Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter VI -Michael- (D5)

I felt the earth shook and once again I was in an unfamiliar place. Surrounded by loads of trees, it’s like I’m in a very thick forest. I could see the river from where the photo was taken but Michael was nowhere in sight. I floated around, aware that the animals could see my every move but none of them threatened to go near my direction.

Floating was weird but by now, I got used to it. It’s like I’ve never had feet and this is way more convenient, heaven, or that’s how I thought I would call it, is so full of surprises. I was now beside the river and on the spot I was standing, I could see a cottage of some sort. It doesn’t resemble a house so that’s a no, it’s tiny but I think livable. I went closer, on the other side of the cottage there were clothes, t-shirts and jeans.

"Mom! I love my grandparents to death but you know it’s not that easy to book a flight from here. . . . . . You’re not just saying this just to get me are you?. . . . . Fine. Just let me think about it or at least give me time. . . No, I never had the heart to hate them. Why would I? They were both wonderful. All right then, I guess I’ll see you soon. . . bye now”

A manly voice echoed from the back. I went to the direction of the voice and found a handsome young man. Well, handsome for his age and even though his mom was Anabel, he has quite the features of Alicia noticeable on an angle. So this must be the grandson, what could his issues be? He grabbed a bowl and placed some cooked meat, giving it to his dog. Petting him on the head, he hauled a big piece of raw meat and an axe swinging it on his shoulders.

"Come on boy, they’re waiting for us” he whistled and the dog followed him; so did I.

They walked a long pathway before arriving in a plain field, you see the big cats from afar looking in his direction. He waved his hand and axe up in the air. Ever so slowly the big cats began to jog? I couldn’t quite see whether it were running or jogging towards him. He placed the big piece of meat in front and stepped back a little giving the cats some space. They devoured it with might and after they finished, licked their paws neatly and Michael went over to them. He seemed happy and were not afraid near them. That’s one hell of an extreme gift, I wonder why he chose this kind of lifestyle. But then again, away from society, away from all the drama and pollution, away from people who bring out the negativity in you does bring out the beauty of his choice of living.

Michael petted each one of the big cats and grabbed his axe walking towards a huge tree. I’m guessing he doesn’t use a stove so he has to cut down a tree for some firewood. Eventually I was right, he chopped it into pieces and piled it neatly on the side. He grabbed as many as he could then went back to the cottage.

All right, let’s get this over with, how do I make him talk? Or open up about himself. I can’t even talk to him upfront, I’m a soul for heavens sake. Doesn’t he have some company whatnot? Surely you can’t live without other people’s connection.

"Hey man, how’s it going? I’ll be taking pictures late tonight, a comet’s coming” an unfamiliar face came to view smiling and patting Michael on the back.

"Sup dude, just fed my big babies. At what time will this comet be coming?” Michael arranged his firewood on a shelf. Guess I was right about another human contact.

"Twelveish late, gotta prepare the equipment and look for an awesome spot. By the way, what’s for lunch? Whatcha cookin?” unfamiliar face rummaged in the containers.

"Haven’t yet, just grabbed some firewood. Would you mind grabbing the rest? Just walk past the pride, you’ll see it”

"Gotcha” unfamiliar face was out.

Michael gave a heavy sigh, I couldn’t keep my curiosity inside me, I spoke. “What’s the problem dear?”

Michael stopped what he was doing and looked around, his eyebrow raising a little. When he saw nothing he shrugged and went back to arranging. Damn it, speak! I consoled inside my head.

"Hey dude, I just received a text from your mom maybe? It says that I could help you see your grandparents. Haven’t you visited them before?” his question made Michael stiff.

"I did, it’s just they want me to visit them again” Michael answered nonchalantly but his voice had a hint of hesitation.

"Why don’t you? I could watch them for a while and besides you need to reconnect bro, our grandparents won’t always be there forever. When their time comes that’s it, no turning back”

"I know that" Michael snapped lightly “I just, I’m not sure if I’m ready to see them. I have been a huge disappointment to my family in choosing my lifestyle. I became selfish, they wanted me to become a successful lawyer but look at it now. I’m here taking care of my beloved pride. They won’t forgive me that easily”

"All I’m saying is just give it a try. Grandparents are softies and no matter how much damage you did, they would still love you, you know. Man this is cheesy as hell. I’ll be out looking for a spot” unfamiliar face patted his back again and grabbed his camera and tripod. Michael paused and stared at the firewood. What is your issue dammit. I’m really running out of time if this goes on.

I paced back and forth outside wondering how I’ll get to help Michael to change his mind. Maybe take out a photograph of his grandparents? That’s it! To remind him how much he loved visiting his grandparents when he was still a kid. Damn, I’m a bit stupid but can come up with ideas at the same time. I wished myself back to Alicia and Roberto’s house and rummaged for a decent photo, grabbing a clear one I went back to Michael’s jungle. I looked for a spot where he would be surprised to see it. I prayed to god that this turns out as it should be and hopefully Michael would have a change of heart.

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