Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XVII -Young and Old- (Mission Break)

It felt like fate was not on my side. A lonely soul wandering earth trying to feel alive. When I failed the second test; even though physically I had no body, I could feel the disappointment. I felt so ashamed it’s like I failed a very important exam, an exam that would change my life, or soul rather.

I struggled with the thought but not only that, I feel bad for Jenna and Jennie’s relationship. Their sister type of bond, gone just like that and me seeing and knowing everything that happened can’t help but blame myself because I failed. Is this depression I’m feeling? Because it feels a bit weird.

Souls should be happy leaving earth, not having any sort of problem. Not thinking about bills, money, power and whoever would conquer the world with all those attributes. This, this is different. Wandering doesn’t help because it makes me think that I really am alone, yes I could call Gabriel at anytime but that’s different. He’s not my friend and I’m not comfortable unlike with my best friend.

I stopped my tracks.

My best friend! Of course! Why didn’t I even think about visiting her? Curse you self and of how dense you became. Quickly, I imagined myself at the front of our house, the second I was there I floated around three blocks and saw the familiar colour of their gate. I hope she’s home. Halfway through her house I immediately halted.

Wait, I’m already dead, can I speak with her in this type of situation? What if she freaks out not knowing it was me who was talking to her? What if I interrupt something so important in her life that talking to her caused it to be ruined? I just stood there in the pathway, with questions unanswered and no way of finding answers.

"You can visit her but conversation is not allowed. You can leave something that makes her think of you. It is believed that when a person loses a specific someone, in your case she was your best friend, when you give her something that reminds her of you like a favourite food or a material thing that you always use. The brain triggers something that makes her think of you immediately. It’s like you’re reaching out to her in a discreet way. It’s on her if she would guess if it was you but other than that, no communication should take place” to my surprise, Gabriel’s amazing voice was behind me.

"There are times that I forget you hear and know everything I say and do. I miss hanging out with her, we had good and bad times but she was always there for me no matter what happened in my life. It’s so surreal that human connections can create roots so deep you think of that person as a family even if both of you are not blood related” I smiled longingly.

"Yes, human connection really is amazing. In some situations, you are in a different town or city and you think you know no one there. But life surprises you and you see one of your close friends from college and you think to yourself how small the world could be. One of your cousins could be dating someone you know or could be a colleague. It just surprises you and you smile at the thought that some things really are meant to be”

I nodded silently agreeing to Gabriel’s insights. Then I thought about what to leave on my best friend’s door. We’ve shared a lot of things, I had trouble in choosing which.

"Remember, give something valuable and worth keeping. I’ll leave you for now, Winter”

"Thank you Gabriel” I whispered knowing that he could still hear me even though he has already gone.


I floated blankly in the neighbourhood thinking deeply. After my conversation with Gabriel, I couldn’t help but think he might be telling me something of value. Well, mostly what he says is to help me but this one, it’s like he’s leaving a clue of some sort. Not seeing anything inspiring, I floated to the nearby home for the aged. Nurses were busy assisting an elderly and that made me smile. Some of these patients are lucky that they have a beautiful home and are visited by their family. They have someone who would take care of them everyday. But it’s sad to think that some of them were just thrown here. Their family never visited, not even once.

I walked inside the building and there were others on bed. Sleeping, reading a book, or having a conversation with another patient. People here make friends with their own age range and they get to talk about their past experiences in life and it’s very magical for them because they get to remember the things they did when they were younger.

It also jogs their memory to help them remember. I floated to the double doors and it was a different view. Patients here were mostly attached to a machine whether they are in bed or in a wheelchair. As I observed, nurses here keep a keen eye on them on what they’re doing or what they would want to do. Some of them in bed are fighting, fighting to live I think? Their heart monitors shown on the screen.

I went out to the back and here, there are those who are active. Patients who refuse to sit all day and watch TV. No. They like physical activity. Mostly a lot of them need to in order for their bodies to stay active but other than that, some still choose to stay indoors. I watched peacefully imagining each one who’s playing in their younger self. I bet they were good and participated in competitions in the earlier days.

Someone caught my eye, and it was someone I was not expecting. I floated over to the bench by the tree to get a closer look. The lady looked up and when she did, I recognized her almost immediately!

"It’s you again, how are you? You’re still wearing that same dress”

At the sound of the raspy voice, I knew it was her. The old lady from the bus. “I never thought that you’d be here! I imagined that you’d be living in a urban area, the other side of the country”

"Wouldn’t that be lovely? But I’m old and sometimes in need of assistance and can’t be left alone. It’s also nice here, I get to talk to people at my age maybe even older, we share pleasantries”

"It’s good that you’re here, for how long?”

"I really can’t remember, I’m sorry dear. Would you like to see the sweaters I knitted?”


Silently, I prayed to the holy father and thanked him for guiding me here. I think I have the perfect gift for my bestie not only that but also reminds me of a task that I failed but see the good on the other side of it. When nightfall came, I gently wrapped the sweater the old lady gave to me and floated out back to my best friend’s house.

When I went inside, the nostalgic feeling hit me like a strong wind. Loads of memories flashed in my eyes remembering the good and bad times that we had. I walked around slowly embracing the calming feeling I had the moment I entered. When I reached her bedroom, I placed the sweater gently on the table and went over to look at her.

Sure, physically she has aged, but still I know full well that it was still the same friend I had over the years. I wanted to stroke her face but decided against it thinking she might wake up.


I froze in my spot, staring at her.

Did I hear it right or was I just hallucinating things?

"Winter. . . I’ll. . mm. see you. . . soon. .mm”

A smiled crept on my lips ”can’t wait” I responded knowing full well that she could her me in her dreams.

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