Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XV -Unravel- (D6)

Jenna paced back and forth in the kitchen multitasking in cooking and arranging everything in the dining table. Archie was still not home from work and Crystal was busy playing in the living room. I wanted to help but then again my only mission is to bring these sisters together and imagine Jenna’s surprise if she saw another scenario of floating things. She already is stressed and pressured enough, adding another might be a bad one.

It’s as if I’m moving by doing something and not doing anything and something gets done. It’s amazing! I wish this was the way with work in the physical world instead, you work and pour every ounce of effort you have but what you get is not worth it. Damn. To be honest, I myself am nervous for what’s gonna happen, I mean yeah, it’s not my personal life or anything but still I could feel the heat of the situation.

The door bell rang . Jenna checked the stove first before attending her guest. Even though I don’t breath like them, it’s like I held mine as Jenna opened the door. There stood Jennie wearing a casual attire holding a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers.

"Hey sis, these are for you and Crystal. I hope I wasn’t too early or late?”

"No, no it’s fine, you are right on time. I apologize for the way I look, been busy in the kitchen, hadn’t cleaned up yet”

Jennie shook her head “What can I help you with?”

"No, you’re our guest. Oh, by the way, let me introduce to you Crystal” Jenna got down and scooped her daughter “Hey baby, meet your auntie Jennie”

Jennie gently placed a finger on her tiny palm “I’m sorry it took so look for you to see me little angel. You look so cute in that dress!”

Crystal gave a small shy smile and hid in her mother’s neck snuggling it. Jenna patted her back gently soothing her “Instead, can you keep Crystal company? She’s been playing on her own, Archie hasn’t arrived yet”

Jennie’s face became passive showing no sort of emotion “Sure, we’ll just be here in the living room. Call me if you need extra help but knowing how stubborn you could be, I wouldn’t hope for it”

"You know me well, here” Jenna handed Crystal over and went back to the kitchen. Jennie bent down and placed Crystal in front of her toys while she sat down on the couch.

Thirty minutes passed but still Archie wasn’t home, Jenna was already finished with the set up and meal. She grabbed her phoned from the counter and dialled his number.

"Hey, Jennie’s already here. Where are you? I’ve finished preparing dinner”

"Hey babe, sorry work was really hectic today, I’ll be out in fifteen minutes. The two of you could eat if you want”

"No, we’ll wait for you. I’ll stall Jennie for a bit but please hurry she’s our guest and it’s kinda rude”

"Sorry, yeah I will. I’ll text you when I’m on my way”

"Drive safe”

Jenna walked into the living room. Surprisingly, Jennie was asleep on the sofa, Crystal beside her. Their breathing synchronized with each other. I guess this would do to buy some time.


The clanking of the silverware and the silent chewing were all that I could hear. Aside from the weird glances that Jennie and Archie were exchanging. Jenna was aware but didn’t say anything, this went on for more than five minutes until Crystal decided to break the silence.

"Mumma!” Jenna looked in her direction and gave a bit more of mashed potatoes. Crystal happily munched on.

"Soooo. . . . Jennie, it’s been a while. How are you and things?” Archie tried awkwardly stabbing his food with the fork.

"I’ve been great! By the way,” Jennie faced Jenna “You never mentioned anything about a wedding, where and when did it happen?”

Jenna looked embarrassed her face hinting a pink hue “I. . er. . . we’re not yet married”

Jenna looked surprised, too surprised. “Oh? I’m sorry I didn’t know. I just assumed that. . . ”

"It’s fine, we plan to, just not this time. Work has been crazy for both of us and can’t find time to plan for one”

Jennie was quiet stealing glances at Archie who was now focusing on the table a bit unusually.

"Are you finished baby?” Jenna asked facing Crystal, she nodded giving a toothy grin. She picked her up and disappeared from the dining table. Jennie and Archie didn’t say a word nor did they look at each other. The atmosphere became more tense as the silence continued. A few moments later, Jenna returned.

"All right, let’s be mature and real here. Jennie, you said you’d give me answers. Well? I’m waiting, I have all night”

Jennie coughed “What do you want to know?”

"What happened to you? And us? Your explanation better be good or else”

Jennie rubbed her palms together “Well, for starters in order for you to understand, let’s start from the beginning shall we? This man right here is my ex boyfriend.

Yes, you heard me right, my ex boyfriend. We dated for a while, a few months I think. You didn’t know about him from me because I wasn’t too sure of him from the start. Yes we dated but in a way I had my own doubts about him and I didn’t want you to be involved with my personal feelings.

After a few months, we were happy together until he saw another woman from the restaurant where I used to work as a waitress. Let’s just skip the details and get to the point. Yes he cheated on me with that woman because as he used to say, she was fabulous and knew how to keep him entertained. Yes, I was crushed and yes I had to move on and I never told you any of this stuff.

Then on that day, I saw him again but this time he was with you. The day you introduced us. Imagine how shocked I was and how I felt. That’s why I didn’t approve him for you because I knew what he was capable of. After that introduction, both of us had to talk about things and whatever we had in the past was done. I couldn’t handle the mixed emotions that were inside me that’s why I made up a reason to leave and be to be away from you because I just couldn’t handle it. I didn’t expect that it would be for quite a while for us to meet again but I’m glad that it did because all those time I had, I was able to heal myself and see the world differently. I tried many hobbies and I explored myself more. I may not have a partner yet but I’m hoping that I’ll do have someday but right now, I’m just not interested. If you’re worried about me seeing Archie now, I can assure you that I have NO ounce of feelings left for him. He’s a douche to me and I couldn’t forget that. I hope during those times the two of you were together up until today, he treated you right”

The silence was so deafening the only sound that came was from the clock on the living room, ticking by the second. I was shocked by her revelation and what more could have been for Jenna who was in the current situation.

This has got to be the most intense moment I’ve ever been, well apart from being just a soul. It was like I was watching a live soap opera and their acting is really phenomenal. My gut was right all along, Archie really was hiding something all this time and that explains his behaviour the previous days when Jenna was hunting down her sister.

Jenna was very still on her chair and was now facing Archie.

"Don’t you have anything else to say yourself?”

Archie leaned forward and tried to grab her arms, when she backed away, he retreated.

“Everything your sister said is true. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you all this when we were together. I just didn’t know where to start and I feel so ashamed of myself for what I did to Jennie. I changed after I broke up with that woman. I changed for the better and when I met you, everything was different, it felt different. You changed me for who I am today Jenna and I love you truly. I’m not a perfect being and I make mistakes, that woman was a mistake and hurting your sister was also a mistake. I’m sorry, truly I am"

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