Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXXII -Another Try- (D14)

"People make mistakes and that’s part of living an amazing life. We are not gods, we are not immortal. Sooner or later we will be taking our last breath. Our last time to see the sun, taste the food we eat, feel the touch of the people around our circle. For this matter, let us all be grateful that we are here today, standing by one another and listening to this preach. To those who have wronged you, forgive them even if they didn’t ask forgiveness. Accept and open your mind and give them another chance to prove themselves. The holy father forgives and so should you. Thank you for listening and have a blessed day to everyone”

The crowd stood up, smiles plastered on their faces. An illuminating glow in everyone’s aura. Little by little, families headed outside to the parked cars. Some walked and chatted merrily with one another. Mr. Healy was still sitting at one of the long wooden bench facing the altar with admiration. Paris by his side, Romeo was behind them glancing every now and then at the surroundings.

"Shall we go dad?” Paris asked.

"The rest of my day is fairly vacant. Is there anything in particular you would like to do?” Healy smiled down at her.

"How about we let your mind relax? A trip to the beach sounds nice, a little massage and spa” Paris’ eyes sparkled.

"Excellent!” Healy nodded at Romeo and he understood immediately. The trio went home and grabbed some things for their trip. An hour long ride they finally arrived. The beach was not that crowded but also it was not empty. Romeo grabbed most of their things and while the two of them headed towards the reception for inquiries. They rented separate rooms and changed into their own outfits. They laid out in the sun, enjoying the warm rays and relaxing vibe. Romeo joined Healy while Paris took a dip in the water.

"How you been my boy? Haven’t seen you in a while, busy days” Healy stretched and yawned.

"I’m doing good sir, thanks for asking” he politely answered taking his top off.

"You can call me Healy for now, it’s too formal in a place like this. Relax and enjoy, the water’s inviting”

"I’m still on duty sir, it would be inappropriate” Romeo scratched the back of his head looking awkward.

Healy waved him off “Baah, just for today all right? Anywho, how is it with my daughter? Is she hard headed as ever? Does she give you loads of headaches?”

Romeo laughed “Not really, she’s always busy though. We don’t have that much small talk other than me listening to whom she’s speaking or observe what she’s doing”

Healy nodded “Yeah, I had some things to sort out. Did you ever wonder what happened to her mom?”

He shook his head “No, I mean it’s personal matter. I’m not the intrusive type”

Great acting their Romeo! Sooner or later, Healy would have no problem of you being his daughter’s boyfriend!

"Well. . . . ”

"Hey dad! I’m going over to the massaging area, do you want to come?” Paris called out walking towards them, her smile brightened and nodded a greeting at Romeo.

Healy faced him “Another time”

He stood up and faced her arching his arms and back a little “These old nerves need some mushing, come along”


When dinner was over, Healy returned to his room saying something about an important phone call. Paris decided to stroll out on the beach. Stars illuminated the beautiful night sky, the moon slowly rising from the horizon. She hugged her herself as the cool breeze swept on her bare skin. She walked along the waves letting her feet sink in the sand. Smiling, she sighed.

Strolling some more, she noticed Romeo opening up what looked like a towel and gently placing it on the sand. He sat down, his feet propped up, elbows on his knees.

"May I join you?”

He looked up surprised then quickly recovered his features.

"Paris! I. . uh. . sure” he moved to the side and she sat down. A few moments of silence went by. The soft waves crashing echoed the surroundings.

"Here, it’s a bit chilly tonight” Romeo handed her a jacket.

"Thanks. . . . I don’t know with you but I think we need to fill this silence”

"Are you uncomfortable with it?”

"No, it’s just that. . . I think we still need to say something, after that whole incident whatever happened” Paris shrugged.

"Okay, what’s on your mind?”

I chuckled, oh Romeo, still the guy with so little words.

"How are you feeling? I mean, looking at where we are right now I think it reminds you of bad memories”

Romeo smiled sadly “Naah, it’s fine. It happened a long time ago. I moved on. Are you still mad at me?”

Paris’s lips formed a straight line “I’m not particularly mad, I feel a bit lied onto. And I think I won’t be trusting you a hundred percent for now”

Romeo nodded “I understand. Again, I’m really sorry. No words could describe how much I regretted what I did”

Paris side smiled looking anxious "Can I ask you a question?”

"If you’re asking me to take a dip with you in the freezing cold water, definitely not”

Paris chuckled “No you moron! I wanted to ask. . . well you said when you looked into my eyes that night, you felt something. What was that? What you felt exactly. It’s just something I couldn’t stop thinking”


Was all Romeo could answer. He pursed his lips his eyebrows scrunched up deep in thought. He opened his mouth then closed it, opened again then closed. I wanted to smack the back of his head with his stupidity not being able to figure his feelings out.

"Seriously, I have no idea. It’s something that’s hard to describe. I just. . . felt something in me that’s weird. I never felt that something before and it had me intrigued the moment I felt it”

Paris nodded “Not satisfied but still grateful you answered”

I closed my eyes smiling. I’m glad these two could get along. When I opened them, I was surrounded by mist and clouds. The whole scenario changed. Seconds ago my view was the ocean and now, it was all puffy, white, and cottony. The gate was where it should be and the same tree where Gabriel and I would usually discuss on what I had to do was here. Speaking of Gabriel. . . . .

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