Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXXIII -Ace- (Mission Break)

"How are you doing Winter? It’s been a while since you were in here” Gabriel smiled sitting down on nothingness but clouds that surrounded us.

"Hello to you too. I’m okay I guess? Wait, did I pass the third test? I mean romance could grow on both Paris and Romeo but that was not what I had to do” I sat down beside him leaving a few inches apart. Is it me or is that a bit awkward.

"I guess we’ll just have to find out! Sometimes we have to wait for things to develop in order for a result to resurface”

He was speaking like a guru again. Blast it! “I’m guessing this is another short break for me before my next mission?”

Gabriel nodded “Explore the wonders again, who knows what you’ll stumble upon”

"You sound like a gypsy”

Gabriel laughed “Do I? This is how I speak. Would you rather want something different?”

"No, it’s just that. . eh never mind” I closed my mouth thinking hard on where I should go next. I knew Gabriel could hear my thoughts but he was just there, smiling at some distance, not bothering me and my thoughts. After a few more minutes I gave up. “Can you suggest a place on where to go next? All these options yet I still can’t choose”

"Try somewhere you haven’t been. Then again my answer would have been redundant. Well. . . you have been to your husband’s grave, your best friend. How about your past? I mean your past lovers or past friends”

A curious thought entered my mind “Can I ask a question?”

"Of course”

"How come I can see you now? I can look straight at you without squinting. If I remember correctly, how long was it? When I was still starting my first mission I couldn’t even look at you but now. . . ” I trailed off.

"One of the many mysteries in here and about afterlife. Even I, could not answer. My best guess is you never tried to look at me directly. Thinking I was a bright source of light and you were afraid to damage your sight”

I was about to argue that I was already dead and why would sight matter but I just let it drop and nodded “past lovers you say?” hmmm. . . .


I was now standing in this luxurious looking house. I never thought my ex got so well in his business he may even be a millionaire! Good for him! I stared at the gate for a moment thinking why I was here. And am I ready to see how much change happened after we broke up? Don’t get me wrong though, I loved Brody with all my heart and my being but before I met him, I dated some people. Just like a normal person, some were stupid but also there was a time that I did think that I would spend the rest of my life with some of them. Imagining scenarios about living a good life and carrying the future child. How both of us would grow old together but unfortunately I had to leave earth earlier than them. I floated to the gate and gasped.

The garden was well trimmed, as well as the bushes. Different colored flowers arranged professionally and a beautiful Koi pond made the whole scene look like the ones of a fairy-tale wherein the prince would wait by the garden for his fair maiden. I looked at the pond, healthy looking Koi were swimming around, all in different colors and sizes. Sitting down on one of the large stones that was arranged, I dipped my hand in the water trying to touch one.

I spent a few more minutes in his magical garden and decided to enter his house. If what I saw from the outside wasn’t extravagant enough, what more to the the interior of the house. There was a lady who was dressed neatly in black and white vacuuming the carpet of what I assumed was the living room. Two more ladies with the same outfit was busy slicing an assortment of vegetables and washing plates and pans in the massive kitchen area. Floating around the back, it was the laundry room. One was operating the washing machine and the other was busy drying and ironing clothes. Just how rich was this guy and how many servants does he have on this house? Geez. . The ladies didn’t chat much, too engaged on their own tasks. I tried the second floor.

Yes people! the house has a second floor and I was not surprised! Oh, I forgot to mention, there was another lady dressed like them by the stairs busily wiping the handrail, flicking off some dust. While floating around, I saw a massive double door by the end of one of the hallways and it looked like a god or a goddess owned it. The handle and the sides of the door were embroidered with gold. The whole lot screamed ‘Emperor/Empress’ sweet heavens!

A deep voice could be heard from the other side but I couldn’t decipher the words being said. It seems like he, I assume, was talking to someone on the phone or maybe simply by himself. Is this him? It feels a bit strange, it’s been years since I last saw him. I could still remember I spent a lot of time crying and drinking myself to sleep when we broke up. Now, I’m visiting him, in an even weirder way, he’s alive and I’m dead.

"No acts of communication Winter. This fellow is not a mission in case you might forget”

Gabriel’s stern voice suddenly echoed in my head. Oh all right, I was a bit planning on it but sadly there are rules I must follow. Looking at the ground, I prepared myself to float inside. Just to be clear, yes, I’m dead but I feel like my heart’s pumping wildly even though I don’t have one anymore. And why do I feel so nervous? it’s not like were gonna engage in a conversation.

As smoothly as I can, I floated and now I was on the other side of the door.

Looking around, there was a huge table littered with files and an assortment of papers. On that pile of papers lay a charging laptop and on the corner was a telephone. On the other side of the room was a large bookshelf. Thick, dark colored books arranged neatly according to their. . . volumes? I guess, printed in again, gold. Looking ahead, there were two large windows. Warm air breezed in the room. Leaning on the side of the window was a man with a cellphone on his ear, talking merrily while facing the scenery outside. His face was covered by the phone. But I know all too well just by seeing the scar on his ring finger.

"So. . I guess I’ll see you tonight for our anniversary?. . Okay bye”

Placing his phone on the pocket of his jeans he smiled but it was not a celebratory smile. More like a contented happy smile from what I could see on the side of his face. He turned around and it felt like the earth stood still.

There he was! My ex boyfriend Ace Dela Cruz. I would like to say it’s as if he’s looking at me but that would be just an exaggeration considering he can’t even see me. From what I could say to his physical form, well. . . . A lot and I mean a lot has changed. He looked more mature and manly, his tanned skin flawless. His muscles underneath his shirt aren’t too big nor too small. He wasn’t the gym type as I remember, only goes for a run and that’s it. His face was clean, not a visible hair on his chin or on the sides of his face. He looked smart dressed in his casual attire.

You wouldn’t think he was a billionaire, he was just simply majestic. He sat down on the chair behind the table and began typing on his laptop. His eyes moving from left to right pausing every now and then.

Oh, a nice little chat with you would be lovely but then again it looks like that’ll have to wait. Remembering the anniversary he mentioned earlier, I was curious on who that girl was.

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