Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXI -Perspective- (D3)

Sweat was pouring down all over Romeo’s body. He has been in drills since seven in the morning and had been training nonstop. It was now eleven and still, the instructor showed no hint in taking a break. Romeo’s face was exhausted but not one word went out of him. Every exercise, he did it without complaint and question. I wonder how far this would go.

"Your losin it prince charming! Catch your breath and push! What makes you think being a body guard would be that easy? Huh?! Faster!!”

Romeo didn’t even flinch, wow. I’m both impressed and amazed. What is going on in that tiny head of yours? As the drills went by and now it was noon, Romeo did one last push and he was at his limit. He dropped helplessly on the mat and panted heavily, catching his breath. The instructor looked at him with approval.

"You are one tough kid, not a single peep. Others have had worse than you. Congrats kid good work”

Romeo gave a small smile and breathed in heavily.


"What can you say about your childhood or of how you grew up?”

Romeo looked away, this test might not be as exhausting like his drills but it’s gonna dig deeper as to who Romeo is.

"I had a pretty normal childhood, my parents supported me, they loved me for who I am. Though I was bullied here and there because of my body. I was pretty fat in my earlier days and of course bullies take advantage on that. I wanted to change that’s why I got hooked in different martial arts. I don’t participate in competitions, I just train to stay fit”

The psychiatrist nodded and jotted notes “Do you have fears? Or how about trauma? Phobias?”

"I used to have traumatic dreams because of the bullying. Sometimes it triggers sometimes it goes away. I don’t fear much about anything”

"How about friends? Did you have a lot?”

"There were a few but we drifted apart. Stuart is best friend. He recommended me on this job. I know some people but I don’t count them as friends”

"Why do you say so?”

"Well, they don’t fall in the category of friends. More likely acquaintances or people I know along the way of my life”

The psychiatrist gave him a thoughtful look but didn’t push on.

"Past relationships? Have you had a girlfriend before?”

At this question, Romeo’s knuckles gripped the chair tightly, his eyes widening looking at the floor. He bit the inside of his cheek and his eyebrow was twitching a bit.


"Can I have a different question?”

"Why? Are you not comfortable sharing your past about this topic? We can discuss this in another time. Just be sure you’ll say, I know it’s personal but it’s part of protocol. Don’t worry, everything we have discussed will not leave this room. I have an agreement signed with Mr. Healy, anything that goes out of this room without the consent of the said participant, my license would be taken away and I would lose this job” the psychiatrist assured giving a friendly smile.

"Maybe another time. The questions are all overwhelming and my mind is now fuzzy. Anything else you would want to know?”

The psychiatrist nodded “Have you ever killed someone?”

Romeo gave a surprised look, even I had my eyes wide open at the said question. “Killed someone? Literally?”

"Yes. On purpose or not”

"I. . uh. . . it was sort of an accident. . .”

"Go on, I’m listening”

"I was standing in the middle of the road running around playing with my toys. My mom called me to the house saying that staying there was not safe. I didn’t listen because I was hard headed at that time.

After that everything became a blur, the sound of my name being called frantically and the sound of a loud horn. I could hear it in my direction, having no clue, I just stood there and someone from behind me pushed me out of the way and faced the consequence of the moving bus.

When I stood up, my vision was blurry and there was a bloody body from where I stood. That was the last thing I saw and the next I was in a hospital bed, a brace on my neck. It turns out that the person who saved me was our neighbour. The wife was so angry and blamed me for the death of her husband. My parents protected me from her but whenever she sees me when I play on my own. Her eyes are like daggers shooting out to me.

No matter how many times my parents apologized she wouldn’t accept it and always gave me a hateful look. I felt real bad and also blamed myself for what happened that there was a time in my life that I underwent depression. I wouldn’t go out, just slept all day and did not eat. My parents were distraught and didn’t know what to do.

When I was a bit older I met a friend, his name is Jacklyn. He introduced some sort of plant to me, at that time I was still young and didn’t know what it was. He instructed me to smoke and I did. I felt really calm and collected, like everything in the world was so easy and refreshing. Hard to believe but I felt happy in an instant. Until I realized that it was a weed, a sort of drug and I got a bit addicted to it because it took the pain and conscience of the person who died saving me.

My parents didn’t know this until they noticed that I started going out and I got home very late at night. They questioned me on what I was doing and I said nothing. As days went by, I experienced my first pick pocket and I felt so badass. Jacklyn knew about this and warned me not to get ahead of myself or else I’ll be in trouble.

I was young and hard headed and I didn’t listen to him. I kept pick pocketing until I tried robbing someone. That was when I realized that I needed to get fit and have my own place so as not to affect my parents. My mother finally questioned me and I told her everything. She’s my mom, she would accept me with how I turned out.

To know the fact that she was disappointed was not a surprise to me, I mean my choices were not the best still, she hugged me and tried to stop me from doing so.

I got my own place, I worked out, I smoked, I did a lot of petty stealing. Mostly it was money to supply me with the drug or to pay the house”

Sometimes I’m just so amazed of how different each person’s life is. It got me thinking that the world really is full of mysteries and every single one I’ve met is totally unique and different. They’ve had their own experiences in life, better or worse and we tend to forget how lucky we are in a certain phase in our own journey.

One could have a promotion at work while the other got fired. A person could be born at this second and someone else out there is taking the their last breath. We tend to take things for granted and regret when that something or someone would be gone in an instant and that’s were we mourn, when they will be gone. All these realizations just on Romeo’s back story.

When I was still alive, I admit there were things that I did take for granted and now as I realized it, it feels so regrettable. Why do people mourn when it’s gone?

I smiled admiringly at Romeo.

"Is there anything else you might want to add?” the psychiatrist’s face was impassive showing no emotion. Maybe even he have heard stories far worse than this.

"Nothing really, unless you ask. You’ve gotten a lot out of me more than anyone did”

"All right, do you still smoke? I mean weed or maybe cigarettes?

"No, not anymore. I find it a bit hard to breath when I work out”

"Do you still do the petty stealing you used to?”

"Sort of? But now that I have a job, I’ll keep my hands to myself” Unconsciously Romeo began to yawn and the psychiatrist gave an understanding look.

"I think that’s a sign, we’ve had it for today. Thank you for sharing and also for your time Romeo. Don’t worry, your personal information won’t leave this room. Go get some rest to recharge your body and your soul. Come back again when you feel like you want to talk to someone, I’m here to listen”

"Thanks doc”

I began to follow Romeo out of the room when all of the sudden on the corner of my eye, I saw that the doctor removed some sort of device underneath the chair where Romeo sat. I floated closer and he pressed a button. Instantly, Romeo’s voice filled the room and the doctor gave an approving look. I don’t know a lot about therapy and psychiatrists but I think he has other plans with that recording. He placed it in a drawer together with Romeo’s file and locked it putting the key in his pocket.

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