Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXX -What Is Normal?- (D12)

Romeo was sitting on his bed, the wallet neatly placed on both of his hands. He was looking at it intensely as if it’s the most expensive jewelry he has ever saw. Maybe the guilt’s getting to him after all. He opened the wallet and stared at Paris’ beautiful face and sighed.

“Will you ever forgive me for what I did? Also, I have this weird magnetic feeling whenever you’re with me, I don’t quite understand it.”

Romeo mumbled to himself taking the picture out and staring at it sadly. Seeing this as an opportunity to speak his thoughts, I grabbed the notepad and the pen by the table and scribbled some words. While he was busy staring at the picture, I placed the note under the wallet letting half of it sneak up. He grabbed the wallet to put the picture back when he saw the paper. Yes! At first he looked around, his eyes narrowing the room looking for the one responsible. Then he shook his head laughing at himself.

Call this weird but can you please speak your thoughts?

Romeo’s eyes widened at my note, of course normal people would find that weird. I mean, you just find a random note by your side and you expect the note to say the words you were too afraid to do? Weird, yes. Scary, yes. Against the rules, yes, but it’s only minor and Gabriel gave me permission so I guess that’s considerable. Romeo laughed, not a chuckle but a laugh looking at the paper.

"I have been noticing your tiny notes, who are you?” he looked around again trying to find the person responsible when all the while I was just there by his side. Silence enveloped the room, Romeo exhaled and looked at the note again.

"Whoever you are, your kinda creeping me out. I know I did a lot of wrongs things in my life. Were you victimized because I really can’t change the past. If your are, I’m really terribly sorry for what I did, for affecting you with my foolishness. I know one sorry would never--”

I threw a note silencing him. He jumped suddenly, gracefully catching his balance. He was now standing, staring at the note I just threw. I chuckled on my own due to his reaction, I sometimes forget how athletic this guy is.

What do you think about Paris? Do you like her?

Romeo smiled for a moment then replaced it with a frown

“Why did I smile at that?”

From there on, I knew the answer. His reaction was quite enough. I threw another note while his face was still clueless and unsure.

Would you still be returning to your bad old ways?

His lips formed a straight line and his eyes narrowed at the paper. He bent down, placing his elbow on his knee and his chin on his knuckles thinking hard. This question might have hit the nerve and he was now contemplating with himself. He bit his lower lip, still thinking, his eyes blank and impassive.

Ring Ring!!

His phone rang indicating that there was someone calling. He picked it up disregarding the notes he just read.

"Paris?. . . . . . where are. . . . . . . why didn’t you. . . . . . . . . does your. . all right I’ll be there. . . . try not to drink much, yeah? . . on my way. . Sorry whoever you are in thin air, Paris is kinda behaving like a girl who doesn’t care about the dangers in going out alone considering her reputation as a daughter of a rich man. I’ll get back to you”

Romeo moved swiftly grabbing his jacket, wallet, and keys, went outside, started the car and drove off. Fifteen minutes later we were in a fancy looking restaurant. I was beginning to doubt that Paris was getting drunk in a restaurant when I looked again. On the glass window on the second floor, there were neon lights illuminating the room and there were people scattered, some sitting on high chairs while others stood leaning on the metal railing by the edge, chatting, a bottle of beer and fancy looking glasses in their hands. Romeo looked up and sighed, locking the car behind he headed towards the bar.

When he got to the second floor, the first sight he saw was a couple kissing passionately without a care in the world. As the kiss deepens, Romeo shoved them to the side and entered the grand looking bar. He looked left then right, no sign of Paris. He walked over to the bar then on the dance floor and also tried to see the people by the railings. Paris was nowhere to be seen. He grabbed his phone dialing her number when suddenly, arms were around his torso clinging on his hips. He looked sideways and there she was, clinging like a koala her eyes half closed. Romeo gently pulled her up facing her towards him. Her eyes fluttered open and gave a big toothy smile.

"Romeo oh Romeo where have you been? I was looking all over for you!” she sniffed “Did you just got here? You smell like you just had a shower”

"Yes and no, c’mon now, you’re dad’s not gonna like this”

Paris weakly tried to break free “I asked permission! And my friends are here. Come, let me introduce you”

"Did your dad know that I was not with you earlier?”

Paris chuckled “Mmmm. No. I told him you were with me and he seemed satisfied” then she frowned “Are you mad? I’m sorry! I just wanted to feel like a normal person who doesn’t have someone looking over her shoulder all the time. Well, aside from my driver of course. There was no escaping him”

Romeo exhaled “Can you imagine the scenario for instance something unpleasant happened to you? Your dad would have my head! Paris, I know it’s hard on you but it’s just that it’s for your own protection--”

"Bah! Of course I know all about that. It’s like I’m being protected to have fun my entire life! Sometimes, I don’t feel normal and its crazy!”

"All right, I think that’s enough drinks for now. Let’s get you home shall we?” Romeo tried to drag her but as stubborn as she is, pretended to sleep while being supported by his grip. “Paris. . . ” he warned, his voice threatening.

"Can go to your house instead? Pleeeeaaaseeeeee” Paris knelt looking up at Romeo widening her eyes giving him the most puppy look face she could muster.

Romeo sighed heavily, I laughed at him and his misery. I remembered my drinking days and those were crazily fun and memorable.

"Fine. Just don’t let me drag you all the way there, your heavy too you know”

Paris pouted “No! I’m light as a feather but of course you’re a bully! Let’s go!” she stood up wobbly and fist pumped the air. Grabbing a random chair for support, started walking to the exit door. Romeo watched her amusingly while following behind.

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