Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXIV -Who Is She?- (D6)

Romeo puffed out a smoke in the air in his living area. This time it was not weed but regular cigarette. Propping his feet on the table and munched on some peanuts that Stuart bought. His mind was elsewhere, his facial expression gave it away.

"What did Healy say? Are you hired? Did he say that you’ll be meeting his daughter?” Stuart gazed over him hearing nothing “Hey! Earth to moron! Still stuck in fairyland?” Stuart smacked the back of his head.

"If you weren’t my best friend I would have your head. What did you say?” Romeo rubbed his hair in annoyance.

"I asked you if you were hired. When will you start?”

"I never heard Healy say the word “hired” he just said that he’ll see me tomorrow so I guess that’s my answer to you” quoting the word as he said so.

"Dude!! That’s awesome! Your new journey begins! I hope it lasts considering how your hands seem to move on it’s own whenever you see someone staring in space with their wallets shining on you”

Romeo smirked “I can’t promise anything and I told you before, this job is out of my league. Your reason was stupid, what is this some kind of therapy? Idiot”

Stuart laughed and looked at his wristwatch “Oh shoot! I almost forgot I had to pick up Alexa from the store!” he hurriedly stood up and grabbed his keys and jacket. “Hey mate, congrats and good luck tomorrow. Don’t screw this up or I’ll kick your ass to the other side of the world”

Romeo waved him off and continued with his strange reverie. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. An idea instantly popped in my head and I went to his closet and grabbed the wallet he stole from that girl and placed it on the table.

Romeo’s eyes were still closed so I gently blew on his hair trying to grab his attention. He jerked his hand absentmindedly. This time I tried to blow in his lashes and that did the trick! Intense brown eyes stared through me and then looked around. When he went to grab another handful of peanuts, a part of his arm touched the wallet and he looked over it.

"What the--???” he looked around curiously. Nothing, not a sound nor a peep. He picked up the wallet and stared at it, his face not giving any sort of emotion. Then it changed as if he’s debating with himself and also questioning how that got into the living room.

I chuckled on my own and continued to stare at him. Romeo slowly opened the wallet revealing it’s contents. First of, there was a picture. She looks very pretty. Hazel eyes, a bit of a dark skin, a part of her hair was dyed blond and the rest was black. She was wearing an off shoulder top which emphasized her collar bones. From the looks of it, maybe this photo was taken in a studio. Romeo took it out carefully and studied it. He also pulled a receipt and to his and my surprise, there was a condom!


Is she prepared or is it for good luck? I can’t just judge though, maybe it’s not for her. Maybe some friend of hers wanted to keep it for a while until he/she could use it. There were also call cards of some restaurants and hotels. That’s weird, there was no ID of some sort. Usually people keep one or two of their IDs in their wallets for safe keeping, I know I did. Maybe she had another wallet or it was in her bag. How unlucky was it for this guy!

Romeo huffed realizing that there was no way how he can know the name of the girl. I could help but god knows where she lives, I can’t go to her if I can’t imagine her house or where she’s at. A yawn escaped his mouth, it was early but surprisingly Romeo went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. This could be a good time to snoop around, maybe I could find some photographs of his parents. Ten minutes later the lights went out from his bedroom. I waited a few minutes just so to be sure that he couldn’t hear me opening and closing drawers here and there. After I was satisfied, I headed into the attic and turned on the old light that hang from the ceiling. Boxes, toys, cobwebs, dust, old chairs, a large mirror, and an old guitar. I wonder if he plays?

Thankfully the boxes were neatly arranged and labelled alphabetically. I think he’s obsessed with order, I reached for the one that was labelled “Family”. The top had an old quilt, probably handmade rather than bought?

Then there were pictures. I stared into space, doing these missions requires looking at photographs of the past life of the person who I am assigned with. It’s like a must that I need to do to get to know them better. Mostly it helps and it’s just mesmerizing to see how time can change a person, physically.

I opened the photo album and there he was. Little Romeo with his mom and dad I assume since the three of them had a lot of similarities in their features. As I turned every page, the change in his structure was visible. I guess he has a photograph every year no matter where and when since he’s the only child. His parents cherished memories. When I reached the last album there were only a few pictures. It looks like this was taken at a time when he was around nineteen years of age. He looked like the boy next door, now, his face is a bit matured, in a good way of course. That was the last of it, I walked around and stared out at the tiny window.

The view was the creek from the back of his house. Dark and scary. Floating to the mirror, when I looked into it, nothing. Of course I have no reflection, I’m a soul, what did I expect it to look like? The guitar caught my attention, the product was in perfect condition. Not a single scratch could be seen. Maybe this could help Romeo, instead of doing pot when he’s stressed or when he wants to unwind, he could play. With that fixing my decision, I grabbed the guitar and cleaned it downstairs with a cloth. Satisfied, I placed it in the living room positioning it casually and I retired for the night.

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