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Maya and Genny are life long best friends. After a hard breakup on Maya, life seems a bit cloudy. So Genny decides to take Maya on a little adventure. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2020.

Adventure / Romance
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girls just wanna have fun | short story

song: Faith by George Micheal

It was a gloomy day, some how life still seemed cheerful. Its been tough since Frank broke up with me. But the birds continued to chirp, and the clouds started to fade.

My eldest brother Tom tosses his basketball at my head. "OUCH!" I spit.

"Lighten up Maya." He gestures towards the ball, rolling his eyes. Gripping the ball I throw it at him as hard as I can, knocking the wind out of him.

As soon as he catches his breath he darts towards me. My best friend Genny bikes up to me. "Hop on Maya!" She shouts. I hop onto the back of her bike, holding onto her shoulders as she peddles as fast as her legs will let her. Tom curses at as from behind, shaking his fist like a little old man.

"Where are we going exactly?" I query, brushing my hair out of my eyes.

"Wherever life takes us." She peddles a little faster, going off a beaten path. The corner of Genny's lips curve up as she stops abruptly. "Follow me."

I try to catch my breath as we climb up a steep hill. "Genny-"

She's quick to interrupt me by placing a finger on my lips. "Shh, just go with the flow Maya."

"Okay weirdo."

She drags her hands along the wildflowers growing on the side of the hill, picking a few and placing them in our hair. "I know it's been rough since you and Frank. So I thought a little adventure would be nice for the both of us."

Looping her arm with mine she leads the way to a beautiful creek full of wildlife. "This is gorgeous Genny."

"It is! But this isn't where we're going. There's a little bridge up ahead that we have to cross." She explains.

As we approach the bridge a herd of deer scatter the scene. "I don't know Genny, this bridge doesn't look that safe. It's kinda falling apart."

"It's totally safe." She crosses the bridge first, assuring me that it is in fact safe to use. "We're here!"

Taking in my surroundings I spot a little burger joint with a few cars outside of it. "A diner?"

"Not just any diner, this diner has the best burgers."
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