Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XII -On The Move- (D3)

Back from their trip, Jenna seemed determined or so I thought. I guess she discussed the happening to Archie but he doesn’t seem all to convinced and shrugs it off. As I saw his reaction, there was something in Archie’s expression, something that a girl could fully understand. But then again, it was just a feeling and I can never be too sure because I have no proof. But if this feeling proves to be true, I sure do wish it’s not because things will get very ugly.

"So, what do you say? Will you help me find her? I know, Jennie and I have not been communicating these past few years but during those time, I feel empty inside. It’s like a part of me is missing, don’t get me wrong I do love the both of you so much but this is just different. It hits me differently, in a way you won’t understand because you were an only child. Jennie and I were very close years back until things happened and we had a huge argument”

"Well, if that’s a sibling moment reunion I wouldn’t want to impose. Jennie and I have had a rough start and I never knew why she never liked me so much. Also, with your encounter yesterday, I’m not saying that I don’t believe you but it could just be someone playing a prank on you”

As he spoke the words, I could definitely see through Archie, he was lying. He’s making an excuse not to see Jennie. But why? Does he know something?

"Why would someone play a prank about my sister? And that’s so low, anyway, could you like drive me? At the police station to ask some info”

"Sure after we take Crystal to school, I could drop you off before heading to work”

Archie stood up exiting the not so comfortable conversation. Wow, I’m surprised Jenna haven’t sensed his white lie. Is she that in love with him?

The car started and we were on our way, well, they were. I’m just here sitting with them. Jenna and Archie were a bit quiet, lost in their own thoughts maybe? Also, I was curious about Archie and the way he acted when they talked about Jennie. Twenty minutes in the car but still either of them had nothing to say.

"Mum, dad, you mad?” Crystal spoke from the side making both of them jump.

"No, baby what makes you think that?” Jenna faced her soothing her chubby cheeks.

"Well, we. . play game. . . now we not. .” Crystal spoke the words carefully.

"Sorry honeyboo, we have some adult things to think about. Now, what were we gonna play?” Jenna kissed her knuckles trying to distract the kid.

"Spy, spy!”

And that went on for a little while. When they dropped her off, Archie drove to the police station for Jenna.

"I hope you find some info about Jennie, fingers crossed” Archie leaned and kissed her cheek.

"Thanks babe, drive safe. See you later” as Jenna stepped out of the vehicle so did I, curious to see if we could really get some info.

The building was quite big, patrol cars and motorcycles parked outside, some were guarding and others were doing some drills. Jenna walked on, inside, a lot of officers were busy walking around carrying papers and folders talking to their phones speaking rapidly. Some were carrying a coffee cup and others trying to get their uniforms to straighten up before entering other rooms. We reached the front desk and the girl behind the counter was busy typing while reading the paper. Wow, talk about multitasking.

She looked up and smiled “Good morning ma’am, how can I help you today?”

"Uhh, yes hi um. . where can I ask for some information about a family member?”

The girl typed and clicked “Do you have a valid id ma’am? And also your relation to the person”

Jenna reached in her purse and gave her id “She’s my sister and I haven’t seen her for a while. Truly grateful if you could give me her exact address”

The girl scanned her id and typed again making humming sounds here and there “What’s your sister’s name again?”

"Jennie Avery”

The girl nodded “She lives in fifth street, diamond village number twenty-four in Pentonville, from the picture provided your landmark would be a huge tree, when you see that tree her house is just across, look for a mailbox that’s colour red and white” she handed back her id “Good luck!”

"Thank you!” and Jenna headed out of the office.

This is a good improvement! Jennie, here we come!

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