Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXII -Eyes Tell All- (D4)

"So, how was your training and other tests that you did? Anything interesting other than you ranting about how you miss the life of crime?”

Stuart gave a chuckle and drank his beer in one go. Romeo rolled his eyes and threw a chip at his face.

Ever since I saw that recording on that office, I couldn’t help but think what the doctor was going to do with it. Is he gonna expose the results to Mr. Healy? That’s a bit unprofessional.

"Ehhh, easy stuff. Imagine me being in therapy? What am I? Some kind of junkie that needs enlightenment? It was stupid and a total waste of time. Why did I ever agree to sign up to this? My life was perfect and I had everything I wanted”

"Yes you had everything but then you were lonely. You can’t lie about that to me. Anyway, I told you this could take your mind off things and to try something different. It hasn’t even started yet, take it easy”

Romeo gave a huff of irritation “Tell me when can I steal money again. This shit bores me out”

"Have you seen the daughter yet?”

"Nope. And don’t care”

"Oh c’mon! When was the last time you had a female person come near you? Oh wait, years ago! Not interested in a relationship anymore?”

Romeo gave him a are you insane look. “You. Are. A. Sick. Bastard. Of all the women in the world you think that I would date the daughter of my boss? For what?!”

Romeo stopped talking, realization partnered by a sneer on his face

“Of course she’s loaded. For sure her daddy already has a backup bank just in case something happens to her current” and he shook his head.

Stuart laughed “Oh god! who’s the sick bastard now? I’m not the one thinking about dating the girl just for the money. You gold digging brat, what makes you think she’ll go for a guy like you? C’mon, what she wants is a prince charming and as rich just like her. Fairytale shit you know what am sayin?”

"I never said I’ll date her you moron but then we’ll never know” at that he took a shot and gave a thoughtful look.

Around one in the morning Stuart was snoring loudly and Romeo was up. He wore a mask that covered his face and placed a dagger knife by the side of his pants. He grabbed his cellphone and went out of the door quietly.

Curious me followed of course. Why oh why do you need to do crime? Is that some kind of sickness or something? I just can’t simply quiet get it, I mean if it’s for the money can’t he wait until he has fully accomplished his tests? It’s like he’s addicted to it as if he has a whole family to feed. Man, what is wrong with this guy?

Romeo’s car was parked outside, he went in immediately and slowly backed away. While he was driving, he hummed to himself casually as ever.

Imagine doing something scary and dangerous afterwards that humming is like a remedy before things get messy.

He parked in somewhere dark near a tree and watched his surroundings. I looked around, we were in a park? From the looks of it, the park was closed, about five minutes of just sitting there, a girl I presume walked casually towards our direction. She was all covered up except for her eyes and she was carrying a small backpack. Romeo crouched down but kept his eyes until she passed the car not noticing anything unusual. About midway away from the car, Romeo moved as slowly and as quietly as possible. He locked the car door and followed the girl like a stalker.

What is he planning? Oh I hope he’s not the rapist type! Geez that would be too unbearable to watch.

The girl turned left on an alley and Romeo quickly made a move, covering her mouth and pinning her to the wall by pushing his body onto hers and pointing the dagger knife on her neck. Surprised, the girl made no objection nor tried to defend herself but her knees were trembling and small whimpers could be heard.

"Shh. . . . . take it easy now pretty girl, I won’t touch you and I won’t hurt you. Just stay still and do as I say, what’s in the bag?” Romeo’s voice was different, a low growl with a hint of authoritativeness. His eyes were staring directly onto her own. Slowly, he slipped his hand that was covering her mouth.

"I. . . . . uh.. please don’t. . . . . hurt me. Uh I have. . my stuff. . . in here” the girl whimpered, her voice trembling with every word, her eyes glistening with tears.

"Don’t cry now, it won’t be long. Just give me all your money and I’ll let you go” Romeo’s tone was softer but still threatening. “If you try to run, I won’t hesitate stabbing this knife on you, do you understand?”

The girl nodded obeying diligently. Romeo slowly backed away letting the girl rummage her bag. With shaky fingers the girl held her wallet and gave it to Romeo immediately without hesitation. Romeo grabbed it still pointing the knife on her.

"One last thing. Show me your face”

"I. . . . uh. . . can we. . . . ”


I jumped at his voice not expecting it to be that loud. The girl’s eyes widened. Romeo was still looking at her impatiently. Sighing in defeat, she looked down and removed the scarf on her face, slowly, she looked up to meet Romeo’s eyes.

When she did, I caught a glimpse of surprise and awe hiding in his eyes.

Pretty girl was a good nickname indeed. She was very beautiful even under just the light of the lamp post nearby. Her face innocent and scared.

Romeo exhaled a breath for a second, his eyes studied every feature of her face but then quickly replaced it with a menacing one. One thing’s for sure, that girl had an effect on him and it was something to look forward to.

He nodded his head and indicated that she could go. The girl scrambled to her feet running the opposite direction not looking back. Romeo looked longingly at the direction where she went then looked back on her wallet. He just stood there looking at it, not moving nor speaking.

Did he regret what he did? I’m dying to know what’s going on in that head of his.

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