Afterlife Adventures

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Chapter VII -Mission 1 Done- (D6)

I woke up, jumpy and nervous at the same time. The first thing I saw was a huge backpack and a small sling bag. I looked around, Michael was putting on his shoes talking to unfamiliar face.

Wait. . . Is he?

YES! I fist bumped the air. Wait. . I may be jumping to conclusions. I waited for Michael to be finished and it looks like he really is going. He went out and said goodbye to his friend. I followed him every step of the way and he stopped on the river. Looking down, he washed his face. This looks like a good opportunity to speak again.

"Hello Michael” I tried.

Michael raised his head and looked around listening intently to his surroundings.

"It is so kind of you to change your mind and visit you’re grandparents. They would be so delighted”

"Uhm. . . this may look so stupid but who or to what am I talking to?” Michael looked down at the water, shaking his head smiling.

"Nobody, literally nobody. I’m just here to guard you while you go on your way to your grandparents’”

"Uhm. . . . thanks? I guess. .” Michael looked ahead, a sceptical expression in his eyes. He stood up and wiped his face with a towel and walked onwards.

Michael’s journey was one hell of a long one. Like literally long hours of walking, riding a jeep, waiting for a bus, waiting for another bus and another car and when he arrived at the airport he had to wait for six hours before his plane arrives. He was not kidding when he said it takes a while. He arrived at the city after being on the plane for four hours and another hour to get to the town and thirty minutes more before he finally was in the doorstep of the house.

And me? I was floating alongside of him, I know it’s silly to think that those would exhaust me more than him but hell! That was a long one and never in my previous life did I ever endure something like this. I may have exaggerated the time I mean I just checked the watch whenever I see one.

When he stepped inside, I looked by the window keeping my distance. Although I’m just a soul, I still respect their privacy. Instead, I bent down to my knees and prayed Hello holy father, I am here speaking to you praying for this family to be safe and well. I may not know them personally but please bless them and watch over them always.

Bright light emerged in front of me and I looked sideways knowing that it was Gabriel.

"Don’t you want to see what you did for this small reunion? You might pick up something to remember” Gabriel asked, his voice calm and collected.

"I don’t want to pry in their privacy, it’s too intimate and full of longing” I looked down rubbing my hands on my thighs.

"You won’t be, it’s all right, you can look”

Taking a deep breath, I slowly made my way through the wall. Anabel was hugging her mother and Michael was with his grandfather.

"It’s been so long my boy, how have you been? What took you so long to come back? Is it because of what happened?” Roberto asked worriedly holding Michael’s shoulders firmly.

"I. . . just didn’t know what to say or how to face you. I’m so embarrassed and it felt like I was not worthy to be called your grandchild” Michael looked down slumping his shoulders.

"Oh, dear” Alicia spoke “What you did before was in the past, look how strong and big you’ve grown. That’s how life works, we make mistakes in order for us to grow and become a better person. We do bad things without thinking only to find out what we did affect others. We were never mad at you Michael dear, just upset that’s all”

Anabel placed her arm on Michael’s shoulder “I’ve tried many times to drag you here, what made you change your mind only now?”

Michael shrugged “I guess my guilt was eating me up alive and when I was on my way here a strange voice spoke to me back at the river. I don’t know who or what it was. Whether it was a he or she but it said some nice things and made me think further with my dilemmas. It’s a long way here but seeing you made it worth it”

Alicia stood up and hugged Micheal encircling her tiny arms on him, tears visible at the side of her eyes. Roberto patted her back, a look of relief evident on his face. I went back outside where Gabriel was patiently waiting

“What exactly did Michael do in the past? if it is allowed to ask?”

"Yes it is allowed since he’s been your mission. Michael was a mysterious and hard headed boy. He wanted to live differently, but sadly he was also a bit suicidal. He did self harm when he was young, he had attempts on. . . you know what those are.

In time, Michael saw that he wasn’t going to succeed in any way he tried. He got bored in doing the same things over and over again. And when he knew that his grandparents hid a large sum of money, he stole it one day and went to the Amazon. He never looked back but kept his connection with his mother.

Eventually she learned the truth and forced Michael to apologize and pay back what he took. It took a lot of persuading, Michael on the other hand met a guy named Jonathan. He was quite the opposite of Michael. He went to the Amazon because he was tired of being in an office all day long. The two of them got along well, more like brothers you might say and as time got by, Michael had the courage to tell Jonathan the real reason he was there. It took a lot of time for Michael to have the courage to face his grandparents but look at it now. Congratulations Winter, you passed you’re first assignment”

I smiled broadly, just one day before the deadline and I managed to do so. “What happens next? Do I immediately have another one or. . .?”

"You’ll have to wait for the next one. In the mean time you can do whatever you want just keep the rules in your mind and you’ll be fine. I’ll come for you when I have your next mission, good bye”

Just like always, Gabriel leaves leaving specs of light. Now, what do I do? I could freely roam the earth without paying a cent. I could watch anything I want. For the first time, I felt helpless for things to do when I have all the access I need.

Strange but true.

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