Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter III -Alicia and Roberto- (D2)

Exploring their house walking around was easy but rummaging thru their things were not. I had to wait for the sun to rise, the pair would eventually go out to who knows where and would come back late in the afternoon. That was my time looking for clues, anything a name a picture of them an address. Around ten in the morning the pair headed out and quickly I went to their bedroom carefully opening the drawers. There were a lot of papers but non of them seemed significant. Bills, receipts, letters, wait letters, to who might these be? I knelled on the ground examining the paper, the stamp was still on the envelope clearly it was read by the person who received it. It was a love letter and I’m guessing this old man gave it to her, oh how sweet, I expressed placing my hand on my chest.

I read the name My dearest Alicia how exquisite. It was a long letter regarding what Roberto felt for her. Letters never get old and I’m so touched that Alicia kept it all these years. I rummaged some more to find clues and I found a black and white photograph. It was clear that it was them reading the note at the back. They looked so young and happy in each other’s arms. It reminded me of my sweet Brody, although we might have not started in the most romantic way but I’m so blessed to have him, he changed me in a way that I changed him.

Digging some more I found an ultrasound of a baby about five months. This could be it! Their grandson, I scanned the others, wait, it’s a girl maybe it’s their daughter. A photograph of a young girl about ten to twelve years of age, she is smiling missing her front teeth, I chuckled. I arranged the papers neatly on the side and took the photo album. As I opened it, more papers came out. Alicia sure is a bit of a hoarder. I flipped the pages until I found photographs of the girl at about twenty years of age. She inherited her mother’s eyes and body while presumably her nose and lips from her father. I need a few more years considering the math, she might be around forty something now.

Everything in the drawer was vintage indicating that the stuff it contained was from the past years. I looked for something more modern and new. I went out of the bedroom and looked for the other room that was full of unused clothes and things. The room was dark, I had to go back and grab the flashlight. It was almost two and they will be going back in an hour or so. I scanned the shoe boxes reading the labels, that’s when I found “Anabel”. Okay, let’s get this going.

I opened the box. Pens, coloured papers, dried flowers, reports cards all of it. Maybe these were her things when she was still studying, my golly. After I finished school, I never saw the things I used to bring with me everyday through the years. Class pictures, prom, studio pictures. These were still a few years back. Dammit! The door outside creaked open indicating that they were back. Quickly I grabbed the things and closed it just the way it looked like before and ran to their room to hide the flashlight. I walked to the living room. Being here with them really is odd, I don’t even know them, just their names and what they look like. I sat on the sofa and watched both of them placed their things and get settled.

"What would like for dinner hun?” Alicia asked.

"Anything would do dear, you know I’m not picky as you” Roberto answered mockingly.

"I’ll feed you crap, would you like that?” Alicia threatened holding the spatula, Roberto chuckled and grabbed a book.

I walked over to Alicia watching her cook. I was impressed by how neat and precise she was. I knew how to cook but not this extravagant, Brody and Elizabeth gave me their honest opinions about my food but that didn’t affect me that much because cooking was not really that important to me. I missed the little things we do on earth, being a soul was like smoke. You get around easily, you don’t feel hungry nor do think about human things like bills, meetings and thinking about how to face another day knowing that what you do is something that you didn’t want. You just sleep and watch people and it takes a lot of time to getting used to it.

Alicia prepared the plates and called her husband. It looked weird me watching them eat so I moved back to the living room. I thought about going out, Gabriel said it was fine I just had to imagine where I wanted to go. I closed my eyes and looked up praying to god for this to work. I pictured our house and I was inside it. Something beneath moved and then nothing not a sound nor disturbance, I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was my own daughter looking at my photograph sadly.

"Hey mom, today it was a bit of a crappy day. Got scolded at work and on my way home, I stepped on some shit. The world hates me today but still just like you said I’m thankful. I miss you so much, please visit me in my dreams, I love you”

She kissed the frame and placed it back on the table. I felt so moved and overwhelmed, Elizabeth was not really the type of girl who lets her feelings out but when she does, it’s genuine and pure. I never knew how I raised her to be this soft and sensitive but I’m so proud of her.

I miss you too so much, take your time on earth and enjoy the little things in life. I’ll be here waiting for you. I spoke in a whisper. I remember Gabriel telling me that if I do speak to a human they could hear it in a way of a whisper. Elizabeth didn’t look too bothered so I guess she didn’t hear me. I sighed watching her go to their room. I visioned myself back to the old man and woman’s house and decided to take a rest. This day had been a bit exhausting, thankfully I’m doing progress.

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