Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter IX -J&J- (Mission 2)

"Hello again Winter, I’m here to tell you your second assignment. This might be a bit difficult so listen closely. Once upon a time there were two sisters. Their names were Jennie and Jenna, both of them were close until they reached the age of twenty-five. When their parents decided to move to another country, they were on their own feet.

Jennie worked two jobs, she worked full time as a waitress and she has a part time job as a tutor. Meanwhile, Jenna is a teacher, let’s just say she fell in love. Let me give you a little recap shall we?"

Gabriel moved his hand in the air and clouds gathered. A screen like glow illuminated the clouds. The scene went from blurry to clear and in that screen was two ladies, one has a beautiful black hair and the other had a dyed hair of light green. The girl in black was busy in the kitchen cooking while the other was facing her laptop typing furiously. To my surprise, conversations came from the screen.

"Hey, Jenna, give me a hand will ya?” dark hair girl spoke holding a hot pot and facing the table.

Jen I suppose with the dyed hair went to her direction “Yeah, what’s up?”

"Could you please place a cloth there? This thing’s smokin”

Immediately, Jen grabbed the cloth hanging from the fridge and placed it on the table.

"Stop what you’re doing and let’s eat while it’s still hot” dark hair ordered.

"Always the bossy one ey? I will”

The two of them settled on the table and began to eat. A few minutes of silence passed. I guess they were both comfortable with it.

"So, how’s the tutoring going? Jenna asked taking spoonfuls of her food.

"It was all right, not really a big fan of this job but then again we need to live. You know how much I love to study about the stars and I’m saving up, while teaching myself with those free ebooks on the internet”

"My, my, how inspiring could you be. Even on this age, I myself don’t know what else to do with my life. Teaching is fun for me totally, but I need some other hobbies”

Jennie stared at her sister intently “Why do I have a feeling that you’re about to say something personal or you’re like revealing something. What is that?”

Jenna looked surprised and crossed her feet “What makes you think that?”

"Instinct, now spill. What do you want to say”

Jenna tried to hide her face with the spoon “All right, you caught me. I. . . met someone. . how do you say it. . I met someone nice” she smiled shyly.

Jennie’s lips curved into an O without making a sound then she smiled brightly “So, who’s he? Or maybe a she? I could never know” Jennie teased.

"First of all he’s a he and I met him when he visited a friend at the university and he asked me out for coffee. He was quite blunt, complementing me the first he laid eyes on me and afterwards asking out”

"Oohhh does this mystery guy have a name?” Jennie leaned closer eagerly.

"Archie. To be honest, he’s not that attractive but his eyes are very charming. He’s a writer as he shared and he’s quite open about his life” Jenna sighed.

Everything became a blur until I realized that it was on fast forward to what happened, I guess. The screen started to clear up, the scenery changed also Jennie and Jenna looked a bit older than before and they were facing each other. Their faces disoriented and disturbed as if they were arguing.

"The two of you aren’t even married and now you’re pregnant? To some people it may not be a big deal but to me it is! And I could tell that Archie is not very much of a father figure considering he cheated on you twice. You turned to blind eye and accepted him even with those mistakes. What makes you think he won’t do it again? What happens if it does? Do you think you’re ready to be a single mum?” Jennie was furious, her face red her eyes directly staring at Jenna.

"He said he would change for the better and I think this child would work it’s magic” Jenna argued crossing her arms.

Jennie scoffed “Yeah, like he said the first time he cheated and got caught. Oh, look you’re letting another lie slip through your fingers. I thought you were better than than Jen, how many times does he have to cheat in order for you to see that he’s not the right one for you?”

"You’re just jealous because you don’t have a special someone in your life and you’re throwing all of those to me. How pathetic.”

Jennie’s eyes widened, her face full of disbelief “Well, well, that’s surprising. All right then, I’ll find a place on my own and if Archie does leave you don’t even think of running back to me. You’re my sister and I care about you but this has gone too far” Jennie shook her head disappointed.

Jenna sighed “That suits me, I’m sorry but I do love Archie and no matter what you say about him, I won’t believe you because I know him better than you do”

"Yeah, you do that. I’ll start looking now. I’ll leave as soon as I can”

Then the whole scene just vanished and the clouds reappeared as if nothing happened. I blinked a couple of times waiting for Gabriel to speak.

"I know that you could read my mind but I prefer to say it out loud. So I’m guessing that I’m to reunite the sisters, is that it?” I asked looking in thin air.

"Not just reunite but also bring back the bond that they had. This took a toll on both of them and haven’t seen each other for five years. Whatever their situations are now, it’s up to you on how to do it”

I groaned “Man, this is something different. How much time do I have to complete?

"Just like the last one, you have seven days but there might be some changes, it could either be longer or shorter”

"What?! What if I don’t finish it in time?” I panicked.

"If you do fail, then it’s even. One accomplished and one that’s not.”

"Same rules do apply?”

"Yes, Winter. Good luck”

Again I was now back on earth, in a park to be exact. Sitting down by a tree, I wondered what my next move would be?

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