's not my fault, the train was late" Abruptly, the groaning gets louder from the other compartment.

Hannah yelled, "Camila, Luke run!"

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