Return Jacob Potter the Stones

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It’s back but my virus please don’t hate like this book please it took forever hope you like it bye for now

Adventure / Fantasy
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The Return Jacob Potter

Mrs. Wilson- Ok class once upon a time there was a thing called wizards in the world and the killed are people the were called death eaters.
Taylor- not true impossible.
Will- that’s funny Mrs Wilson.
Mrs Wilson- oh it is true.
Class- hahahahaha.
Riley- hey Jacob imagine if we were wizard that would be amazing wouldn’t it. Jacob. Jacob!
Jacob- oh sorry Riley yeah it would be cool.
Riley- Jacob are you ok your acting weird do you need water or something to eat.
Jacob- no I’m good but thank you it’s just, just hard to explain.
Riley- ok bye Jacob let me know if you need help on anything.
Jacob- ok thank you bye Riley.
Mother- How was your day at school Jacob.
Jacob- fine! I’m going to my room ok please please don’t bug me.
Mother- fine but don’t yell at me or at all your brother is studying for a test.
Lola- what happened to him today mom.
Mother- I don’t no sweetie I don’t no I will have to find out through.
Lola- ok mom when is dad doing to get home.
Mother- Why Lola tell me?
Lola- because I want to ride the broomstick
Mother- Lola not right now ok when your father gets home we have to talk about if we are going to tell James more about Hogwarts and talk
Professor Mcgonagall.
Lola- Oh who is that mom tell me tell me!
Mother- Well she is the headmaster of Hogwarts.
Lola- Really mom wasn’t she just a teacher.
Mother- Oh yes she was to the greatest Potter ever Harry James Potter the one and only.
Lola- Wow so she will be my headmaster mom.
Mother- Yes she will be but first I have to check mail because Jacob might have gotten his letter.
Father- hey little Lola where’s Jacob and Daniel
Mother- Well Daniel is studying and Jacob is mad from school today.
Father: Really well I got news to tell them
Lola- What what I want to know dad tell me.
Farther- Well I need them down here first hey boys come here now?
Daniel- Coming dad you know I was studying right.
Father- Yes I know Daniel Jacob come down here please
Jacob- coming dad sorry I was talking to Riley and Ryan
Daniel- Riley and Ryan the muggle’s
Jacob- Well yeah but Riley isn’t like the muggles her birthday is April 17th today oh no I forgot to get her a birthday present Mom we need to get her one
Mother- ok we will let’s go now then how wants to come Lola you in Daniel sorry bud but you can’t come because of your test.
Daniel- It’s fine Mom I don’t need to go shopping.
Daniel- Okay mom bye.
Mom- ok up in the car my room little ones Jacob you can sit in the front.
Jacob- Why mom.
Mom- Well there’re comes a time we a wizard is going to have his 11th birthday you no.
Jacob- Ok mom ok what you say.
Mom- Ok kids go find what you want Jacob watch her.
Jacob- Ok mom. Ok Lola your a girl what do you think she will like?
Lola- Well maybe a necklace?
Jacob- Well that’s good it should say best friend for life.
Lola- that’s nice.
Jacob- Let’s go find mom
Lola- ok hey mom
Mother- Hey you to what did you get her.
Lola- Jacob you you should have a nickname like Jack anyway her got her a necklace.
Mother- Awww that’s cute
Jacob- Lola had the idea.
Mother- Wow that is good oh there’s my phone hi hun WHAT she did yay he is going to be happy ok bye hun.
Lola- What what is it about Jake
Mother- Well yes because well I can’t say she is going to tell him
Jacob- Who me who she what? what’s going on mom.
Mom- Ok let’s go to Riley.
Jacob- Ok finely!
Mom- Ok where here let’s go inside.
Mrs Jonathan- Hi welcome I can’t believe it!
Riley- Jacob!
Jacob- Hey Ril’s.
Riley- Watch this please ok let’s go.
Jacob- Ok let’s go I guess I’m happy birthday too. Wow your doing magic hey Riley can I show you something please.
Riley- ok go ahead.
Jacob- Ok here we go Wigardeum levosa!
Riley- Wow you can do it too.
Jacob- Yeah I always were able to do that.
Riley- Oh ok well yay (nocking) how is that nocking
Jacob- let’s go see
Mother- Hi Hagrid how have you’ve been
Jacob- Oh it’s Hagrid
Riley- You no him to
Jacob- Yeah Hagrid what are you doing here Hagrid.
Hagrid- Well there is tons of reasons

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