Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter X -Family Stranger- (D1)

Here we go again, starting from scratch and finding the two of them. Gabriel left me in a park which means either of the two are just nearby. I just need to scout a bit. The side of the road was not quite busy and looking around, I saw a bunch of small shops here and there. I’ll just float on each one and see if I could find some clues related to the sisters.

First I floated around the sunglasses shop, two or three younger ones were there, moving on I was now in a shop that sells clothes of all sizes. The place was like what you see in a celebrity’s closet just double the amount. Every clothing piece that you need definitely was in here and was arranged separating three sections, the men’s, women’s and clothes for both.

Just wow. On the next shelf, I admired the wedding gowns of all sizes. They were beautiful even though it seemed a bit old but still, each had it’s own charm. Moving onto the next which is an ice cream shop. Aww, I miss ice cream but when you’re a soul, you don’t feel hungry nor eat anything.

There were a few people on this shop trying to cool down the heat from the outside, when I looked at the counter, there was a lady with black hair carrying her daughter gently letting her see the ice cream on display. I inched closer trying to get a better look. The girl was about five to six years of age and she was squealing at her mom to buy her the pink ice cream. The mother pointed the flavor and the server scooped some and placed it in a paper cup. I studied her face, she looks like Jenna but I have no proof of this theory. The server gave them their order and they sat down by a booth near the window munching happily. After ten minutes a guy with grayish black hair entered, he was around in his early thirties and he was scanning the area. When his eyes landed on the two he smiled brightly.

"Hey princess and also my queen” he kissed both of their foreheads “Have you been waiting long? Sorry, traffic was hell”

"Daddy! My ice cream’s pink and it tastes like unicorns!” the little girl scooped and handed an amount to him.

The guy ate it uneasily and gave his best fake smile “Super!” giving her a thumbs up. He then faced the woman “So beautiful, how were you? Anything exciting planned for the weekend?”

"Do you mind us going to the beach? A little escape” she smiled giving the guy a peck on the lips.

I know that I shouldn’t be here watching them but something tells me she might be the one I’ve been looking for. It’s like there’s a magnet of some sort for me to stay put. The family stood up and walked outside, their daughter in the middle. This scene is like something that came out of a magazine or a photographer’s shot. They look so cute and perfect as if the family doesn’t have any problems. The three of them walked to the parking lot and climbed in and weirdly, I did too.

Sometimes, being a soul is quite amusing. You get to walk with someone or in my case, float. Ride a car with them without them knowing. It’s weirdly amusing.

About twenty minutes in the car ride we finally arrived in their house, it was not so big nor small also just the right size, and it looked pristine and clean. The house was two stories high and they have a very lovely looking patio. The family walked in and settled down, I did what I was there for and scouted the area.

There were family photographs, relatives of some sort. I roamed absentmindedly, what am I exactly looking for? I went over to the patio trying to think on what to do. If this woman really is Jenna, why don’t I see any photographs of her and Jennie? I wandered further and found an opening in the attic, this could give me something. People love to store things that reminds them of their past.

Floating up, I was greeted by cobwebs, dust, and lots of cardboard boxes. Some had labels and some didn’t. I tried looking for the label of photographs. Rummaging as quietly as I could, they sure had a lot of stuff before just saying. There were various papers, books, random pens and markers, receipts, movie tickets, medals, arts and crafts kit until I came across a blue shoe box that was labelled “My Sister”.

Placing the box in front of me, I wasted no time and opened it. Relief and assurance washed over me as soon as I saw the many photographs that lay with one another. This woman definitely is Jenna and if she’s the one living here, where could Jennie be?

How far are they separated with one another? From what I see in these, the two were really close until that happened.

Have Archie really changed?

Or what I saw was all pure acting?

From the looks of it, Archie seemed sincere and attended her girls with great care and love. Deciding that my hunches were not enough to convince that it was true, I floated down and observed the family up close.

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