Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXIII -Precise- (D5)

"So Romeo, I have seen the results of your trainings and tests. They were quite good actually, better than the candidates before you. Tell me, other than Stuart hooking you up in this job, why do you want to work as a bodyguard? How can you say confidently that you are fit for this job and why would I choose you?”

"Thank you for your kind words sir and as for your questions, I’ll answer them as a whole to connect the idea that’s running in my head. I’m not particularly good with words, I apologize beforehand”

Even though I have no nails to bite, I was anxious. Romeo should be but I am the one freaking out. I mean, he’s good in his own way but this feels like the final interview and I truly want him to be hired.

After his fiasco last night, he went home clutching the girl’s wallet. He hid it in one of his drawers not bothering to even study the contents. That’s weird, if it’s not for the money then it has to be the girl. My questions will never be answered until Romeo does what he’s supposed to do with it or he’s just a creep that I’m failing to see.

"I want to work as a bodyguard because I believe that I have the required skills and intelligence of being one. Also, this job could help me be more attentive and to see the world in a different perspective. This job requires bravery, confidence, qualities that are needed when a situation of life and death is involved. Not only that, but I also get to experience working for a successful businessman like you, I could learn the ways of business, not that I plan to be your competitor; learning something that’s out of my league is knowledge that’s given by nature itself. There are a lot of things and lessons that I could absorb to help me as a person to become better and to dream more than I could. You should choose me. There are a lot of better candidates out there that are far more experienced and trained than I am. Give me a chance to prove it and you won’t be sorry”

Healy crossed his right foot over his left and studied Romeo as he spoke. His scrutinizing gaze didn’t even make Romeo flinch nor did he stutter as he said his answers. When he finished talking, Healy took a sip of his drink.

"Impressive. What did you study back then? Did you go or finish college?

"No, I did not go nor finish college. I planned to but some personal things got in the way and I lost track of my goal to enter. I wanted to study the field of veterinary, I have a bit of a weak spot for animals and how to treat them. I know it’s not the most profiting nor famous study out there but I like it and I find it easy, rather than studying something that I would not enjoy”

"Do you have any beliefs or principles in life?”

"I don’t think I have any of those but I do believe in karma. Nobody’s perfect but being an ass is a choice. Whoever I encounter should be treated and respected as a person. No matter the race, skin colour, gender, status, because each one of use is unique in our own way”

Healy is one tough nut. I can sense more questions coming and this is far from over, or is it?

"This question is random and it may seem odd, but I’d like to hear what you have to say. For example, I have an envelope and I am giving it to you right now. The contents of that envelope is a date of which when you will die. Would you open it?”

The question caught Romeo off guard, his features revealing surprise and disbelief. For me, that’s tricky and witty. Where did that come from? He did say it was odd and random, let’s just go with that. Romeo composed himself and took a breath, closing his fists and opening them again.

"If I were to receive that kind of envelope, for me I would just leave it as it is. It may be tempting to know when I’ll die, but that’s something that I don’t look forward to. I’ve learned that I need to enjoy my life right now because it is a gift that nothing on earth can replace. I want to die without knowing when, it’s more natural that way and it feels right. If I did open that, I would live my life recklessly and basically just waiting for that date to come and that’s not the life I dream of”

I clapped my hands even though no one could hear me. That is one good speech? Or answer I guess. It’s like he read this through his mind not battling an eyelash. Mr. Healy’s eyes sparkled with delight, a satisfied grin on his face. He stood up and held a hand out, Romeo copied his actions.

"That’s all for now my boy, see you here tomorrow. Good answer by the way, very thorough and clear. Good job and congrats”

Romeo gave a grateful grin “Thank you sir, I look forward to meet your daughter and enjoy the rest of your day.

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