Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XIII -Left or Right?- (D4)

Yes, we souls do sleep but unlike humans, we do not dream. We don’t envision or imagine the afterlife because first of all, I already am there. It’s weird to think that I may be tired without doing anything, literally just observing humans on their physical activities. What they do in their daily lives and I’m just like air floating about here and there.

I wonder how Brody thinks on all of this. There are times I long to see his face, touch it, hug him or even catch a glimpse to see what he looks like now. But so far, I haven’t seen a person that looks like him or even similar, not even close.

Yesterday when Jenna got home from the office, I was wondering when she was gonna take action. Until they had dinner and when their daughter was watching TV, the private conversation took place.

"Did you find anything about your sister?” Archie asked sipping a glass of water.

"Yes I did, thankfully. I’ll be heading there tomorrow, if luck is on my side she would be home. Do you want to come?” Jenna placed her arm around his neck kissing the side of his shoulder.

"Still have a lot of work to do but I could pick you up after you finish if that’s okay?”

Is it me or my mind might be playing games. Archie is one good actor but I couldn’t miss the twitching in his feet.

"It’s fine, I could take the bus back here not much of a trouble. How about you cook dinner as soon as you get home?” Jenna offered making Archie raise his eyebrow.

"I’ll try but it won’t be as good as yours” he winked and kissed her nose. “I’ll be at the study for a bit, the boss wants to send something”

Archie removed her arm and kissed her forehead, Jenna looked pleased but a bit tad disappointed.

Whoa, someone’s in the mood.

Instead of being with Jenna, I followed Archie to his study. I might learn something and get to know him better cause from the looks of it, I wasn’t much a fan of his personality and his white lies. Firstly, Archie booted up his computer and answered some emails, his phone rang and he had been talking to someone presumably his boss hearing how he addresses the person on the other line formally. He scanned his social media, answered some messages. Nothing seems out of the blue or unusual but then again, what do I expect? He is in his own house with his family, if he were to hide something it wouldn’t be in here because basically he might be caught red handed or Jenna would find out.

I could rummage around his stuff but I’m not much of an idiot to make the same mistake twice. My other plan would be to go with him to work. See how different he is when I see him professionally and on what could he be possibly hiding. I’m a soul for heaven’s sake, if this guy is good at hiding, I might as well watch him like a hawk.

From the back of the door I saw his used pants and from the back pocket, his wallet was peeking out. Curiosity got the best of me and fate was on my side because Archie had his back to it.

Carefully and slowly I removed the wallet and hid in the corner where he couldn’t see the wallet floating. Inside, a picture of the three of them, some receipts, and movie tickets. I tried taking out the picture and a small folded one fell on the floor.

Picking and unfolding it, now it’s my jaw that’s on the floor.

That might have been a bit overly dramatic, let me rephrase, my jaw was hanging open seeing a picture of Jennie. What?? Why?? and How?? I blinked a couple of times but the picture stayed constant. Why does Archie have a photo of Jennie when in the first place, they didn’t even like each other? Of course no one answered, I was now going bananas.

Archie really did have something hidden, and for me to know is to wait for him until the whole family is asleep and check his computer or his things. Men aren’t so good in hiding things but he is an exception. My gut tells me that something is about to go down once Jennie and Jenna meet. Also, Archie’s uninterested state with the matter with Jenna makes sense. Now the question would be why and what. I was torn on who should I be with tomorrow. I want to be with Jenna to see if she found Jennie but also, I want to investigate more about Archie and go with him to work.

Oh Gabriel, what do I do? Muttering to myself feeling selfless and loss.

"You called for me?” Gabriel’s voice rang in my head. I looked around but he was nowhere to be seen.

"I can sense your confusion and to makes things clear I am not with you in that room because a human is present. You called for me and I answered, this is me talking in your head”

I was amazed at the same time shocked. Still not being able to process and get the hang of it. “Yes. er.. I’m sorry if I interrupted while you were busy. I was feeling lost and I had no one to call to”

"That’s all right. What troubles you Winter?”

"Well for starters I now have a chance to see Jennie because Jenna is going to find her, however, Archie is hiding something and I’ve got a few more days left. Who should I go with? I know you’re not gonna answer the way I want it to be heard but please help me. Or at least give me a clue or something”

"What’s more important for you as of the moment? Seeing Jennie? or knowing what Archie is hiding?”

I was torn to answer, my gut tells me to go with Jenna but I can’t shake the feeling off from Archie knowing that he’s hiding something from Jenna. “My insides tell me to go with Jenna, is that what I should do?”

"Whatever you decide is your choice and how it affects the situation is also your consequence. As I said, I cannot answer directly, I’m only here to guide and help you”

Sighing and facing the truth I thanked Gabriel and he was gone. Oh! I do hope going with Jenna would be worth it.

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