Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter XXXV -Choose Wisely- (Mission 4)

"Went to memory lane for your break? That’s nostalgic and a fresh visit from the past” Gabriel smiled beckoning me to come closer to him.

I shrugged “It was a bit intense and dramatic. I did hope I could have a simple chat with him”

Gabriel gave me a knowing look, his eyes silently saying I’m sorry but you know the rules. Changing the subject he asked “Are you excited for your next mission?”

"What choice do I have but just get on with it?” I snapped, whoa. Where did that come from? “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you, I don’t know what happened” I looked away from Gabriel.

"No harm done. Anyway, face me and look at this”

His fist leveled my eyes and a chain dropped. A beautiful red heart-shaped diamond encrusted with little silver like diamonds around it, attached to a gold chain. It wasn’t the chain that caught my attention but the diamond and those tiny ones. Or is it a diamond? It shone brightly, red like blood, kinda what a queen would wear or a gentleman would give for his lady. It was beautifully magnificent, I’m sure my eyes are shaped like stars right now.

"Sweet heavens! That could break someone’s wallet! It’s breathtaking. I’ve never seen such magical jewelry. Is it a diamond?” I asked breathless, too overwhelmed by the item.

"Yes, a red diamond to be exact. One of the rarest and most expensive gems in the physical world.” Gabriel outstretched his hand indicating for me to take the chain. Hesitantly, I did, moving the rock closer to my face and examining it thoroughly.

"Is this real? Or is it a replica? A lot of skilled people could carve this in a heartbeat”

Gabriel laughed “How would a mortal be able to bring that here? It was carved and made here, Winter. And yes, it’s originally original. Every inch of it for your assurance. That gem is your next mission”

As the word mission reached my ears, my mind blacked out and I stared at Gabriel blankly.

Elaborating, he said calmly “Your mission, is to determine out of all the people that live on earth right now, who will you give it to and why that person? This is a challenging one, all I can say is. . best of luck Winter”

Why did I feel like my heart just stopped at that moment even if I don’t have a heart anymore. A lot of emotions were flowing through me like a hurricane mixed with a lot of lightning, storms, thunder, and all the disasters I could think of. Give this amazingly unbelievable jewelry to an individual? Is this even for real?!

"Yes, it’s real Winter.” Gabriel answered my thoughts “Oh, and I almost forgot. You have five days to decided on who it goes to before this is over”

My expression might have been so visible that Gabriel looked at me apologetically. This is insane! A thought entered my head “Wait, you said that I have to complete five missions right? Can’t I skip this one and just wait for another which would seem much easier?”

Gabriel shook his head “You already had failed one and the other is undecided, skipping missions is not really your best option”

Dammit! “Can I at least have a clue or something to guide me on who to give this?”

Again, Gabriel shook his head “This is a mission of your own free will. Word of advice, choose someone valuable and don’t be blinded by what you see outside. I must go now, good luck Winter”

Just like smoke, he vanished, leaving me in this place full of cottons which suddenly distorted and slowly, the familiar scenery of earth appeared before me. Five days! How can I find someone valuable in FIVE freaking days?! Panic and distraught washed over me, my daughter, my best friend, the people I had known because of my mission, is it one of them? Groaning, I lay flat on the ground letting my back hit the earth staring upwards in the beautiful light blue sky.

Even that couldn’t lift my mood. Damn!

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