Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XVIII -Floating Knife- (Mission 3)

"Winter, listen carefully. This mission is on the dark side of life, a little bit. You are to help a criminal become the person he should be. In other words, help the troubled young man and keep him away from his devious ways. Help him become better and do better. Before you ask anything, yes there are specific rules you can break but nothing major. Keep in mind this is not a game but a mission, you are dealing with physical life and whatever decisions happen also affects the result.

The young man’s name is Romeo, he lives on his own after abandoning his parents because of his desire to be a professional thief. We are going to change that, prevent it from happening”

I pulled my brain for questions “What rules exactly can be broken? Is there some kind of history as to why he wants to be a criminal? An inspiration or perhaps a traumatic experience? Why do I have the feeling that I need to find out what happened?” I asked skeptically.

For the first time Gabriel gave a hearty chuckle, his deep voice echoing around us “You answered your own question, well done” I could feel his smile on his voice “This might take you a while and because of that you have two weeks tops. As always, I will drop you near wherever this young man lives and you are on your own”

I couldn’t help but comment “You laughed, it’s something new”

"Laughing is an expression of joy, we can also express our feelings here. I chuckled because your questions were funny”

And serious Gabriel is back “I could still call you or pray to the holy father right? I’m not exactly on my own there?”

"Anytime Winter, now off you go”

I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was in a parking lot and it was night time. Not sure on what time it was but from the looks of it, it might be around nine or ten. I observed the surroundings, something about this spot makes me feel like it was deja vu. I racked my brain on where and when I had been in this kind of situation but nothing popped up.

I walked to a car and crouched beside it. The air suddenly blew, the cool wind sweeping through me. Suddenly there was a man walking to a car, his car maybe. When he was about to put his keys into the lock another masked man stepped out of the dark and pointed a knife to the side of his neck. He was whispering something but I couldn’t quite hear it.

I peeked from the car where I was hiding, then I felt stupid for a moment.

I’m dead, they can’t see me unless I hold or throw something. The man who I assume who owns the car is shaking in fear. I could hear his heavy breathing, chains from the side of his pants echoed in the night. I tried to find some sort of weapon to help the guy and all I found was a rock. Praying that the noise it would make would distract the masked man, I threw it in his direction hitting the side of the car making them jump.

I quickly ducked and again felt stupid, the guy on the car stood still and the other one looked around stepping away from him. The guy swung his feet and kicked the middle of his legs making the masked guy groan and fall on the ground. He kicked the knife away near my direction, then ran to his car and drove away. I grabbed the knife and walked out of my hiding spot looking at him. He was clutching his private part curled up on the pavement.

I waved his knife on his face taunting him. His eyes widened and quickly scrambled to his feet. The moment his eyes looked at the knife even though his face was all covered in a mask, that’s when I knew that he was Romeo. He stood up quickly still eyeing the knife his arm covering his face.

"What the f--- is that? Get the f--- away from me!!!!” he waved his hands around backing away from me.

Realizing that he was surprised by the floating knife, I let go of it dramatically letting it fall onto the ground. The sound of clanking metal caught his ears and he stopped to look back. He looked around and when he saw no one, disregarded the knife and went the opposite direction.

I followed him silently.

He’s pretty athletic I must say, he’s been jogging for a full minute. He stopped when we reached a corner of the street, and headed towards a direction of a abandoned looking house. I was about to say something when he opened the front door letting himself in. It may seem like an abandoned house from the outside but on the inside, all I could say was wow. It wasn’t anything fancy or glamourous but it was very neat. Not the typical thief who leaves their house with wrappers and soda cans and beers. His was like he had a housekeeper do it for him.

Romeo took off his shirt and when he faced my direction, I felt a little embarrassed. Looking away, I studied the surroundings for clues or anything of interest. What was it my mission again? Ah yes, help him avoid the path he’s taking. How would I do that? The ringing of a cellphone caught my ears and went back to where Romeo was.

"Hey man! Nah, not tonight got a bit unlucky. Yeah, bring loads of those, gonna need em, shitty day, I got you, all right bye”

He placed his phone down and stood up going to the direction of the kitchen. When he came back, chips and different kinds of junk food were in his arms placing it on the table. He also grabbed shot glasses and a big cup. He settled all of it and turned on the TV flipping channels.

Twenty minutes later the sound of a car from outside and a knock on the door. Romeo opened it, a guy around his age was carrying bottles of liquor and also some junk food. He settled all of it and they began drinking.

"What happened tonight? No wallets nor car, you’re losing your edge man”

"Just shut the hell up, I was almost there then something or someone came up and ruined it for me” Romeo waved his hand in the air.

"Something or someone? What the hell is that?”

"Nothin. Maybe I need to lay low for a few days, just some pick pocketing her and there”

I gasped at this, there’s more to Romeo I see.

"Hey listen, I could give you a job but this one’s not gonna be easy”

"What job?”

"Personal security type job” the guy crossed his arms on his chest.

Romeo gave him a look that says Are you f—ing me right now “Oh hell no! That’s quite the opposite of me! C’mon man you can do better than that”

"It pays well and comes with benefits. If you change your mind I could give you the slot” the guy offered waggling his eyebrows.

Romeo gave a thoughtful look and dismissed it “Why don’t you do it then?”

"Oh c’mon, does this body look like it could use personal security? Yours is qualified, the athletic bod. This is a one time opportunity, think about it”

I was silently praying he would take it even though I don’t know what kind of job his friend was offering.

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