Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXVI -Appreciate Life- (D8)

"How does it feel? You know, being the only daughter of the rich? I’ve read stories that it’s like living in a castle swarmed by knights ready to protect their princess with their lives. Basically my job but that’s just for a dramatic effect. Do you feel like that?”

"A little? That’s a bit on the cliché part don’t you think? My dad’s really protective and growing up, I understand why. It’s not that easy and sometimes I feel pressured, specially when it comes to work”

It was a chilly day in the park. The sun hiding behind the clouds, Romeo and Paris walked casually taking in the scenery ahead of them. It’s nice this way, natural and serene. Speaking of that, the two of them looked like old friends talking casually. No labels, no special treatment, just talking. I felt happy for Romeo, but something tells me it’s not over just yet since I’m still here and I’m looking out for them specially him. Ten meters away from them is another bodyguard dressed casually as if taking a run. It looks dang convincing but hey, not everyone would be fooled specially since Paris is a bit known in the area.

The house tour was not what I was expecting at all. They do have secret doors and passages but only used in very important emergencies like a house fire (I doubt that) or a hurricane or a bad storm and worst of all is a surprise raid.

According to Paris, that happened when she was still in her mother’s womb. Their house was surrounded by people who wanted their fortune, Paris’ mom had to make a decision and she choose to stay behind to buy Healy time to escape. The way she said it was full of sadness and longing. She grew up strong and independent, Healy is a good father.

"I can see why you’re pressured. Aside from work, what do you do when you want to unwind? Go out with friends? Throw a huge party of some sort? Travel?”

"Well, I’m sort of a bookworm, I could spend hours by myself and a good book. I don’t have that much friends though my real friends are like three to four and one of them knows me more than anyone other than my dad. She’s just as busy as me but we find time to catch up because it’s important to tell someone how you’re doing. It feels reviving and sort of a relief that you can talk to someone who understands and knows you well. Will listen to everything that has happened in your life. It’s really comforting. I know you’re a guy and guys don’t just let out their feelings because of the toxic trait of society thinking that men don’t have feelings.

Do you have that kind of friend, Romeo?”

"As a matter of fact I do, he also helped me get this job. More like he pushed me in this job because he wanted to help me of some sort. In which I am grateful because I realized a lot. Just some personal stuff, I’m glad that you see it that way” Romeo gave a grateful smile.

"Well, I’m more of a open minded person. You know, trying to see the world in a different perspective. Wonder why people move and talk the way they are, think the way they do. Sometimes it’s surprising to know their history, like reading a good book with a different twist”

The sound of happy jingle coming from an ice cream booth a few meters ahead caught their attention. Paris smiled “A little treat, would you like some?”

"Oh, I don’t think I didn’t bring any--”

"Hey, it’s on me. You can back me up next time, now let’s go”

The two of them ordered what they wanted and sat down by the bench shaded by the tree. I looked at them with envy. Being dead definitely had it’s perks but it’s things like this I missed on earth. Technically, I’m on earth but you know you get the pic. I imagine myself as Paris and Romeo as Brody. We would have looked so cute together. Just like a young couple in love, enjoying the small things in life.

Small things in life.

The simple ones make it so magical that every single thing that I saw I appreciated it. Some gifted people turn simple things in forms of art making it even more mesmerizing and wonderful. I realized while observing them , walking with them, feeling like a human, I haven’t appreciated the world as it seems. Unlike Romeo, I haven’t done a single crime in my life. Seeing it now I wish I had, just for the fun and experience, something to remember. The stupid things in life that would make me chuckle and look back and wonder why I did it back then. Now, I regret that I didn’t do it just even once. But if I did, would the holy father still forgive me?

"What makes you think the holy father wouldn’t?”

I jumped at the sound of Gabriel’s voice. Damn, him and his perfectly spoken voice.

"I may not have a heart but I could still feel it specially now and when you do that out of the blue” looking around, Gabriel’s form was nowhere in sight.

"Apologies Winter, looking for me?”

Good looking as always, Gabriel was standing by the tree near Romeo smiling at me.

"No offence you are handsome and all but standing there smiling makes me think that you were a creep in your past life. Do you mind standing by with me?”

Again at this, Gabriel laughed, not a cute chuckle or a short snort but a laugh “You always say unexpected things and compare in a different way”

I looked at him stupidly not understanding what he was saying “What??”

Gabriel shook his head smiling “Nothing. I was just checking up on how you were doing. Does Romeo still do--”

"Sadly yes, I hate seeing him and hearing him do it. He just needs a bit of realizing and there was this weird scenario wherein he was robbing a girl but he was like dazed in the moment? I can’t even find the term. Is cupid related to heaven?”

Gabriel raised his eyebrows “You mean Eros? Why the sudden curiosity?”

"Eros. For sure he knows who Romeo’s soul mate would be. Can I talk to him?”

"If it has anything to do with them” pointing at Romeo and Paris “then no, it’s part of their confidential profile”

I pouted at Gabriel but he wasn’t much affected. Dammit.

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