Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter V -Stay Calm and Move- (D4)

As soon as I heard the older woman’s voice, immediately I stood up and collected myself before going with them. Waiting outside, I inhaled the breeze and embraced the sun. It felt normal, almost too normal but when the couple walked past me, I was then again reminded of my place. I sighed and seated myself at the back of the car. The old man started the engine and we were on the road. The drive was not rushed and I enjoyed the scenery, it’s very simple and the view was full of colour and nature. When I was still alive, I used to love long walks. It gave my mind peace on whatever I was thinking or worrying about. Being alive was indeed stressful but it’s the beauty of it. I got to experience and feel things unlike now as a soul, I could feel but to a limited number of things. I could speak but will only be heard by a whisper. Adjusting to these types of things took time and patience. It was like learning a new skill, you need time and practice to become better.

We were now on a small town, diners and cafes surrounded the area. The atmosphere were full of shops but the vibe gave it more of like vintage style. People were walking, talking with one another, engaging interaction. The old man drove on, the town faded slowly in the background. I looked again out the window when the old lady spoke.

"Michael is all grown up now, I wonder how he’s doing?”

The old man change the subject “How’s Anabel? Is she coming this week? Maybe you could tell her if her son could visit us this time?”

"I try to open up to her about that but she gives me the blind eye and says that Michael is working whatnot. When I was young, I could balance my time. Boy, youngsters today need to be taught a lesson” the old lady huffed.

"Now dear, change happens and we know that. In our time, things were different. We never knew technology that much and now as it evolved we can’t do anything to stop it. A lot of people try to improve it, maybe on the next generation, there would be flying saucers or alien invasion!” the old man chuckled.

"Really? I’m so sour that our grandson won’t be visiting yet here you are joking about it? How can you not miss him like I do?” the old lady said sadly.

"I do miss our little boy but what can we do? He’s on the other side of the planet. How I wish it would be easy to travel to Amazon, I know that would be one hell of an experience”

The old lady grabbed a smart phone from her purse, she outstretched her hand while pushing the buttons aggressively. I chuckled a bit, damn I feel bad.

"These things take a while to learn, how was it again? I press this green telephone looking icon and what?” Alicia faced his husband.

"You press it and look for Anabel’s name, it won’t be that hard since her name is at the top of the list” he answered not taking his eyes off the road.

The old lady pressed a couple of times before finally getting it. She placed the phone on speaker.

"Hey mom, everything okay?” a woman’s voice answered.

"Good to hear from you again Anabel dear. Are you visiting this week?” Alicia asked.

"Yeah, will be there mom. Do you have any requests for me to bring?”

"How about your grandson? Can he visit as well? We miss him dearly.” Alicia cooed.

"I’ll try mom, you know how busy he is and he’s not easy to reach. I’ll tell him you called, maybe he can reschedule his activities” was all Anabel’s response.

"Thank you dear, very much appreciated” Alicia exclaimed happily shaking her husband’s shoulder.

"All right mom both you and Roberto take care now, I’ll see you soon bye bye” and the line went dead.

"At least she says she’ll try, better than nothing” Roberto said shrugging his shoulders. “Oh lookie, were here”

Outside a herd of cattle were in sight. A man carrying a silver bucket walked past but stopped as he saw the car approaching. He waved his hand in recognition and Roberto slowly parked by the side and turned off the engine. The field was so wide it’s as if it’s never ending.

We got out of the car, well them mostly seeing that I just floated around. The two of them, hand in hand walked inside the field and greeted the stranger. I followed them but as soon as I entered the field, one of the cows looked in my direction. Oh no, can he see me? I approached it closer, it took a step back but did nothing. I tried to pat it’s head, and it warmed up immediately. This is a good place to standby. The air is cool and surroundings are pretty to look at.

I walked towards the tree and sat down under it’s shade. How peaceful is this place? I pondered over on the conversations between Alicia and Anabel and about their son. He’s on the Amazon as she said. How can I go there without knowing what his place look like? The tree and river now made sense, he lives in a remote area where he is surrounded by animals. I think that’s very sweet and simple of him. I need to make a move now, I only have three more days before all of this becomes invalid.

Wait, Alicia’s phone! It’s almost impossible to think that she has no picture of Micheal in that device. But how do I use it without letting them see a floating phone? An idea struck me and I made a move.

I went over to where Alicia and Roberto was. I searched for her purse and luckily it was hanging behind a pole. I quickly snatched it and walked the opposite direction. When I opened the screen there were no passwords of some sort, thank heavens for that. I quickly opened her gallery scrolling past pictures of the couple.

And there it is, Michael’s face smiling in the camera his background had a huge tree and it caught a glimpse of the river. I scanned some more pictures to clearly see the scenery and to imagine it right later. I also gathered some information about the exact spot and on the names of streets and also the name of his village or town whatnot. When I was satisfied, I placed the phone back to where it belonged and praying to the holy father for a miracle. I imagine myself in that same photo replacing Michael’s face of my own.

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