Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XVI -Downbeat- (D7)

I was freaking out, literally. This was the last day of my task and I am very nervous because I have a strong feeling that the sisters are not gonna made up. What the hell? What am I going to do? I need three succeeded tasks or else I’ll be nothing. I’ll be made of nothing and I won’t see my late husband nor the holy father. I know it might just be an exaggeration but I just want all of this to be finished and not completing this task is gonna ruin my chances in passing the gate.

Last night, after Jennie had explained everything and Archie confirming everything was real. Something inside Jenna snapped. From the looks on her face, it was something that needs time to heal. Jennie went home and Archie slept on the couch, neither of them speaking even until today. Archie tried but Jenna gave her a look that says shut the f—k up.

By noon, Jenna packed her stuff in a suitcase. Clothes, wallet, money, papers, every personal belonging that she has. Crystal was still at the nursery and she called Archie to pick her up making an excuse that she would be leaving somewhere. She then placed a note on the table and left the house. Curious me followed wondering where she might go. To Jennie’s? I think not. She hailed a cab and said to the driver to take her to the airport.

Oh my, where is Jenna going? Is she not coming back? This mission just went from hard to impossible. Jenna was now on the counter and handed her ticket to the lady upon returning, I peeked by the side.


She was going to the other side of the world leaving Archie with just a note and nothing more! I groaned noiselessly. Jenna walked away to the direction of the waiting area leaving me, a poor soul in the middle of the busy bustle lost as ever.

What the hell?? I imagined myself back to their house trying to read the letter she left.


I trusted you with all I have but then you surprised me last night. The revelation was just too much for me and I needed time to think. I will be away for a while to clear my thoughts and to reflect on how I would be treating you when I get back. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, don’t worry I’ll be fine. Sorry if all of this happened so quickly, I just needed some time for myself. Make an excuse for Crystal that I had to go somewhere urgent and would be gone for a while. Take care for now.


I was standing by the table as I read the letter and to say that I was speechless is not surprising. As I took a step forward, everything around me suddenly changed it’s appearance. In a few seconds I was back in the sea of clouds, my feet covered with it. As I looked to the left, there it was, the gate I couldn’t pass so easily. Then I realized I was back in this empty void of nothingness aside from clouds. I failed.

"Yes, and I am very saddened by what happened. You still have three more chances Winter. Don’t let the light in you fade. You can still do it” Gabriel’s voiced echoed from behind comfortingly.

"What if I fail again? There’s no turning back even if I do the other tests. Freakin hell I’ll be gone sooner than I imagine!” What’s the point Gabriel? I will never be able to enter the other side”

"Winter. You still have a chance, don’t let your failure stop you from doing your best on the next mission. Take this time while waiting for your next assignment as a break. See a different perspective, see how people are doing on earth. You might be surprised by the things you don’t see everyday. I have faith in you Winter, and so does the holy father. Just believe in yourself”

"Easier said than done” I scoffed “I’ll try to see the world again” I answered sadly, sagging my shoulders.

"Have faith Winter, everything will work out”

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