Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XIX -Gentlemen- (D1)

"So basically all I need to do is keep an eye on her? Watch out for any suspicious looking people who would try to kidnap her and take her safely home? That’s easy enough. Is this guy a celebrity of some sort? Why does he need protection for his daughter?

"Easy on the assumptions man, this job requires more than that and also, maybe you could have a change of heart”

"You watch too much chick flicks Stu. Can you get to the point?”

"The details will follow once we arrive there. Meanwhile, think about what you have to say and also, don’t tell them you’re bad side. Not a good impression”

Romeo rolled his eyes and sunk in his seat. We were in his friend’s car which now I will call Stu. I wonder what his real name is? They were on their way to the so called job when Romeo had a change of heart which in reality I gave him a fake sign, a sign that came from me.

I scribbled “do it” in a piece of paper and placed it in his pocket and when he reached for his phone, the paper fell out and the “sign” was there. He insists in his terms he needs the money, and could use his free time not robbing or pick pocketing around.

Almost an hour in driving, we were surrounded with trees more likely a forest in the middle of nowhere. I thought the rich guy lived here but then the car still moved and now we were in a fancy looking town or maybe city. Where the hell are we? Stu took a left and drove on, fifteen minutes later we were in a extravagant looking subdivision. He stopped by the guardhouse and gave his id, the man in charge also scanned Romeo and also underneath the car. Once finished, he continued driving until we reached a house guarded by an elegant looking gate. Their plants trimmed beautifully, flowers blooming on the side.

Romeo was in awe and so was I.

Stu fished out his phone dialling someone. In a matter of minutes, the gates opened and we were inside.

"Stuart my boy! Come in! Mighty well to see you! How are the kids?” a guy around his fifties looking like a model greeted Stu or should I say Stuart putting his arms around his neck giving a side hug. Romeo stood awkwardly watching them.

"Hey, Healy! Nice to see you too! Their fine, they keep asking for a visit from uncle Healy. Anyways, I brought someone with me that would help with your tiny problem” Stuart motioned for Romeo to come closer

“Romeo, this is Mr. Healy a good friend of mine your soon to be boss. Healy this is Romeo”

The two of them shook hands, Healy’s eyes studied every inch of Romeo’s body.

"Hello sir Healy, nice to meet you”

This was something that I was not expecting. Romeo could be a good actor! But then again he could fool anyone with his looks, I mean even Healy certainly was curious.

"Shall we discuss this inside, gentlemen?” Healy turned around and walked to the direction of the door. Stuart gave Romeo a knowing smile and followed his friend.

The house may seem a bit extra on the outside but on the inside, it’s much more glamourous. I wonder what Healy’s business is, I mean it has to be something not an average person would have. As we entered, two identically uniformed men walked in with us staying rigid and professional. One stood by the door and the other stood on the opposite side of the room. Stuart, Healy, and Romeo sat on the sofa and immediately an elderly lady placed some iced tea and biscuits. Healy smiled and muttered a thank you.

"What do you do Romeo? Stuart mentioned you just resigned as a correctional officer. How was it?”

Romeo gave Stuart a knowing look that this was a lie. Stuart widened his eyes a bit telling him something in which I didn’t quite understand.

"Yes sir I did. It was a good experience, I got to see the dark side of the world by being there. I’ve seen people being deceived, some abusing their power and some just doing the right thing but ending up people hating them”

"I see, are you aware of the job that you’ll be doing for me?”

Romeo shook his head feigning innocence.

Healy stood up and paced around the room “I am a business man of some sort. No, my business is not illegal, if it would have been then I’ll be dead by now. I work full time overseeing the things I need and also, I have a lovely daughter than means the world to me.

As of now, I think you’re getting the picture that you’ll be guarding her. And that’s is correct, I want you to be her personal bodyguard. A person of my status may be seen as a good role model but there are also people who are jealous and want to harm me or my daughter. I don’t want her getting mixed up in nonsense and that’s where you come in.

This job is a matter of life and death. Her guard before died saving her from drowning. That is the type of dedication I want to see, and hopefully you won’t fail me. I will pay you well with bonuses and I could give you a break but for a limited time only. If for instance something happens to you in a situation we couldn’t avoid, the rest of your family will be provided with whatever they need for the rest of their lives. All benefits will be followed and everything is on me. I know that that kind of payment is not much but it is what I can offer. Stuart is good friend of mine and if he trusts you that much then I can trust you as well. We’ll initiate a series of tests first before everything becomes official. Do you have any questions?”

Well, that is a good offer I might say, who can say no to that? Romeo’s face was impassive but I could tell he was well tempted.

"Just two, one, what if I don’t have a family of my own yet? And two, am I already hired?”

Healy gave a chuckle “A good sense of humour I see, that’s one way to charm your employer. If as you said, you don’t have a family of your own yet, whoever is your beneficiary of your choosing of course will receive the compensation. You’ll start your tests tomorrow to see how capable you are and to what extend you can go with your abilities. No need to bring anything but yourself. Once you arrive here tomorrow, the guards will recognize you instantly and let you in”

Romeo’s mouth hanged open unable to utter words. Stuart nudged his his arm by his elbow to snap him out of his reverie.

"Sir, this is a lot to process, can you at least give me a day to think about it?” his voice on the edge.

"You can think about it tonight, I’ll know when you’ll agree if I see you here tomorrow. Better think fast or someone else might get the job. Sorry gentlemen, I still have a meeting to attend to, the guards will show you the way out. It was good seeing you my friend” Healy squeezed Stuart’s shoulder and gave Romeo a nod.

"Thanks for having us”

With that the two of them walked out, when they entered the car Stuart was facing Romeo with a questioning look.

"I’ll think about it? You have been in a lot of dangerous plots in your life and this awesome offer is given to you and all you could say is to think about it? What’s the holdup man?”

"Look, this is not a typical easy job. I’m a criminal for heavens sake! Who knows what I might do or steal in that house. I saw a lot of good stuff in there, very tempting I might add but I’m not much of an idiot to steal from that type of guy with his status and his overly protective bodyguards. I like playing naughty all right? What made you think that it’ll be easy for you to change my ways? I thought you were my friend and you accepted me for who I am?”

Stuart’s eyes widened “Okay, whoa, time out. I’m your best friend and I’m just helping out. I would hate to think that I’ll have to visit you in jail sooner or later. The decision is still up to you. Just try to think about it, give it a month and see for yourself if you like it and if you don’t you could tell Healy that it’s all too much”

Romeo looked out at the window “Could you drop me off at Jaclyn’s place? Just gonna grab something”

Stuart raised his eyebrow at him “Seriously? Getting high to make a decision? Are you for real?”

Romeo huffed and crossed his arms on his chest. To say that I was not shocked to know that Romeo was taking drugs, it’s as if I was waiting for it and I was right. This kid is one hard headed idiot.

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