Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXV -Never Thought That- (D7)

I may be exaggerating but how twisted can fate be? I mean, not for me of course but for Romeo’s fate. Even I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and this just made things weird. I could feel Romeo’s vibes of uncertainty under my skin. He was dressed nicely today, wearing a white long sleeved shirt, folded on the wrists, dark gray pants and light brown closed shoes. He had a silver watch and dangling in his chest was a pair of black sunglasses. Casual but smart. Dress to impress. The moment we laid eyes on the girl; for me it was possible to have my mouth hanging open but for poor Romeo, he had to compose himself of any reactions so as not to upset Healy.

Let me describe her, she’s tall just a few more inches and she and Romeo would be in the exact same height. Her hair was dyed light brown with a combination of red falling on her shoulders. Her eyebrows were trimmed and formed perfectly. She had beautiful hazel brown eyes staring directly at Romeo. Her skin has a nice dark touch and looks very flawless. She was wearing a stripped shirt over a dark blue blazer reaching midway on her arms, light blue pants and nude two inch heels. A pair of earrings completed her look.

If you haven’t guessed it yet,


It was the girl who owns the wallet! Mr. Healy’s daughter! Of all the people in the world it has just got to be her! Romeo’s hands were twitching in his back, and if I were him I would be sweating bullets. I know he shouldn’t worry because he was wearing a mask that night. I just hope she wouldn’t recognize his voice.

"Romeo, I want you to meet Paris. She’s my daughter and also my right hand in business. She takes care of my finances on where and when the money goes. Sweetness, this is Romeo. Your new highly qualified bodyguard. I hope things between you two will go smoothly as it had been with Richard”

Paris held out a hand in which Romeo gladly took. The second their fingers touched, Romeo’s jaw twitched. Does he recognize those eyes or does she know it’s him?

"I’m very honoured to meet you Paris, that’s a very lovely name”

"As do I Romeo, do you prefer another name or is that what you want to be called?”

"Anything would be fine as long as your comfortable” with that line, Romeo gave her his ever so killer smile.

"Now that you’ve met, let me point out where you’ll be posted boy, come along” Healy instructed walking upstairs of the gigantic house.

They reached a gold plated door. Opening it revealed a sofa facing a medium sized TV, mini bar, an exercise equipment and a refrigerator. There were double doors on the left side and it was painted with black and gold.

"That is my room. I have my own bathroom in there and you cannot enter unless I tell you to do so. You will be staying here, anything that you might want to add just tell me or my dad. If you feel like using the bathroom there’s another one in the hallway, we walked past it. Sometimes I have my friends over, don’t worry, the moment they walk in the gate they’re checked thoroughly by security, yours would be extra precaution. If you see anything suspicious, please tell me so that I would be warned. Let’s use a safe word in moments of life and death situations won’t you agree, Romeo?”

"How about we have three levels of safe words? Level one would be minimal help, level two would be needs extra attention and level three would be life and death. How does that sound?”

"Hmm. . . that’s a good one. Okay, for level one safe word it would be. . . mango because it’s small and harmless. For the level two would be. . . . bubble gum like I’m in a sticky situation needs assistance” Paris chuckled at her joke and continued “level three would be. . . . torpedo because it’s big and scary. You can suggest some if you’d like, it could be better”

"By any chance, did you just thought of those now?” Romeo asked smiling.

"Yeah I did, and it wasn’t that hard too” Paris smiled the mood lightening.

"I see that both of you are now getting along well. Romeo, here is a radio. You need this to be with you no matter where you are, it’s connected in our system and every security has one. You just need to charge the battery and it’s all set to go. This also comes with a wireless headset and just charge those as well, the reason for this is that it won’t be as obvious to predators that your on guard. Push this button on the right side when you speak and update every time you go out with her. Tell us where and when and what time, what you see and on what building or street. Are the instructions clear?” Mr. Healy’s stern voice echoed in the hallway.

"Absolutely sir. Crystal clear” Romeo nodded

"I still have a meeting darling, I’ll see you later. Do you mind showing Romeo around? Tell him the emergency exits and secrets doors we have here and also with the other rules we have in this house”

"Not at all dad, be safe” Paris gave him a kiss on the cheek and he was off.

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