Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXVIII -Just How Long?- (D10)

"Dude, you’re just high with pot. Let’s go! I don’t want my family to be in this” Stuart pleaded

"Would you relax? It’s just something to stir things up! Watching Paris all day bores the hell out of me”

"Yeah right, to stir something up that has a big chance of getting us both arrested. Why do you have to do this and why did I let you drag me into this?” Stuart face palmed while nervously watching out for the police car roaming around.

"The plans simple, these group of kids want a riot right? And one of them has to initiate. I’ll just throw in a small debris and considering how clueless and stupid these kids could be, they’ll start blaming each other and all hell would break loose!” Romeo juggled the debris in his hand waiting for the right moment.

"Tell me again what you’ll gain in this? And how is it that Healy never found out you were smoking?”

"Some supply and one of them is letting me try ecstasy. Don’t worry, I won’t dwell on that shit. I’m just gonna give it a try to see how powerful that could be. And to answer the Healy question, I used empathy my friend. A man like Healy has a soft spot, just needs to find it”

"Can you just throw that and get this over with? It feels like the cops are out to get me” Stuart shuddered.

I face palmed myself. Here is the bad Romeo, the one that enjoys chaos and disorder. He may think of this is fun but in reality it feels like he enjoys the agony of others or rather the agony he’ll put them in. Is this how being bipolar works because in his case it’s extremely disturbing and needs therapy. Damn it Romeo!

When the leader crouched down Romeo immediately threw the debris without struggle. It hit his back and his members looked at the other direction. From our distance, the leader stood up and threw the same debris to the opposing group and in moments the riot started. Glass, knives, daggers, sharp poles, were thrown in the air. The patrol car started to alert the group but they threw the same objects at the car without fear and it started to back away while calling for backup. Romeo’s eyes were shining and he was laughing every time an individual was hit or someone from the group fell, blood dripping from their faces or on their arms. As soon as the backup came, Stuart had to drag Romeo away, started the car and left the spot. Is he some type of psychopath or what?

"I know you’re my best friend and all and I’ve seen worse but hell! Sometimes you still creep the hell out of me”

"What did I do? I just started a riot, not like I summoned a devil or something”

"Yeah you did, thank god for admitting that but you look like the devil yourself. I wonder what Paris would think if she sees you like this”

Romeo’s eyes narrowed at him “She’s not gonna see this side of mine. She just another random person that’s all”

"I do hope she doesn’t or else she’ll freak out and tell Healy”

I nodded in agreement, Stuart’s the kind of I have a sense in life friend. Romeo crossed his arms on his chest like a child keeping his mouth shut.

By now, surely he noticed that the wallet belonged to Paris, curiosity is burning inside me on what he’s planning to do.


"Please be here on time, I still have a meeting at 10am. . . all right thank you, bye”

Ring ring

"This is Paris. Oh hey girl! No, I’m sorry, my schedules loaded, maybe next time. . . . Oh, I don’t know, next week maybe?. . . . . I’m really sorry, dad’s out of town for a bit and I need to handle some of his guests and clients. We’ll catch up all right?. . . Love ya bye”

Ring ring

". . . . . . . . I’m so thankful you liked it sir, I appreciate the compliment. . . . Sorry, my dad’s a away but won’t be long, he’ll call you when he gets back. . . . thank you again so much good bye”

Ring Ring

"Oh my god easy on the phone calls!” Paris groaned, reluctantly, she picked up again

"Hel-- oh hey, you’re downstairs? I’ll send someone give me a minute”

Romeo who was just observing and helping her by handling papers and pens watched amused. When she said she was busy, it wasn’t a joke.

"Hey Romie, can you please receive the package downstairs? The phone’s been blaring all afternoon and I need to keep up with it”

Romeo laughed “So my pet name’s Romie?”

Paris raised an eyebrow “Why? Don’t you find it cute?”

"Do I look like someone who could who be called cute?”

"To me you are, the package please, go now” she shooed him away answering another phone call.

Romeo chuckled and went out, downstairs the delivery guy stood bored. Grabbing the package, he headed back and placed it on the chair next to Paris’ table. She finished her call and stood up opening it, a dark blue wallet was in view. Romeo flinched in his seat and masked his expression.

"Oh, I hope you’ll stay with me. The last time was unlucky! Someone robbed my wallet but thankfully I didn’t keep my ids in that wallet so he just got cash and whatever was in there”

Paris’ expression changed from being excited to as if she lost something precious. She looked at Romeo and smiled sadly. “That wallet was given to me by my mom, yes she died years ago but she bought that wallet back then and hid it for my eighteenth birthday. When dad said he had a surprise, I never expected something like that. Now, whoever that guy was or what his intentions were, I just wish he’ll take care of that wallet. It meant a lot to me, reminded me of my mom, that she cared and she looks out for me even now”

Romeo listened intently keeping his eyes on her. Oh snap! Boy are you whipped! I chuckled in his side, let’s see how far your conscience could go mister heartthrob!

"I’m sorry about what happened to your mom, surely she would be proud of how you’ve become”

Why do I feel like you’re saying sorry because you robbed her eh? Nice move there.

"Thanks Romeo, means a lot”

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