Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter I -Questions-

I squinted my eyes due to the bright light. Everything was white and glowing. I blinked a couple times trying to clear my vision. I felt like, floating? Slowly, I tried to sit up, the mattress underneath felt so soft. I ran my hands underneath me feeling the soft cotton and feathers in between my fingers. Wait, where am I? This doesn’t look like the hospital as I last remembered. I looked around, trying to absorb the scenery. White puffy cottony clouds surrounded me, the light rays coming from the far right side behind an enormous golden gate. I stood up, my dress was also white clinging to my body perfectly. I carefully took a step, wondering how and if the cottony cloud would hold my weight underneath and it did. Walking to the direction of the gate I saw no one, not a single person or soul, just bright light.

"Hello Winter. I was waiting for you to arrive” a deep voice behind me said.

Turning around, I quickly closed my eyes due to the bright rays that was on his face or so I presume. As far as I could see, he was wearing the same type of cloth as me but more elegant and luxurious looking. I wanted to see what he would look like but nothing, my eyes burned when I tried to peek.


I finally managed to get the word out, my voice echoing throughout the surroundings.

"Do you know where you are? Or do you have any idea who I am?” his heavenly deep voice said. It’s as if he’s talking in a microphone, it’s good.

"I’m sorry to be rude and for asking abruptly but where the heck am I? And no, I have no idea who you are. This place looks like heaven, is it?”

He chuckled lightly his voice getting deeper “On the other side of that gate, that is where heaven is. I am Gabriel and I am an angel. I am here to help guide you to be able to enter heaven”

"Wait, wait. Are you saying that I’m dead? But the doctor was able to revive me and. . .” I trailed off. As I remembered taking my last breath back in the hospital after everything turned black. “I really am dead aren’t I? Can’t I go back?”

The man motioned for me to sit down under the tree. Wait, there was a tree?! How did he motion me when I can’t even see him?? Obediently I did and followed him, sitting by his side “Yes, you are already dead and no, you can never go back to your body ever again”

I felt sad and unpleasant, I never even got to say good bye to my daughter. “Why am I here? Can’t I enter heaven?”

"There are a few things that you need to do first and all of it are randomly picked by the holy father. He will be giving you five assignments, and if you do them all well then you may enter the paradise” he said calmly as if having all the time in the world.

I frowned “What if I don’t get them right? Will I go to hell?”

"There is no such thing as hell as the holy father is the most forgiving of them all. Instead, you will be stuck here wandering alone and with no one to accompany you. Unless the father gives another assignment for you to achieve. But other than that, you’ll just be on the other side. That’s why I’m here, to help you. I won’t be telling you on what to do but instead I’ll just be giving instructions, hints and pointers, riddles so you can solve it on your own”

"So it’s like tests before entering the gates to put it bluntly? I don’t think that’s too hard”

The man moved his head in a nod “I wouldn’t speak too soon my child, the father gives off the most peculiar and mysterious tests. Each of it will test your morals and beliefs, your faith. My first advice to you is if things get rough as you do your mission, never let the light in you fade”

The way he said it sounds like one of those movies I see on TV. I felt nervous and at the same time curious “Will I be able to see the holy father?”

"I have no answer to that. The father would pass me the missions you have to do and I’ll just guide you. If you have concerns or are stuck on something, you can call me. For now, you are just a normal soul”

"What if I wanted to just stay here?” I queried, the atmosphere doesn’t seem all that bad but it was terribly lonely. It’s like in a world of your own surrounded by clouds, space and yourself.

"I wouldn’t be too sure you would like that considering now that you feel the loneliness of this place. If you do choose to stay, through time you will fade into nothing. You will no longer see this place, just vanish in thin air and when that happens, you will no longer be remembered. You will never see me nor the souls of your husband and daughter and they will not see you”

I looked down considering his words. Fade into nothing, just vanish. How awful would it be if I won’t be able to see Brody, the love of my life and our little cupcake Elizabeth. I curled into a ball feeling down and broken, I miss them already, how long have I had been here? Days? Months? Time doesn’t seem to exist here.

"Yes, time does not exist. And yes I can read your thoughts, do not worry because I will never judge whatever it is that goes in your head. This world is far different than the one you used to live in. As for your family, I cannot say anything more”

I took a breath, or so I did I think, “When will you give me my first assignment?”

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