She was murdered

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This story is about a boy who love his grandma so much. His grandma was very rich and kind women so he wanted to donate her all money to poor people. But the boys father don't want to do that so he killed her. And when the boy knows about it he wants to take the revenge of his grandma.

Adventure / Drama
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Chapter 1

There was a boy named Ron.he was 15 years old.he has a very happy family. His family was very rich. His grandma lives with his oldest son. That was Ron's father he loves his grandma so much, he spent most of the time with his grandma. One day his parents and Ron went for dinner at a restaurant and his grandma was home alone. When they come back home they found Ron's grandma on the ground. Ron ran towards his grandma and starts waking her up. "grandma, grandma, grandma please wake up.,see I am home but his grandma didn't answer. His grandma was dead she was not breathing . He starts crying . He huged his father and starts sobbing. He ask his dad what happen to his grandma. His father told him to go to his room. He love his grandma a lot, so he didn't go. His father said again "go to your room". Ron was angry and ran back to his room. He sat behind the door and starts thinking the memories he had with his grandma. He sleeps while crying and he had a nightmare about his grandma she was calling Ron's name Ron, Ron, help me. when he woke up it was about 7 or 8 am .
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