Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXXIV -How Familiar- (Break pt.2)

Ace just got out of the shower and was now dressing in his room. I felt weird waiting for him outside to finish. It’s as if I’m the one he’s going with. The door opened and there he stood, khaki colored pants, a plain white v-neck shirt underneath a denim jacket and white sneakers completed his look. From afar, I noticed a small earring on his left. Oh, casually bad boy look.

How in the world did he pull this look off? He walked passed me and headed towards the staircase. I floated following him in the staircase and outside the door. He murmured something to the lady that was watering the plants and pointed his keys to his car. The engine roared to life and we were out of his house.

While driving, he was humming to himself the tune that was on the speakers. On the dashboard there was a picture of him and a red haired girl. Could that be her? Wow, she looks like a model in one of Victoria’s Secret angels. You might be thinking that I may be exaggerating, just wait a few moments cause even though I’ve seen the picture, in reality is always better.

Ace stopped in front of a large building. He grabbed his phone and dialed a number. A few minutes later, a girl with a stripped black and white dress wearing a navy green jacket over it came to view and was walking towards the direction of the car. Ace got out and greeted her with a kiss on her forehead and opened the passenger door.

"Don’t you look fancy, where are we going?”

"I made a reservation at your favorite restaurant, is that okay?” Ace looked at her sideways, an unsure expression on his face.

"Oh” was all she said. A tinge of disappointment in her eyes. She looked out on the window, her face hard and her jaw tight.

I noticed Ace tugging his lips in a fake smile “So, baby, how was your day? I hope your boss didn’t press you that much on the article news you missed”

The girl gave a long exasperated breath “She is the worst, why am I even suffering in this job?”

"Because you love what you do and you won’t let anything get in your way?”

The girl side shrugged not showing interest in the conversation. You tried Ace, you really did.

"Is something else the matter babe? You seem a bit irritated. Would you rather have takeout at home?”

The girl’s head snapped in his direction, her face turning red “Oh I don’t know! Maybe try something different to celebrate rather than just doing the same thing all over again! Try to be creative might I add?” she half screamed making Ace jump in surprise.

"It’s our fourth anniversary! You never complained on what we did before to celebrate and why now? Are you tired of that place? Why don’t you suggest what we should do so that I would have some kind of idea” Ace kept his voice cool and collected.

"Oh I don’t know! Why don’t YOU think of something? It always has to be me, me, me! Can’t you use that big headed brain of yours?” the girl crossed her arms on her chest puffing annoyance.

Ace massaged his forehead while keeping his eyes on the road as he drove. His jaw clenching, “Why are we fighting to this special day? Last year it was after we celebrated because you insisted you wanted to go to the party a friend of yours was throwing. I wanted to stay home and be with you. Now this? What’s the real problem, Brooklyn? Why have you been so cold to me lately?”

Ace’s voice was still cool but pleading. Oh, Brooklyn. That name fits her well. Brooklyn ignored his question and stared out the window. As the car passed by a bridge, Ace turned the wheel to his right and slowly he stopped just after passing it. He turned off the engine but didn’t move.

"Are we eating here? By the side of the road? What are you doing Ace? Drive on!” she faced him, her eyebrows crunching her pretty face.

Ace looked up and faced her, slowly but clearly he spoke the words “What. Is. The. Matter?”

Both of them held each other’s gazes for a moment until finally, Brooklyn looked down and bit her lip. Ace kept his eyes on the road waiting for her to respond. The next thing she said slapped a lightning bolt at me.

"I’m. . . . . seeing. . someone else”

Ace’s face became hard but passive. “Since when? Are both of you on the girlfriend/boyfriend level?” his voice as cold as steel, even I felt chills.

"We went out on a few dates just friendly ones. One day he told me that he liked me in a more than friendly way and I realized so did I. I was always smiling at him and he just makes my day better” Brooklyn looked up at him sadly, her face crestfallen and full of regret “I don’t feel those with you anymore”

Ace swallowed hard, his Adams apple bobbing up and down. He stopped the car by a nearby bridge and faced Brooklyn. “Do you love him?”

Brooklyn placed her palm on his shoulder “He makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him so I’ll take that as a yes. I’m so. .so sorry Ace. This wasn’t planned, I never wanted to hurt you. If it makes you feel better, we never had any intimate interactions when we were together. He was a gentleman and never did once touch me because he knew you were with me. But again, I’m really sorry Ace, this is just how it ends. My guilt is eating me up everyday knowing that I was spending time with someone when it was suppose to be with you”

I squeezed in the small gap at the side trying to look at Ace’s reaction. A tear was escaping his eye quickly wiping it off with the back of his hand. “All you’re excuses, you said you were tired, you were busy,a friend needed you. It was all because of him?” he chuckled in a non humorous way “He must be something”

Brooklyn looked out on the bridge but didn’t comment. Looking at her from the outside, I think if Ace saw this, he would know the answer. He started the car again. Silence engulfed both of them, lost in their disturbed and undeniably hurt feelings. Mostly for Ace I think. We headed to a familiar street until we arrived at Ace’s house or should I say mansion.

"Please grab your things and make sure you bring each one. If I find something that belongs to you, I will not hesitate throwing it in the bin” Ace’s voice dripped with coldness and it was hard as steel. His tone steady but authoritative.

Brooklyn didn’t need anymore explanation. As soon as she was out the door, Ace placed his arms on the steering wheel and rested his head there. I wanted to pat him in the back. But I couldn’t, I was just there, watching him and his misery. Twenty minutes or so passed, Brooklyn was out of the gate carrying two large backpacks. She placed both of it on the side and dialed something on her phone. When she was done, she went to the Ace’s side of the door.

"I’ll just take the cab. It’ll be easier that way.” Brooklyn caressed his face “I’m so sorry, Ace” she kissed him on his forehead and for some unknown timing, the cab arrived and the driver got out helping Brooklyn with her luggage. A moment after, she was gone. I moved to the passenger seat trying to see how Ace was doing. His sobs were faint but it was there. His fingers turning into fists, his lips parted grasping for air.

What can I say about all of this?

Well, firstly I feel bad for him because I thought he and Brooklyn would end up together but then I was wrong. This kind of situation was not that unfamiliar to me because he did this to me being the reason why we broke up years ago. The girl might not be Brooklyn but as far as I could remember, their physical traits were similar.

Me and Ace were on our third year together when he decided to see another woman. He met her in a bar when he was hanging out with his boys and well. . one thing led to another. I was furious at him, of course. I pitied myself, I felt like I was not pretty enough to the world that he had the nerve to do something to his partner. I always laughed at TV shows when ladies would cry to their best friends about their boyfriends cheating until it happened to me. It was devastating and traumatic, something that I never want to experience again. His situation is also familiar but this time, it was his partner that cheated and not him. It was her who chose someone else rather than it being him.

"I guess karma was just at the bar with a drink waiting to strike, don’t you think so Winter?”

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