Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XX -I Speak- (D2)

Wasting no time, he immediately lit a cigarette stick or as what I assume weed. Romeo looked up at the ceiling of his house and puffed the smoke as he released it. This could be a good chance talking to him when he’s high enough. He might as well think that he’s having a hallucination when indeed he was talking to a soul. I pondered on what to say, should I tell him to take the job? Should I lecture him about how bad being a criminal is? About it not going to heaven whatnot? An interesting thought went through my mind, I might ask Gabriel about this. Anyway, a few more puffs and he should be laughing at everything and that’s my cue to appear.

Romeo grabbed the remote and flip on the TV, tom and jerry was on. Oh good one!

"Hahahahaha! Oh god! I never knew mice could look brown! I never saw one! Jerry should be white! Hahahahaha!!”

That’s a a little racist, just a little more. The scene changed and there was a bulldog who protects Jerry from Tom.

"Dogs protect humans hey you!!!” he was now shouting at the screen “What the hell are you doing?? Cats are suppose to eat mice! Why are you protecting him dumb dog!”

I guess this is my cue.

I floated in front of him, he adjusted his body going sideways

“What the hell is this fog? Get out of the way! I’m trying to see if that dumb dog’s gonna eat Tom!”

"Romeo” I spoke blankly.

He stopped fidgeting and looked in my direction, I was confused to where he was looking, his eyes were half closed and he was smiling widely.

“Are you here to take me to heaven beautiful? Also, I’m talking to a fog and calling it beautiful!”

Oh, all he could see was fog, that’s acceptable. “No, I am here to tell you, you need that job offer”

His eyes widened but then went half closed again, his smile never leaving his face “Why? Would you help me? Would you protect me always? Would you prevent me from dying? Answer me!”

This is ridiculous “How can I answer when you haven’t finished yet? No I am not that, I’m just here for a visit and to give you advice”

Romeo chuckled “Hehe who are you anyway? Why do you want me to work so bad? Is my evil level in heaven rising so high that I might surpass the demon himself?”

I just stared blankly at him not knowing what to say. I’ve never tried getting high while I was still alive on earth, didn’t know it could be this serious. “I don’t know how to answer your question but know this. Take my advice and get that job, you never know how you’re life might turn out! You could have a change of heart”

"That’s what my parents used to say, they wanted me to change my ways. I was a hard headed kid up until now, I was always lucky the police never caught me. I was quick on my feet and it’s like I knew where and when they were headed, like a gift, and I use it to my advantage. Whatever you might be saying right now, angelic spirit voice, when the effects were off I might forget all of this and it’s as if I never spoke to you. So here I am thanking you and see you around I guess?

With that he immediately feel asleep, his loud snores echoing in the background while the TV ran on. This is my first time speaking to a human who answers back. I kinda miss it but then again, I speak to Gabriel all the time and it’s not much of a difference except Romeo’s a human and Gabriel’s an angel. I grabbed a blanket from his room and draped it over him. Turned off the TV and lit the lamp rather than the blinding light from the ceiling. I was also tired, talking and convincing him also takes a lot of energy.


"First things first, I need to know if you have any criminal records, have you been jailed before, history in rape, abuse, mistreating women. I focus on these subjects because I don’t want someone who would watch over my daughter have all these traits. Next I need to know your background, family, siblings, relatives, connections. I want to know who’s who and what they do and how they are related to you. I’m sorry if all of these are into personal stuff but just to make you feel secure, none of these people will be questioned or harmed. Some other tests include psychological, physical and mental tests. Have you taken drugs before? If so, when was the last time? Have you tried anything stronger? If yes, what did you use? And where did you get your supply? Are you still contacting those people now? Do you have medical history? Are you in possession of any illegal firearms?”

Every question that the doctor asked made Romeo pale and I couldn’t help but laugh. How twisted can this be? A criminal like him with all of these requirements. Boy, what was Stuart thinking. A nurse walked in carrying tubes and syringes, stethoscope, and a blood pressure device.

"We need to take a sample of your blood to have it tested. Also, we need some samples of your urine and stool, here is a container. Anytime of today would be fit. On the later part, a urologist would be here to test your inner private parts. No worries, it’s just protocol. Mr. Healy just wants the best candidate in his team”

The doctor looked up, surprise written all over his face. “Mr. Romeo, are you all right? You’re white as ice, are you feeling ill?”

It took a few moments before Romeo spoke up, popping a mint candy on his mouth “Sorry, I had to suck it all up, really surprising. Does he do this to all his employees?”

The doctor nodded giving him an understanding look “Yes, each one of us went with the same procedure. Yours is a bit tacky because you’re on the inner team circle which means one of the guards of Mr. Healy”

Romeo bit his lip hiding his annoyance. It’s a long process but hey, good things take time.

“All right, what else do you need to know?”

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