Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XI -Stay Still- (D2)

"Hey babe! are the things ready? we’ll be leaving in half an hour” Archie screamed from the other side of the house.

Jenna was busy packing a suitcase filled with clothes, water bottles, slippers and other stuff that looked like they were going out. Their daughter squealed and followed her mom’s every move giving her unnecessary things, distracting her.

Jenna scooped her up “Hey baby, mommy’s a bit busy right now. Go find daddy and play okay?” she soothed and kissed her forehead. The moment the little girl’s legs were on the ground, she immediately ran opposite her direction. Jenna inhaled a breath and continued to pack silently.

What could she be thinking about? I wondered while watching, no traces or clues to where Jennie might be.

As Jenna finished packing, she sat down on the sofa relaxed looking at some sort of brochure. She fished something out of her pocket and looked longingly. By now I was at her side watching like a hawk, she was holding a rounded pendant with a picture inside. It was the younger version of her and the other one resembled Jennie. So she does still think about her! Where on earth could she be? Of course Jenna has to know. . . or does she?

I questioned my own thoughts, I was not convinced. Jenna looked away her eyes sad and a bit hopeful. She stood up, grabbed the suitcases and went outside with Archie and their daughter. The car started indicating that they were about to leave, I was torn whether to go with them or stay and look for more files that could help me find Jennie. In the end, I decided to stay, they don’t have a housekeeper so the house is all mine to investigate.

First I went to the living room looking at the albums and pictures that they had. It was all family pictures, just the three of them. I decided to dig deeper and went to the couple’s bedroom. It looked very nice and clean. I’m impressed! I opened the drawers and cabinets until I noticed something unusual. Looking closely, by the side of their bed was a hidden drawer, and the handle was well camouflaged by it’s colour. If one goes inside and looks around, it definitely was not eye catching. I pulled the handle slowly just in case I might activate some sort of alarm but then again I’m already dead, what more could I be afraid of aside from not being able to complete this assignment.

When nothing happened, I pulled harder and scanned the contents. Bingo! Everything here has Jennie’s name on it, well mostly of course. I pulled the entire drawer away and studied each picture and papers closely.

"Oh god, please tell me I’m dreaming” a voice behind me said.

I stopped what I was doing and froze. Who in the world could this be? Turning around, it was Jenna! wait what? How? Why? Shouldn’t she be? I looked down in my hands and sure enough, to her, the papers looked like it was floating.

"Oh spirit whoever you are, if you haven’t seen the light yet please don’t come haunting me and my family. We did nothing wrong” she pleaded looking at the floor.

So this is what it feels like to be caught, I mused. I dropped the papers on the floor making Jenna jump. Grabbing a pen by the table, turning to a blank sheet I started to write for her. Jenna stood back watching everything that was moving, fear written all over her face.


As the letters appeared, Jenna’s eyes grew wide by the second. I had doubts whether this was the best word to say in an instant but then again might as well get to the point, time is running.

"She’s not here, I haven’t seen her for a long time. I don’t even know where she lives. The last I heard was that she was in a city three hours from here. I never knew the exact location and I was sure that she never wanted to see me again. I feel stupid talking to a stack of papers, would you mind revealing yourself holy spirit? Is that what you came here for? My sister?”

Again I wrote on the paper as creepily as I could. Jenna is getting comfortable too fast.


I dropped the pen dramatically as if the spirit has vanished when in reality I was still there watching Jenna’s reaction and waiting for her to move.

"Holy spirit? Are you still here?” when I made no movement of the objects Jenna sighed “I guess you already went wherever that is. Anyway, what makes you think I could find her? Yes, she’s my sister but she’s very mysterious and I wouldn’t know where she is or is she married now. I haven’t got a clue on what she does, is she still a waitress or did she choose to be a full time tutor. Hell, I don’t even know if she’s okay or if she’s still alive! That might have been a bit dramatic but you get the point”

Silence enveloped the room as Jenna arranged the mess I had drawn on the floor, and scanned the paper on where I had written the words.

"But if this is the sign to see her, then with a heavy but grateful heart, I will”

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