Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XIV -Secrets What?- (D5)

A sickening feeling in my gut as I watched Archie back away from the driveway and headed to work. Jenna grabbed her bag and went to the bus stop rereading the piece of paper she had as her guide on her way to Jennie’s.

Why do I feel like this is a mistake? But then again, it just might be my insides telling me of some sort. The ride was for about two hours so I had two hours to waste even though I could just float but then again I wasn’t sure of the exact location and couldn’t imagine it on my mind.

While Jenna plugged in her headphones and closed her eyes, I was again lost in my thoughts. I had a lot of questions but I know Gabriel can never answer them all. As I sit there on the bus, I observed the living. Some were texting, reading a book even though at times it was kinda bumpy, couples with interlaced fingers sleeping peacefully, a lonely elderly woman who seems to be looking straight through me.

Or maybe someone behind me or beside me. I looked over my shoulder and back at her again, still she was staring at me or the seat whatever it is and then she smiled. A small smile. I may be on the other side now but hell! That was a bit scary and surprising! My eyes widened, I waved my hand absentmindedly, she nodded still smiling and motioned for me to sit beside her. I went over to her direction not taking my eyes off of her.

"Hello dear, how do you do?” she asked, her voice a bit raspy and breathy.

Instead of answering her question my surprise got the best of me “I beg your pardon but can you see me physically?”

"Yes, I do. You’re wearing a very lovely white dress. It suits you” she smiled kindly.

Oh. . so she can see me “This might be rude to ask but are you dead?”

This time she was the one who’s surprised “Heaven’s no, do I look like one? I mean I may have been a bit pale but I feel fine. Strong and healthy. What made you ask that question?”

"Well. . . honestly. . I kind of am and I thought you were to” I answered bluntly waiting for her reaction.

"Ahh, I see. Well, I think I did have a gift or maybe my time’s coming soon”

I was confused “Time to what exactly?”

She gave me an understanding look “Time to leave this earth. I’m the only one left of my family, it has been kinda lonely. I just visited their graves asking for one of them to visit me in my dreams”

I felt so sad for her “I’m sorry to hear about that. Maybe you still have something to do before you leave or maybe meet someone”

She shrugged “That’s what I think everyday, there’s still something left for me to do but I have no idea. If it is a someone, then I don’t know who. I’ve met all my nieces and nephews, all my childrens husbands and wives so whoever that may be is not someone in the family”

I couldn’t answer her question so I stayed silent not knowing what to say.

"Excuse me, I’m sorry but to who were you speaking to?” a kind voice from behind me spoke. Turning around, a stranger was looking at the old woman worriedly. “Are you in need of any assistance?” he asked.

"No, thank you. I’m fine young man”

The stranger looked at her questioningly “Just ask if you need anything all right? Happy to help” he offered, smiling he went back to his seat at the front.

"The world is not always as it seems but goodness is always there no matter what situation you’re in. Simple acts like those swell hearts”

"The world really is a mysterious place” I commented.

The bus went to a halt and I saw Jenna standing up, walking to the direction of the door. I faced the lady once again “Thank you for your time, I hope you do well and good luck” I smiled. She nodded and didn’t say anything more. Jenna stood and so did I studying the new environment we were in. She hailed a cab and asked the driver if he knows the location of the address, saddened by her first attempt, she hailed another and this time he knew the street but not the specific location. Jenna dealt with it and now we were on our way.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived in a village like place, a very wide street with houses on both sides. There were small stores and parked cars. The neighbourhood looked peaceful and serene. Jenna kept her eyes on the specific landmarks looking left and right until her eyes landed on the mailbox almost missing a beat.

Immediately she called for a stop, the driver looked confused, in Jenna’s hurry she gave some money and stepped outside. The cab slowly drove away a few moments later. We stopped in front of a medium sized gate, what is it with me and gates? Jenna moved closer, she seemed nervous and her hands were shaking a bit. Well, if it was me I would too, not seeing your other half like is this even for real? After all those time? I’m sure Jenna has a load of questions in her mind and she’s just trying to arrange what she has got to say. She knocked on the gate and held her breath, I too was holding mine if I had any, it’s like I’m part of a movie waiting for something intense to happen.

The sound from the inside made Jenna inhale another breath and readied her stance. The gate swung open, a woman very identical to Jenna’s features stood there. She rubbed her eyes for a moment and when she saw Jenna it went wide and her mouth opened in an O.

"Jenna! I. . wasn’t expecting. . . you” Jennie spoke, her voice full of surprise.

"Jennie, uhh hey I’m sorry, you weren’t meant to. Can I come in?”

Jennie shook her head as if shaking out of her reverie “Where are my manners yes, of course”

We went inside the house and sat on the sofa, Jenna, wasting no time started the conversation. As they did, I looked around her house specifically in her room. Nothing out of the ordinary caught my eye, I roamed a little more and went back with them listening to their conversation.

"Are you married now, Jennie?”

"No, not yet. How bout you? The last I heard you were pregnant? How is she? Or is it a he?”

"She. Her name’s Crystal and she would love to meet you if you could have the time?”

Jennie’s face suddenly went to a frown “I don’t know when I’m free, I’ve been busy these days. Didn’t have much time for other stuff, sorry”

"Okay then,but won’t you like to meet your little niece?” Jenna asked hopefully.

"Yes I do, just not now, maybe soon”

All right somethings definitely going on here and I have a feeling Jenna is not gonna let this pass.

"Jennie, look at me. What happened to us? We used to be so close and did things together. What made you not return? I know you were very upset but look at me now, I’m happy, well, not so much cause you’re not in it. I know you were upset about Archie but I proved you wrong. So tell me, why won’t you reconnect with us?”

Jennie didn’t answer nor did she lift her head. She tried to busy herself with her hands and Jenna was getting impatient.

"Why won’t you answer me? A minute ago you were fine and then what? What happened?” Jenna raised her voice a bit.

"We have nothing to talk about. Look, I’m glad you’re happy now and I am too even when I’m not with you. Is this what you came her for? To ask nonsense questions? I am not in the mood Jenna so please, you can leave now”

Oh my god this is not going well and I only have two more days to go. How am I gonna solve this?

"I just got here and now you’re asking me to leave? What did I ever do to you? I’m here because I want to reconnect with you, I want to bond, I want my sister to be close with me. I never knew why you are so upset, as far as I know it was because of Archie. Surely all those times apart you had the heart to forgive me and just be happy with my choices”

"I was never angry with you, I was angry at myself and because of that I had to be away from you and as it turns out, I’m doing pretty well so to speak. It was nice seeing you today but I think that’s just it”

Jenna took a breath, even I who was just watching thought this was exhausting to listen to.

"Can you please explain why? Why were you angry at yourself? We can’t bond like we used to if we keep going like this, you not telling me what’s wrong. We’re sisters for heavens sake, we share the same bloodline so I know when there’s something you’re not telling me and I’m not gonna leave until you do”

"Fine! You want answers that bad? We’ll talk about it on dinner tomorrow, your place, and make sure everyone is there. Now, please, Jenna just go. You’ll know everything you need to know tomorrow”

Jenna tried to open her mouth but closed it and stood up “I’ll see you tomorrow, here’s my address" and with that, she headed out leaving me and Jennie on the sofa. Well, Jennie alone she can’t see me remember.

"Ugghh!!” Jennie grabbed her hair tightly pulling it on both sides “I knew this day would come! So help me god this is not gonna end well”

I was still trying to fit the puzzles but there was still a piece missing. Angels of the lord help me that whatever Jennie had just said will be the opposite. Amen.

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