Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXXI -Out With It- (D13)

The two ended up in Romeo’s house. Paris immediately fell on the couch and after a few minutes, her small snores could be heard from a meter away. Romeo didn’t bother carrying her to his room, he got some blankets and pillows then placed it on her gently. He played the guitar for a bit and went to sleep on the other side of the couch.


Paris was the first to wake up, the sun shining on the side of the room. She looked around and then her eyes landed on Romeo, scrunching her face she looked down. A relieved smile on her lips. Seeing that Romeo was still on dreamland, she stood up and headed towards. . . . Romeo’s room? Paris walked in directly, and stopped, blinking as if to clear her vision. I guess she wanted to go to the bathroom and accidentally ended there. She was about to turn around when something caught her eye making her stop. I bit my imaginary fingers hoping that Romeo threw those little notes I gave him beforehand. She walked over to the dresser holding out a familiar chain. Quietly, she opened the drawer and out came the wallet that she adored the most.

Oh no!! This is far worse than those drastic notes! Romeo! Wake up!

Paris’ eyes widened at the item inspecting it carefully. She opened it and there it was, her beautiful smiling face looking back at her. Instantly, her expression changed from confused to understanding. Her jaw was tense and her eyebrows scrunched up. She examined the rest of the wallet and, noticing that nothing was missing, she excited the room and went back to the living room. Romeo was still snoring. She went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, grabbed a pitcher of cold water and placed some ice on it. Back to the living room, without warning, she poured the contents of the pitcher all over Romeo’s body not missing an exposed skin.

This is one hell of a good morning to you, you MORON!


Well, you don’t say. Romeo jumped up and took off his shirt without missing a beat rubbing it on the wet places of his exposed skin looking angry and irritated. Paris stood there placing the pitcher down, crossed her arms on her desk looking smug and furious.

"What the hell was that for?!” Romeo shouted and when he looked up, his eyes landed on the wallet, instantly regretting his earlier outburst. His expression changed in seconds from full red fury to all regrettable guilty “Paris. . I. . . ”

"You what? Huh? Romeo? When were you planning to tell me this? Or better yet, were planning to? I told you how much this wallet means to me and then suddenly I learn that you were THAT guy THAT night? I was so scared I feared for my life and when I gave this to you, my heart was breaking knowing that this valued piece of possession would never be seen again. And I was wrong. I can’t believe that it was so close to me all this time”

"Paris, wait! Hear me out” Romeo tried to grab her arms but she refused furiously, tears were now forming in her eyes clutching the wallet to her chest. “I didn’t know what had gotten to me that night all right? I was just. . . . . looking for a victim. . ”

Paris eyebrows shot up, confusion written all over her face. She sat down on the sofa, her knuckles forming into fists. Romeo copied her actions. “Victims? Victims for what?? Are you some kind of. . . . .thief?”

Romeo exhaled “This has been a shady part of my life in the past. I don’t know where to start but I’ll do my best to make you understand. Yes, I used to be a thief, a criminal to put it bluntly. I know what you’re thinking, how did I get myself a bodyguard that used to be a thief? I did a lot of pick pocketing, I tried to rob someone in a parking lot for their money. What do I use the money for? You might be wondering. Years back I used to do drugs but not the heavy ones like cocaine. No, just plain old weed and I admit it was really addicting.

Apart from that, I used that money to survive on my own. I ran away from my parents and never looked back. Stuart knew how hard it was for me back then, even he tried to stop me in doing things that you know, were inappropriate. He never did give up and I am truly grateful for that because that made me who I am today. Still, a few days back ,Stuart accompanied me somewhere and I initiated a gangsters riot. What did I earn from it? Nothing. Just pure entertainment. I was a demon I know.

That night when all of this happened, I just wanted to let off some steam because it was like the trainings were new to me and the characterization was just not me. Quite the opposite in fact, and that just so happens that you were there. To assure you, I never did hurt a lady other than strong grips and threatening words. Rape, sexual abuse, molesting and so on were not on my dictionary. Most of my victims were men because I knew they always had money on them. When my eyes landed on yours, I felt something inside me stir. It was very unusual. If you do remember I kept looking at you. I was intrigued and at the same time, I could feel an attraction towards you. Of course I disregarded it because it might just be because I was being a pussy or something like that. But when you walked away, weirdly, my brain was wishing to see you again.

How can I when I had no information on who you were, all I know is a face, that picture in your wallet. I felt really bad about what I did, I don’t even think it was even human because it was like I was just bored and wanted to scare people around as if I intimidated them when in fact I just had nowhere to go to.

Paris, from the bottom of my heart, I am truly sorry. I’m sorry for the way I made you feel. I’m sorry because of all the things I could have taken, I took that prized one. I’m sorry if I’m like this. I’m sorry I caused you trouble. Don’t worry, I’ll tell Mr. Healy that I’ll be resigning. Find someone more qualified than a criminal like me”

I took an imaginary breath at Romeo’s words. I looked at Paris who was listening. Just listening. Her face not giving away any sort of emotion, her eyes were blank. Romeo looked down and exhaled, his shoulders sagged, the atmosphere a bit tense and full of heavy unsaid emotions.

"That girl, Juliet. Was she real or did you make her up?”

Romeo looked up again and frowned at her question, not expecting it at all.

"Of course she’s real. Why would I make up something just for the sake of sympathy? I opened up to you about her because it felt like I needed to say my pain and experience about it. I wanted someone to listen, that’s all. Sharing it to you made me feel that it was all over. It happened and there was nothing I could do about it other than reflect on what I did and move on. I just wanted someone. . . to listen. And for that, thank you. I appreciated it so much”

Paris’ eyes softened, placing her palm on his hand gently, the fury disappearing in her aura.

"I think we need some time off today. A lot of things has been said; you and I need to sink it all in. We’re both vulnerable at the moment. Don’t bother resigning, I still want you as my bodyguard and thank you for being honest to me and to yourself. It’s not easy but you did it and I’m proud of you”

Romeo nodded but didn’t say anything giving her a small smile. Paris stood up, grabbed her things and kissed Romeo’s hair before going out. Once she was gone, Romeo covered his face with his hands clenching his jaws.

"Ugh!! You idiot! This is so messed up!”

And I think it’s time for the notes to come again.

You did good Romeo.

Give it some time.

Everything will work out.

"Oh, your here again. . . . notes that come out of nowhere. If it’s true that you know everything, why didn’t you speak up?”

It’s for you to take responsibility of your actions.

Romeo’s eyebrows raised but didn’t comment. Instead, he grabbed his guitar and started strumming losing himself to the melody of the strings.

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