Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXIX -Love's Disaster- (D11)

Your voice~ was the soundtrack of my summer

Do you know you’re unlike any other?

You’ll always be my thunder, and I said

Your eyes~ are the brightest of all the colors

I don’t wanna ever love another

You’ll always be my thunder

So bring~ on the rain

And bring on the thunder. . .

As Romeo closed his eyes, the lyrics of the song leaving his lips, Paris studied him intently, and I being there wherever they go studied her features to see some signs of her being attracted to him. Her face was passive, it was like she was curious to know more about my subject. Paris was beautiful up close, her father’s features visible but other characteristics of her face belonged more to her mother.

Could romance bloom with these two who both have different worlds? In my belief, love is something powerful that drives a person sane and has the ability to make the person do things he/she never thought of. So in my own conclusion, yes, it is a possibility and IF Romeo would, and hopefully, change his ways for her.

"I fell in love once, and it was painfully sweet”

Paris and I blinked, not expecting Romeo to just blurt out something like that out of the blue. He strummed the guitar with a tune that I didn’t recognize. He didn’t bother looking up if Paris had listened or not.

Romeo chuckled lightly “Coincidentally, her name was a match to mine, she WAS mine for a while but maybe that was really just a mere fairy tale”

Paris shifted in her seat and edged closer to Romeo.

"She was my first love, first in everything romantically, physically whatever “cally” you could think of. And of course, we all know how much of an impact a first love could give you. It has a huge effect whatever happens specially on our beliefs on love and on what it really is, how it feels and it questions whether what we believed before would actually somehow make sense. Others, why it didn’t make sense, it was supposed to happen, it was like we were expecting it to happen.

Her name was Juliet. Pretty Shakespearian don’t you think? We met while she was having a campfire with her friends and I just happen to pass by wandering on my own letting out some steam. She noticed me and followed me until I stopped by a stream to wash my face. From that there on, I never knew that she would be the special girl for me. It took me a month or two to actually court her because I was so confused. I thought that maybe it was just lust and I just wanted her on my bed but no, it was different. I wanted something more, I wanted to be with her. I realized that when she would always invite me whenever she goes on an adventure or to eat out.

When I was with her, it just felt like I could do anything I wanted. I was happy and she was, the way her eyes sparkled whenever she listened to me play. The way her smile would light up my mood no matter how bad my day got, it was all just so magical and I was hypnotized by it. I never thought about us being separated until that moment came. Every love story has a tragedy right? And this was mine.

We were officially dating for two years and during those times, things were better. We fight on petty things but always knew to cool down before speaking up. There was a time Juliet was invited by her friends in a beach trip and I couldn’t come with her because I had to do something important on that day. Little did she know that it was just an excuse because I wanted to surprise her, it was not a celebratory day, just a small surprise because I was really in love with her and I wanted to do something out of the blue

I followed their car from a distance and when we arrived there, I decorated the room I rented with flowers and candles and all those things girls like to see when their boyfriends surprised them. It was now around midnight, their group was having a drink by the palm trees, a fire in the middle of a cozy night. Juliet was holding a drink on her hand, I was about to approach her when a guy suddenly appeared out of nowhere and grabbed her elbow whispering something. My first instinct was to rip the guy’s hand from holding her, I was getting mad jealous but I had to control my anger and backed away observing them. Juliet laughed at whatever he said and they walked by on the beach, just the two of them. I followed, still hiding by the shadows to see how this will turn out. The guy held her waist and to my astonished horror, Juliet raised her tip toes and kissed the guy’s lips wrapping her perfectly beautiful arms around his neck. The guy held her closer, their bodies touching. I was there by the shadows just watching, rooted on my spot.

No matter how calming and peaceful the gentle waves of the sea sounded, it was not enough to silence how my heart was breaking at that moment.

With the strength I could muster, slowly, I went out of the shadows and walked closer to them, I was about a hand’s reach. They were still kissing and I felt like a broken twig being stepped on. Juliet backed away smiling and that’s when she noticed a person standing by them who was me, the broken twig.

Juliet’s eyes suddenly went wide as saucers and pushed the guy away as far as she could. Still, I just stood there looking at her not knowing what to say or what to do. Her eyes spoke to me saying that she was not happy with me anymore, it said that she didn’t love me anymore. I dropped my flower and nodded smiling sadly looking at the beautifully innocent sand on the beach. I walked away not saying anything and she followed me to my car. I gave her the keys to the room and without another word, I drove off not having any destination in mind.

Romeo’s lips formed a straight line looking at Paris and he shrugged raising his eyebrows.

"We did talk about it when I cooled down for a couple of days and she admitted that she was seeing someone else behind my back. I questioned her on it, it was my biggest “why” on our relationship. She was happy, or so I assumed. She reasoned out that we were perfectly happy that it was getting boring for her. When she said this, it was like she was speaking in another language. Not a single word made sense. Isn’t that what a relationship is suppose to be like? For the couple to be happy specially when they spend their time together? Sadly in Juliet’s case, she wanted arguments, she wanted a less boring boyfriend. She wanted someone else that was not me.

My ambitions and my dreams that involved her shattered, I was just starting at the very bottom of becoming who I wanted to be as a person. I made her my inspiration to be better everyday but when I lost her, everything became dark and my perspective on life changed. It was full of bitterness, and poisonous thoughts were clouding my head. I was a mess back then, I couldn’t eat well. All I wanted to do was sleep because when I woke up, her face, that kiss, became my nightmare .Only it was not a dream but reality. Drinking was one of my escape during that time, when I was drunk all the happy memories played like a romantic movie and it drifts me off to sleep.

Romeo stopped talking and strummed the strings slowly. Paris’ jaw was hard, her eyes blinking rapidly. Suddenly, Romeo laughed.

"I don’t know why I’m sharing this with you, other than Stuart no one else knows. I’m sorry, can we please keep this between us?”

Paris leaned back, facing the ceiling, again she blinked and took a breath. After a few moments she looked at Romeo smiling a bit.

"I’m glad you got that out of your chest. It was a lot to take in and I’m really sorry for what you had to go through. I admire your strength and courage Romeo, that’s what makes you who you are today. Never say sorry for your experiences in life all right? It teaches us lessons to become stronger and helps us face another level of difficulty in life. Don’t worry, your story is safe with me, It made me feel safer when I am around with you. Thank you for telling me”

Paris stood up and without warning, wrapped her tiny arms around Romeo’s shoulders. Romeo patted her back awkwardly his face amused.

"Don’t get mushy now” Romeo laughed.

Watching the two of them like that makes me think that I was in a movie theater. The beginning of a wonderful friendship and possibly a romantic relationship. But the point of my mission was to ensure that Romeo wouldn’t do the bad side of life again, and I only have a few days left. He just did it yesterday with Stuart by causing that riot. My head twisted again and the thought of Paris’ wallet was in fact on him. Is this his way of pushing the guilt away? By earning Paris’ sympathy?

Romeo. What are you doing??

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